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Amenities to Zoning: B is for Branding

Greetings from icy New England and one plug for the locals…..Go Pats

Speaking of the Patriots, what a great example of branding and the excellence that the brand represents.  The first time ever that an NFL team has gone 18-0 with the possibility of 19-0!

Trying to draw parallels between the small lodging industry and a professional football team is difficult, were it not for the one characteristic that leaders in both categories share…a passion to be the best and to set the standards for the rest of the crowd to emulate.

Having just returned from the Conference of the Mid-Atlantic, where I spoke about "Inn Branding, Market Positioning and the i.guest" let me share a couple of thoughts with you about the importance of branding.

Great brands/inns are about five key ingredients.  Authenticity: what is the experience your inn stands for?  Great brands/inns are about You: you are the face of your inn.  Great brands/inns are about Signature Items: recipes, touches, services that are yours and yours alone.  Great brands/inns are about a Legacy: a place where memories are made and emotional connections are forged.  Great brands/inns are about a Promise: your promise that what you consistently deliver is ensuring the best possible guest experience.

These five ingredients help create your inn’s brand and identity and allow you to connect with your guests while creating a strong business.  Why? Because your inn becomes the place to stay when visiting your town or area. You become the sought after destination.

Remember others can deliver a great experience too.  It’s important to understand that delivering isn’t enough and that someone may be able do it just as well as you.  The difference is that great innkeepers/branders are the leaders and set the tone for their respective marketplaces…and that’s you!  Take the lead and let the others follow.

With the exception of the real estate, your inn’s brand identity is likely your single largest and most important asset.  Nurture it, cultivate it, care for it…it will take care of you.

More to come in this Innkeeping A to Z series…and more about branding and the importance of the i.guest at the PAII Conference too!


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