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Yes, We All Do Need A “Pep Talk”!

Yesterday, Peter wrote a posting, "How About Some Optimism". In only a matter of hours we had several comments plus other emails thanking him for writing this piece.

No question, we are suffering as a nation, and as a world, through some of the most devastating economic times since the 1930's. The reality however, is that the world is not coming to an end, the sky is not falling and life does and will go on.  As an optimist and as a realist, better times are ahead…when, I don't know…but they are coming!

We've heard from a variety of hospitality folks all praising the posting. Check them out, they're great comments. At the same time, we've had several phone conversations with other Innkeepers who are truly in a funk and are being run roughshod by the Blue Meanies…(with apologies to the Beatles).  

Some are predicting the end of our industry, others are complaining about phones not ringing, others are grasping at straws as to their current business…but the one thing in common that these folks share is that they are sitting and stewing about the doom and gloom and are doing NOTHING to stimulate their business!

Those that are doing well are being thoughtful, creative, positive and aggressive.  They are keeping themselves at the top of their game and continue to play the game by their rules.  While we all have off moments, they realize that if they become another voice of darkness, they will communicate this  through their words and actions and that just won't do anyone any good.

The message?  Keep your head high! Don't forget why you became an Innkeeper! Recognize the times and creatively respond to them but do not become a victim of them. Finally, work your website, your SEO, the social media sites, and continue to offer the service and hospitality that we should provide everyday. 

Need to talk? Have some questions?….we're here for you.


6 Responses to “Yes, We All Do Need A “Pep Talk”!”

  1. “Some are predicting the end of our industry, others are complaining about phones not ringing, others are grasping at straws as to their current business…but the one thing in common that these folks share is that they are sitting and stewing about the doom and gloom and are doing NOTHING to stimulate their business!”
    Rick, In response to the above quote from your post, I find it incredulous that anyone would suggest that this is the end of our industry! These people cannot be the “doers”, they must be the ones who ride on every one elses coattails, waiting for others to make a bad situation good again. Assuming I’m right, maybe they should call it quits. Maybe, if they left the industry, it would lighten it up a bit so that the rest of us can SOAR. Wth or without a bad economy, people are going to travel. Make coming to your Inn so appealing there’s no other choice but to get-away from all the negativism and re-energize.

  2. Debbie Keane says:

    Thanks for the pep talk but the reality is that until the media and our new government stop scaring the American people that we are in “crisis”, there are very few people who are going to spend their hard earned money on luxuries such as a vacation.

  3. I agree with this article so much… It is NOT the end of the world, we just have to work a little harder, be a little more creative. I believe most people have been spoiled over the last decade – its been such a “me” or “I want – so I get” belief and now… people are’t able to do it so quickly! But they are still traveling and I do believe this economy is a plus to the B&B world – the shorter, closer to home getaway is affordable and appealing! So rise to the occasion, put your Inn in front of them and ‘they will come’!! Let’s all think a little more positive people!

  4. Sue Favreau says:

    The following is posted with the permission of Sue Favreau….
    “Just wanted to add a few comments…..we are 25% full with advance bookings for the 2009 season. We open April 4th. That is way more than I expected when we closed last fall. People will still need to get away, perhaps even more so with the “bad news”. I think if we collectively were more optimistic, things would improve a bit faster. Thanks for some upbeat thoughts. Keep it up!”
    Sue Favreau

  5. With thanks to Elaine Kelly Hufstetler…
    “I never could have made it just on my B&B business with only 5 rooms and not in a tourist area. HOWEVER, I also do weddings, day spa, and have a beauty salon. The day spa (maybe one could only do massages) and weddings are very compatible with a B&B setting. Not enought room for larger weddings?–Try doing small ones up to 50 or less. They can be quick, easy, and a joy! Just keep figuring out new ways to do business!! God often pushes us to the next level, doesn’t He?? Don’t give up…”

  6. With many thanks to Cyndi & Jim Ostrowski…
    “Rick and Peter: Just wanted to jot you both a quick note with a hearty THANK YOU!!! I have printed out both of your most recent “cheering section” newsletters and have them both tacked up where I can read them again when I need it! In this time of doom and gloom, we’ve just got to get moving. So many of the old sayings… “when the going gets tough the tough get going” keep coming to mind. One that NO LONGER WORKS however, is “the field of dreams”. That is O V E R!!! Just sitting back with the “if you build it they will come” mentality is the sure path to bankruptcy!!! Time to be creative!
    All that being said, times are certainly tough and a lot of people are truly freightened. So it is also great to read your newsletters and to understand that there is a level of fear and that is okay to feel that. It’s what you DO about it that matters.
    So thank you for making us all feel better, for letting us know you are in there fighting with us and sharing some motivational ideas to keep us all moving forward.
    Let the games begin!

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