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Remember Web Basics

In all the discussion about social media, blogs, Web 2.0, etc., I am reminded that it’s important to remember the basics when it comes to marketing your inn.

There’s no substitute for the elemental aspects of hospitality, but to get i.guests to visit you, you have to attract them, and that means starting with a decent website. Your i.guest is intelligent, informed, and Internet savvy, so you can’t afford to neglect the core elements of a successful website.

You need to have GOOD DESIGN, GOOD PICTURES, copy that is appealing and is OPTIMIZED for the SEARCH ENGINES, page TITLES that actually describe what the page is (also for the search engines), and listings on the major INTERNET DIRECTORIES like and at a bare minimum. You should also be linked to your local chamber of commerce and other organizations that are sources of local information and help attract visitors to your area. Consider group marketing with other local inns.

While we at The B&B Team believe that the best and most successful inns will be doing a lot more than this, we are often reminded that many bed and breakfasts are still neglecting the basics. Take a look at your marketing to see if you are taking care of them. If you are, then venture into some of the new media to see what else you could be doing. But if your basics need attending to, that should be at the top of your "to do" list.


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