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The New Year

While we're only into the New Year for a matter of hours/days, it already feels good. Not because things have magically become better or easier, but because a New Year brings a new beginning and a fresh start.

Because of the current news and the pundits telling us about the economy, I added a posting to our blog on the 31st about Corporate Darwinism and how it is projected in 2009, that it will be the strong who will  survive. I hope you'll take a moment and read it. This morning, I read another view of this timely topic by Scott Testa, a marketing professor at St. Josephs University in Philadelphia.

As he and his views are more marketing/brand driven, I found his comments so very appropriate to our industry.  He talks about many of the things that The B&B Team talks about (and does so with regularity), your Brand (your Inn), your Brand's Promise and the Experience your Brand provides.

Professor Testa states, "The really smart companies, when things are bad, take the opportunity to really grow their brand."

Rita Rodriquez, a CEO for a large branding company adds, "Companies will have to find ways to stand out and that includes making sure customers picky about where they spend their money have a better experience….The brand is going to have a bigger opportunity to stand out and to articulate a promise and to deliver the experience…and it's going to have to do that in 2009."

Couldn't have said it better!  Since I can't, I can only restate what we've said all along: Good Inns are  the ones who stay focused on: their Brand, their Strengths, Creative Marketing Initiatives, understanding their Guest, being Authentic and creating a Sustained Emotional Bond with their Guests, responding to the times…the i.guest…social media…web 2.0, knowing that it's about Value…not just price, but Value, and finally, being the Very Best!

Happy New Year.



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