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Carlisle PA Tourism-Colleges,Cars & Historic Carlisle House Bed & Breakfast


Carlisle PA

Historic downtown Carlisle PA-Where your experience starts.

The history of Carlisle PA is a mirror to the early history of the United States. Yes, George Washington walked the streets and most likely slept there. But there is a lot more to Carlisle PA than George’s foot prints. History buffs will travel to places where history happened. Not just to ‘travel’ but to enjoy the whole experience. Tourism in Carlisle consists of visiting pre-Revolutionary War sites, exploring the treasures of the Cumberland Valley and so much more as you will see. One example: Carlisle is home to the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center. The Army Heritage Trail is a place to ‘Experience a Walk Through History’. I’m game, I love this history stuff!

Carlisle PA tourism

U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle PA

So where does one stay in Carlisle?

The Carlisle House Bed & Breakfast has a real perspective on the town’s historic appeal. On their website are maps showing the Inn’s two adjoining historic buildings location from 1826 to the present. Fascinating! Carlisle House is just 4 blocks from Dickinson College. A very well-known and attended liberal arts college built in 1773. More history! Another appealing fact…the Carlisle House is the center of a wheel where the spokes point to 10 colleges from a 2 minute drive to 2 hours. Your one-stop college shopping location!


Carlisle PA B&B

Historic In-Town Carlisle House Bed & Breakfast

Let’s jump ahead to some current history. Corvettes at Carlisle. Hundreds of Corvettes in one location, like WOW. Lectures, parts swap and sales, parades and a lot of Corvette pride and showmanship. So you get the picture why Carlisle is nicknamed Pennsylvania’s “automotive capitol” because it hosts not only Corvettes but 10 seasonal car shows that attract millions of tourists.

Carlisle PA Corvette Car show

Corvette Car Show, an annual Carlisle PA tourism event

Carlisle is the seat of Cumberland County where the Cumberland Valley spreads wide and far, ripe for exploration. Nature trails that meander through the valley are accessible for hikers of all levels. The 0.8-mile Ridge Overlook Trail features rocky ridges and the sight of wild turkeys. Scenic Vista Trail is a moderate 1.8-mile trail overlooking Michaux State Forest, an 85,000-acre forest in Adams, Cumberland and Franklin counties. The forest contains 39 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Deer and small game hunting is allowed in designated sections of the forest. These few photos are just a teaser.

Carlisle PA in Cumberland Valley

Appalachian Trail in Cumberland Valley PA

The innkeepers at the Carlisle House love their town and surrounding area. They take real pride in sharing their knowledge and love for their Inn and their home town. They are also looking towards the future and their next adventure beyond innkeeping. They are now ready to pass the heritage of the Carlisle House to new owners and ‘keepers of the Inn’. The Inn is a profitable business that has received numerous accolades from the press and travel writers. It is a Select Registry Inn, a group of distinguished quality properties.

Remember it is not just about “travel” but rather the whole experience itself. Carlisle PA and the Carlisle House Bed & Breakfast for sale offer an authentic experience. Carlisle PA is great place to live, do business and become an integral part of the community. That is what innkeeping is all about.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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