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W is for Winning

First and last, this is not about the silly rants from a known sit-com celebrity this past summer.

What it is about is a gentleman from the Kennebunks who recently passed away, Hank Spaulding. Didn’t know him well, in fact, barely at all.

I did however know of Hank and his wife through their local actions and community involvement.  Hank was a successful real estate developer in Boston who “succeeded in a business style that is unheard of in today’s business climate”.  Hank wanted people on both sides of the deal to win at the end of the day.  He felt that if both sides win…there would be more deals in the future!

He was eulogized by his son who stated that, “…he lived a life of possibility.  On his worst days the glass was half full and most of the time it was damn near full to the brim. His core convictions were simple and ran deep: Never forget those who helped you along the way, always be willing to pitch in, don’t complain, be grateful, and always have something you’re shooting for, something to look forward to.”

I have tried to start, like many of us, every New Year with a resolution for some personal betterment or goal.  This year it should be easy because the message here for me is simple and is a wish for all of us.

Let’s live like Hank did, full of possibilities.  Let’s be great listeners, let’s be grateful for what we have, let’s be the best at what we do and, let’s always strive to insure ‘win-win’ in everything we do. Think we’ll all be better for it!  That is my goal and wish for 2012.

On behalf of all of us at The B&B Team ….All the best for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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2 Responses to “W is for Winning”

  1. George Lewis says:

    Excellent article. So many newsletters out their this time of year speaking on the start of a new year and this is clearly the one that has the most personal meaning to me! Wow, if I can only get close to what Hank did I will feel very blessed indeed. Thanks and Happy New Year to the B&B Team!

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