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Innkeeping Seminars – A First Step

Education is a key component in any endeavor we choose to pursue in our lives. As toddlers we rise to a new level and explore new heights.  We look, touch, feel and then store in our memory banks everything we learn.  We also learn a few things not to touch, the ouchies?  Hopefully as adults we have gathered enough knowledge to avoid the ouchies, especially monetarily. But do we?

We at The B&B Team believe so strongly that everyone looking to pursue the innkeeping profession should (or to be more emphatic, must!) take an aspiring innkeeping seminar. Can you imagine entering into a new career without being trained? NO. So why do so many aspirers make that plunge without the education?  We don’t know but what we do know is that we try very hard to convince our potential seminar attendees and clients the importance of this very important first step.

Of course we would like them to take our Seminar for Aspiring Innkeepers because we believe we offer our attendees a very comprehensive group of sessions that cover a multitude of steps to guide you towards your goal. But…we feel so strongly about education that if you take someone else’s seminar, well at least you took a seminar!

Another point we make with our attendees is that if they walk out the door after taking our ‘information packed, mind blowing and fun filled seminar’, (shameless plug), and say …”no way”!, then we have done them a great favor. Uneducated innkeepers often become unhappy innkeepers and as a result may drive a perfectly good business into the ground. This does NOT do anyone any good. But if they leave our seminar with a smile on their face and a big sigh of relief and say…”now I think I’m ready to take the next step”, then we have also done our job and everyone is feeling good.

So to the aspirers out there who dream of owning and operating a bed and breakfast we would love to guide you through your first steps. We promise we will help you to avoid the ouchies! We look forward to seeing you seated before us with our seminar book in hand, with an open mind and an eager heart. As a final thought I would like to leave you with this. A friend and colleague, Dick Matthews, wrote a wonderful book about innkeeping entitled ‘Notes from an Innkeeper’s Journal’. The first chapter is called ‘A Noble Occupation’,we agree.

Janet Wolf

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