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Onancock Virginia-A Corner of Paradise


Onancock Virginia butique hotel

Charlotte Hotel and Restaurant, Onancock Virginia

Every once in a while a location discovery is made that resonates with you and you just keep going back. In the case of Onancock Virginia the discovery was first made by Captain John Smith in 1608. He called the area now Onancock, “The gem of the Eastern Shore”. But according to photographer and travel writer Mark Edward Alkinson in an article, ‘A Shore Thing’, in the July/August edition of Virginia Living, the area is still relatively unknown by the general travelling public. He also writes that the locals worry a bit that ‘their secret might get out and their paradise be ruined.’

My take on that. Our country has many heavenly locations, we all have our travel bucket lists. Onancock Virginia is one and well worth a visit. The community may well be protective of their paradise but they are also known for being exceedingly hospitable to visitors and newcomers. They are a sharing lot.

Onancock Virginia map

Onancock Virginia Location

Where to stay?  You know I was going there, right? The Charlotte Hotel is a boutique hotel and restaurant  with a distinct style and charm. Located in the heart of Onancock Virginia village. Writer Alkinson says the hotel is “home to one of the best little bars in America, really.” To go along with your adult beverage you will experience glorious food with a distinct taste of Virginia’s eastern shore. Local wines from Church Creek Winery and local waterman and farmers products are featured.

Onancock Virginia

The Charlotte Hotel supports local watermen and farmers.

The Charlotte Hotel has eight guest rooms. The décor is refined with an artistic soul. Innkeepers feature their own created hand crafted furnishings and botanical artwork placed throughout the property. Reviewers comment on the open contemporary feel of the Inn’s rooms. Yet there is an intimacy and coziness, a great combination.

Current owners have built the business over the last eleven years and it is solid. They are now ready to move on.  Interested? To get a real visual idea of this little corner of paradise click here for a nice video. For more detailed information visit our Inns for Sale listing.

You just may want to visit, come back and then decide to stay in paradise. Onancock Virginia style.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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