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The B&B Team is Growing!

Peter Scherman and Rick Wolf of The B&B Team® are pleased to announce the affiliation of Scott & Marilyn Bushnell of Bushnell & Bushnell Innkeeping Services as new Affiliates of The B&B Team®. Bushnell & Bushnell Services is based in Berlin, MD, complementing our offices in Kennebunk, Maine and Scottsville, Virginia.

The B&B Team®, founded in 1993, caters to the Innkeeping Industry with consulting and brokerage services nationwide. With the affiliation of Bushnell & Bushnell Services, Inc., the company continues to evolve its business model and add resources to better serve our clients. Founding partner and CEO Peter Scherman said, “Experience in and commitment to the Innkeeping industry are essential to success. High ethical standards are core to our company’s mission. Scott and Marilyn meet the expectations we have of our associates and our clients have of us.” Partner and COO Rick Wolf said that “bringing Scott and Marilyn onboard early in 2010 speaks volumes to how strongly we believe in the business and how much confidence we have in the Bushnell’s to join us and better serve our friends and colleagues in the Innkeeping industry.”

The Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference and Trade Show at The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia in January will be the regional kick-off of this new collaboration, followed shortly by the national launch at the Innkeeping Show hosted by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) and Select Registry®, in Austin, TX in March, 2010.

Peter and Peggy and Rick and Janet welcome Scott and Marilyn to The B&B Team® and look forward to advancing the Innkeeping industry and our clients’ interests in 2010 and beyond.

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8 Responses to “The B&B Team is Growing!”

  1. What great news!
    I had the pleasure of working with Scott and Marilyn in Atlanta last spring during the PAII Conference.
    Congratulations to you all.

  2. Congratulations on growing your business – we look forward to meeting Scott and Marilyn!

  3. Hi Folks:
    As a long time work mate (at McCormick & Co.) and through a continued relationship in the bed and breakfast world (Scott and Marilyn were my mentors as I started my new B & B 10 (!) years ago),I can attest to their value in this business. I applaud your move to add them to your company. Their experience, business accumen and just being really helpful, nice people, will make them a perfect fit. Congratulations to you all!
    David Balderson, Owner
    Wayside Inn

  4. Marie-Louise says:

    Congratulations to all and nice to see your business growing!

  5. Mary Ellen Mason says:

    Congratulations and all good wishes for a successful partnership.
    Edric and Mary Ellen Mason
    Lambertville House

  6. Its a great business and you can learn a lot from it. I have a business like that a couple of years back.

  7. Its nice to see a team grow in terms of members because its a fulfillment on their part.

  8. Congratulations! on a job well done. Hope you continue to grow and prosper.

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