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Bed and Breakfast Business Videos

bed and breakfast business video

From Video Creations  This says it all!

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If you haven’t heard, The B&B Team (starring Peter and Rick) completed a business video. We launched it last month. Here it is once again for your viewing enjoyment!

It takes some work and a bit of capital but a business video is worth it. Ask Peter and Rick and they will tell you it was also fun. Here are some more great reasons.

“Videos allow you to further craft and shape your brand. Videos allow you to convey emotions that you can’t bring across with text and still photos only; it provides you with an opportunity to add different attributes to your brand.” This is from an article, ‘8 reasons why you should create videos for your business.’

Conveying emotions. This is one of the key reasons I picked up from this article. Branding is all about creating emotional connections and what better way to do this than in a video. Some of the best bed and breakfast videos are ones that evoke a real feel for the Inn, innkeepers and the location.

A business video lets you project a personal profile. That was one of our goals for The B&B Team video. Hospitality is a very personal business and most innkeepers are not shy retiring types. So putting your face on your bed and breakfast should be fun. And if it brings more viewers to your website that result in bookings. Say no more.

The statistics are also compelling.

• “According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, watching a minute video is the equivalent of reading 1.8 million words.”

• Look to the future. It’s coming. “Roughly 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2014.” Most smart phones are optimized for video.

• YouTube is the second biggest search engine. This is nothing new but it is growing.

So who is out there that produces good business videos? The B&B Team used a local company near our Maine office in Kennebunk, Video Creations. I think the best advice is to look at some B&B videos and see which ones you like and go from there. Your web designer will also be able to give you some direction. But go professional. Good video photography as well as production is just as important as good professional still shot photography for your website.

A good example of a bed and breakfast business video is from Woods Hole Inn . Take a look at their website and then the video. One complements the other, the way it should. I believe it covers all the 8 reasons why you should create a business video for your bed and breakfast.

Consider adding a video to your marketing for 2014. A great opportunity to tell your story because your story is your business.

Thanks for Listening (and viewing),

Janet Wolf


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