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Graycote Inn – A Retreat from the Everyday

Graycote Inn Front Gardens

When looking for Maine Bed and Breakfasts for sale one often thinks of Bar Harbor.  It is the iconic Maine coastal town for visitors to our great state. Even though we live in Kennebunkport and are quite partial to our bit of coastal paradise, many folks think of Bar Harbor and Acadia when they think of coastal Maine and for all the right reasons.

The early visitors to the area were called “rusticators”.  This was in the mid 1800’s and there were only the local village fishermen and farmers who opened their homes to these visitors for a small fee.  Fast forward and we find 18 hotels that would accommodate 25,000 guests!  During this early growth one of these visitors was John D. Rockefeller Jr.  Fearing commercial encroachments he bought vast tracks of land in 1919 which he donated to the Federal Government.  His foresight gave us Acadia National Park, all 47,000 acres!

Alas, most of the hotels have long been gone as well as many of the early ‘cottages’ that the early wealthy ‘rusticators’ built. If you know your Maine history you know that there was a devastating fire in 1947 that burned over 17,000 acres in Bar Harbor and Acadia.  One era was lost in the fires but another emerged. Many of the surviving grand homes have become some of the most popular of Maine’s Bed & Breakfast Inns.

The B&B Team is privileged to represent the Graycote Inn for sale, one of the grand homes that has been lovingly restored and continues to welcome “rusticators” seeking a true Maine, Bar Harbor experience.  The current owners of the Graycote Inn describe their Inn’s experience as a “Retreat from the Everyday”.  For those seeking a solid business in one of the most popular destination resort  locations in the country this may be the Inn for you.  A place to create your retreat, a place to welcome a new age of “rusticators” and a place to call home, everyday!

Janet Wolf

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