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Bed and Breakfasts and Property Values

Any time a new bed & breakfast is in the planning stage, there are inevitably regulatory hurdles to surmount. Often times the neighbors have to approve, or at least not object too vehemently, to secure approval from planners and local elected officials.

Over the years many people have asked us about studies that show the positive impact a B&B can have on a neighborhood, especially on property values. However, to my knowledge, there are none. It would be a long term, gargantuan task to gather the information and would require enormous amounts of historical research. The evidence, however, is empirical and widespread. It’s the old "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality. B&Bs are invariably the nicest house on the block and generally serve to cause the neighbors to want to bring their own property up to comparable snuff, thus improving the neighborhood generally and property values specifically.

Clients of ours have held open houses to invite the neighbors and have personally invited local officials for private tours to explain the planning and the positive impact the B&B will have on the area. We have written letters of support and have even spoken on our clients’ behalf at public hearings. Fortunately, more people today know what a bed and breakfast is, though there are still some who think they are like the boarding houses of the past.

With a clear plan and a smiling face, you should be able to convince the people who matter most that your bed & breakfast will be a great asset to their community.


One Response to “Bed and Breakfasts and Property Values”

  1. Jeff says:

    Having just gone through the experience of obtaining a special use permit for a 4-room bed and breakfast (a 6-month process!), I can attest that gaining the support of neighbors by meeting with the neighborhood association, hosting open houses, and providing clear, concise information concerning our proposal was crucial. We did have opposition, but in the end, opposition was neutralized by the overwhelming support we had from neighbors who attended hearings with us and spoke on our behalf or signed letters of support. Most neighbors agreed that our use of the property as a B&B with the accompanying improvements would enhance the surrounding neigborhood. Having individual members of the planning commission and city council over for personal tours was also helpful so they could meet us and actually see the house. Support from bed and breakfast professionals and associations was also very helpful.

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