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Learn to Blog from a Dog!

OK. So it takes me a while sometimes to get a new post written. But this one has been simmering for a month when Google Alerts first let me know about a GREAT posting by Oscar Meier. Oscar is a dog. A Weimaraner, to be exact. And he's written an article all about BLOGGING and WEB 2.0!!! So, have you been wondering about all this stuff and how to incorporate it into your B&B or inn? Check it out.

It seems that Oscar's parents, Mike and Laura at The Craftsman B&Bin Pacific City, Oregon, taught Oscar to type, and with that new skill (Weimaraners are smarter than your average dog) he's decided to share all the things he's learned about blogging and how it works. Oh, and how it can help a B&B.

"I have been writing this blog for a few months. My idea is to tell the world about Pacific City, the Oregon Coast and The Craftsman B&B.  Where to visit, hike, eat and to tell about the people of Pacific City and some of our interesting guests we have had stay with us," writes Oscar. Sagely, Oscar explains that "now we have what people are calling Web 2.0.  This is where the average user has input to what is on the Internet.  This is social networking, adding your information to a wiki, you are now the Internet.  YouTube, MySpace, Blogs and just about any topic you can think of has a forum.  You are able to communicate with people that have the same interests as you do." And it's a great way to generate interest in and promote your inn in a fun, "soft sell" way.
Oscar, I couldn't have explained it better (and we've been trying for a long time now). Interested? Check out Oscar's Blog! (While he's learned all these great tricks about typing and blogging, no one taught him about not sharing trade secrets…)

One Response to “Learn to Blog from a Dog!”

  1. Oscar Meier says:

    Thanks for the story about my blog. As most people in Pacific City know me and visitors to The Craftsman B&B site have discovered, I like to promote the area and tell you what it’s like being a spoiled innkeepers dog. I hope your story will introduce me to some more “cyber” friends.
    Oscar Meier

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