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Procrastination Is Costly

Nike Just Do It

So…Just Do It! Thank you Nike for telling us over and over to get off our butts. Procrastination is costly, in life and especially  in business. You plan on upgrading your decor, your website is dullsville and the word tired comes to mind. I hope this is not you, but just in case… Procrastination stops momentum and before you know it your property loses the edge needed to attract today’s traveling crowd. If you aren’t keeping up, others are.

In the first decade of the new century travelers saw substantial upgrades which included higher quality beds, brighter lighting and bigger work spaces that included power consoles. All of the above is now expected and if not provided it is duly noted. It is certainly noted by all of us at The B&B Team when we travel. Convenience, it is what we all want. A one stop plug location is very important to all travelers who need to stay connected, and that is about everybody! Do your guest rooms provide this? If not, well…just do it.

This is just one small but important example of investing in your business. Knowing your guests wants and needs and then providing them is the definition of hospitality. So how about that comfortable work space (by any other name, a desk and chair)? Again the word is convenience and then add comfort to the mix. I believe that innkeepers can find space in their guest rooms for this addition. Maybe just by removing a dated TV armoire or large dresser.

Simple and Convenient

Simple and Convenient

The origin of the Nike ‘Just Do It!’ ad campaign was and still is regarded as a “tough, take no prisoners ad campaign.” It all started 25 years ago. Their goal was to “target every American regardless of age, gender or physical fitness level.” I believe that could be any innkeeper’s marketing goal too. Target every traveler regardless of age, boomer to next gen, and provide them with convenience, comfort and thoughtful up to date amenities.

Investing in the overall comfort and convenience of your guests is an investment that will compound over time. The pay back will be apparent. Procrastination will only bring mediocrity and a dwindling return on your investment, your Inn. Procrastination is costly, every year of delay in all aspects of your Inn, from marketing to physical upgrades can dramatically reduce the value. You don’t want that facing you when you become ready to sell.

So…Just Do It! Or you could take Mark Twain’s advise. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” Great funny man but he would have never made it as a Mad Man for Nike.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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