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Deer Isle Penninsula – Authentic Downeast Maine

Pilgrim's Inn Deer Isle in Downeast  Maine

Pilgrim’s Inn-Relaxing by their pond out back

So all you folks from ‘away’ may ask where is Downeast Maine? Thanks once again to Wikipedia. Here is one version, I will be brief. “When ships sailed from Boston to ports in Maine, the wind was at their back, so they were sailing downwind, hense the term ‘Down East’. The general area is from Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border.

Penobscot Bay Sunset HDR 01 in Downeast Maine

Penobscot Bay Sunset

“I asked a Downeaster how far away Stonington was, and his answer was a blunt one: “You go to the end of the E’th,” he said, “and it’s 25 miles FUH-THUH”. Classic Maine chatter that can describe many areas of Maine but…Stonington, Deer Isle, Blue Hill and all the little towns on or near the Deer Isle Peninsula are about as authentic and unspoiled as you can get. It is a destination for many travelers who want to experience serenity, take deep breaths and relax.

Where does one stay for this experience? The Pilgrim’s Inn and Restaurant on Deer Isle has been the place to stay and dine for generations. It is still the best. I will now stop espousing the merits and let you see for yourself.

Deer Isle Maine Pilgrim's Inn

Pilgrim’s Inn – Deer Isle Maine, Authentic Downeast Maine

Video for business has been around for, well, awhile. Done well and they can be incredibly effective. A short and precise, informative and entertaining way for people to learn who you are. Even if you don’t put your faces on the screen (Innkeepers, Tina and Tony were not in their video), your business is showcased and in 3 minutes people are sold on your Inn and area.

We know the property very well, they are clients of The B&B Team and we represent their beautiful Inn and incredible restaurant for sale. Even if we didn’t have a connection, I would definitely want to go stay there after viewing their video.

The area is truly the Downeast Maine that people envision when they think of Maine. With a video that sells both the area and the Inn it enforces this vision and gives people a reason to make the trip. A trip they may have been dreaming of for years. Is it at the end of the E’th? Not really.pifront[1] Downeast Maine Inn

If you are aspiring to become innkeepers in Maine take a serious look at the Pilgrim’s Inn.

Great seasonal business, great destination location and as Downeast Maine authentic as it gets.

Thanks for listening,

Janet Wolf



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