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Rick Wolf of The B&B Team reads Jay Karen’s blood pressure

Do you think Jay Karen, PAII‘s CEO is nervous? Rick Wolf, partner in The B&B Team, Inn Consultants and Brokers, is a certified EMT. At the recent conference of the Florida Bed & Breakfast Inns the theme was “Recovery,” and they asked us to dress and present with a medical theme. The Innkeeping industry is in recovery, it seems, and everyone had a good time. Well, maybe not Jay, as he gamely volunteered to have his blood pressure taken ON VIDEO!!! Way to go, Jay!

You won’t learn a lot from watching this, but it’s kind of fun! Please let us know if your business is recovering!

4 Responses to “Rick Wolf of The B&B Team reads Jay Karen’s blood pressure”

  1. Hilary Jones says:

    Nope, sorry, death throes.

  2. We are having the best months ever, thanks to many factors – our continuing to “prime the pump” in our marketing efforts, good reviews by previous guests, and referrals.

    Most of new guests have never been to a bed and breakfast before. We have a good repeat business (15-20%) and those who have been here refer others to us frequently. The online review sites have been favorable and guests tell us they book based on the reviews.

    • Peter Scherman says:

      Christine, we’re so happy to hear you’re doing well. And, of course, that you’re spreading the word (or encouraging others to spread the word) about staying at a bed & breakfast, “a better way to stay.”

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