One Day Comprehensive Workshop

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The one-day comprehensive workshops include instruction, workbooks, lunch, and personalized consultation (on Sunday) for $125.00 for one person or $175.00 for two. This will be a fast-paced Saturday. We will cover the same material as in the full weekend seminar but without as much time for exercises, questions, and tangents. If you can’t spare a whole weekend, this is a great alternative, and we will schedule individual consultations on Sunday for those who want to stick around. Instructors: Scherman & Wolf or Bushnell & Bushnell.

Attendees for the one-day comprehensive workshops should plan on being at the host inn or class site by 8:00 AM on Saturday. We will start at 8:30 AM and run until 5:30 PM. We may have dinner as a group Saturday for those who want to join us for some casual time together (not included in registration fee). Attendees are encouraged to spend a night at our host inn, but this is not required.


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