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H is for the Heart of the Season

there´s a place I go when I´m all alone...

In our seminars for Aspiring innkeepers we often use an analogy that we believe illustrates the essence of Innkeeping.  “If you enjoy giving a gift to someone and seeing the joy it brings more than you enjoy receiving a gift, then you have the heart of an innkeeper.” Our seminar attendees usually sit silently and nod in agreement.

Innkeepers are always giving of themselves, their time, knowledge and a lot of TLC. The B&B Team® hopes you all can take a break during this holiday season and reflect on what gifts you have given your guests over the year. Give yourselves a big HUG and THANK YOU, you deserve it!

There may have been times during the year you have felt like an old scrooge, but even Mr. Scrooge experienced the realization after reflecting on his past (with the help from a few ghosts) that: ”I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year.” –Charles Dickens from ‘A Christmas Carol’.

It really doesn’t matter what or how you celebrate the season, the heart of it all comes down to the celebration of loved traditions and our individual beliefs and of course giving. I found a beautiful quote in a blog posting by film director Randy Rosselli, Jr, that says it all:

 “May all readers experience their own miracles through family traditions and the establishment of everlasting memories of the love that the season brings.”

Our gift to you all from The B&B Team® is a sincere wish for continued health and happiness in the coming New Year and a big THANK YOU for your dedication and giving spirit to your guests and the Innkeeping industry. And for those of you thinking of becoming innkeepers, just imagine how much richer your life will be when you can enrich so many others. Happy Holidays!

Peter and Peggy, Rick and Janet, Scott and Marilyn

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