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Greetings from the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference

Peter Scherman and Lynne Griffin

Hello, All;

We are partway through the Mid-Atlantic Innkeeping Conference in Lancaster, PA.  Nice trade show with about 45 vendors, several meaty general sessions and over 30 timely workshops dealing with the latest marketing trends, local and fresh food ideas, and topics of broad interests for all innkeepers.  The organizing group of innkeepers, most from right here in Pennsylvania, did a GREAT job of putting together this necessary and interesting innkeeping event.  Thanks!

Thought I would pass on a few photos with some of the interesting topics and networking connections that are so important in this industry.  Above, Peter and Lynne from the Australian Walkabout Inn, a 5 room inn right here in the Lancaster area, and one of the voluteer orgainizer team members, discuss one of the services of The B&B Team.  To be fair to the 45 vendors and their comments, the one-on-one face time was a bit limited with the packed agenda of the conference but there were a few short periods of time where the innkeepers had the opportunity to try to visit them all.

Innkeeper's Advantage Booth

At the Innkeeper’s Advantage booth,  an integrated online reservation, blogging and guest management software 2009 newcomer, Felix and Cindi Bachman demonstrate the advantages to innkeepers who are seeking a strong, guest friendly, applications to help manage the diverse needs of inn operations. 

One of the innkeeper-useful and interesting workshops presented on Monday was by Carol Rizzolli, owner with her husband Hugo of the Royal Oak House in Royal Oak, Maryland.  Carol authored the novel “The House at Royal Oak”, the story of their adventures from run down wreck of a

Carol Rizzoli at the Publications Workshop

house (with potential!) to their active and ideally located 3 room inn on the active and tourist-rich Chesapeake region of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  How many of us innkeepers have had the desire to log and publish our stories and memories of our innkeeping careers?  Carol shared the Do’s and Don’ts of her experience leading to the successful launch of her work and advice to innkeepers interested in effective press releases, cookbooks or memoirs.

Time to head back to the Trade Show floor…talk to you again soon!    Scott

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