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Yet Another “Bed ‘N Breakfast” Hotel Campaign

Like the post I put up yesterday, I just read an article from the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) about the "Bed ‘N Breakfast" ad campaign from Hilton Garden Inn. That’s the Hilton Hotel folks, extending what was a seasonal promotion to year ’round. And it’s called "Bed ‘N Breakfast." Can anyone doubt that hotels want to use what was once the exclusive domain of the small lodging industry?

The issue is this: much of the public still doesn’t know what a bed & breakfast is, believe it or not. And, while most will be fairly savvy when doing a Google search for a B&B wherever they are going, some people may naively search for "bed and breakfast" and, voila! be directed to Hilton Garden Inn. Unfortunately, many will come to believe that the Hilton Garden Inn experience is what a bed & breakfast is. What to do? That’s the question the small lodging industry has to answer as we go forward in time. It’s a matter of survival.

To remain relevant, you need to stay special, unique, inviting, personalized, offering top tier service, superior quality (I’ve stayed in some $100.00 hotel rooms that were pretty darn nice lately). And still be able to command a premium price for the room! What do you think bed & breakfasts and country inns need to do? At The B&B Team, we’re all ears.


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