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Social Media Fatigue

I can’t resist! We’re all out here trying to do “what we’re supposed to do” with social media, because it’s a new world. And it is. Truly. No kidding. We know it is. Tweet tweet tweet! A little birdie told me so. And I LIKE it that way! It’s very cool. But, alas, it can also be overwhelming. I was lying awake the other night and darned if I wasn’t being kept awake with thoughts about what The B&B Team should be doing, just like Smigley in this video.

Enjoy this little clip, and remember to enjoy life. One day at a time. One. Posting. At. A. Time. And have a safe and happy new year. Maybe you can even turn it all off for a couple of days. I’ll certainly try (but it will be HARD)!

— Peter

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