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A Veteran’s Boat-Load of Thank You’s to Caring Innkeepers

I was prompted by Jay Karen’s posting in PAII’s monthly Innkeeping Newletter last week (Thanks, Jay!) about an inn’s thoughtful participation in the BnB’s for Vets program, a West Virginia B&B Association initiative championed and promoted by Kathleen Panek (Great effort, Kathleen, thank you) at Gillum House B&B in WV.

In my own blog posting of July 16, “Please Touch and Go…and an Innkeeper’s Request”, I sought innkeepers who

The USAF Thunderbirds at the Ocean City Air Show

regularly give discounts or special packages to veterans as a matter of routine patriotism and thankfulness.  I received a number of responses and would like to mention them here (follow the links to see their offer) as my thank you to each of them for their thoughtfulness:

There are hundreds of inns across this nation participating in such programs.  Click here for the list of inns participating in the BnBs for Vets program…better yet…click here and sign up to participate!

We all a great deal of gratitude to these American heroes.  Thank you to all of the caring innkeepers that participate.

Big question for everybody:  How do you get the word out to veterans about your offer?  Putting it on your website is great, but is anybody doing other channels of marketing such as contacting local VA offices or through military support organizations such as USO, the Wounded Warrior Program, or your local military base?  Let us know your actions! Scott

2 Responses to “A Veteran’s Boat-Load of Thank You’s to Caring Innkeepers”

  1. Peter Scherman says:

    Thanks for your participation and spreading the word, Scott. Thanks, too, to all the innkeepers who are lending a generous hand to our vets. And a SPECIAL thanks to all the men and women in uniform serving our country today and everyday. You are the best!

  2. greyswan says:

    Good question…. We are fortunate to have a National Guard training post a few miles from us. Several months ago we sent a press release to our local newspaper. Also, we’ve been placing links on our FaceBook account periodically.

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