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Comic Relief

Bob -Innkeeper?

We all need to laugh sometimes or a great deal. Rick and I are fortunate to have a brother-in-law who makes us laugh a lot. Just before we bought our bed and breakfast we were staying with my sister and brother-in-law over the holidays. We were presented with the following on our departure. We still laugh out loud whenever we read this. Hope you enjoy this bit of comic relief and have a good laugh.


Bed and (no) Breakfast

Guest: Mr. Rick Wolf

Referral: Grand Winner – FREE Lodging Rose Parade Contest

Lodging December 29, 1991- January 2, 1992     No Charge

Additional charges not covered in promotional offer

Added guest (adult)     $240.00

Added guest (junior)     160.00

Honors Bar     36.00

Hiding the Dessert Penalty     50.00

Stand Up Shower      12.00

Cocktail Service (+ delivery charge)     112.00

Limousine Service     80.00

Phone Service     24.00

Utilities Premium (flush toilet)     9.00

Maid Service   72.00

Recreational Facilities     100.00

Phone Abuse     25.00

Cable Television Surcharge     6.00 X 8 = 48.00

Seasonal Premium    125.00

Concierge Services     100.00

Family Surcharge     1000.00

Food Service     35.00

Total Charge for Free Visit     $2,173.00

15% Gratuity ($500. minimum)     500.00

Total     $2,673.00                                                                

Additional charges will be added as they are thought of.

Thank you for your patronage. If you have any comments or suggestions, please keep them to yourself.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone even if you have paid.


Thank you Bob for being our brother-in-law and making us laugh a lot! The check is in the mail.

Janet and Rick

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