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Celebrate Thanksgiving at America’s Inns » churchtown inn

Thanksgiving at America's Inn

Churchtown Inn- Pennsylvania Amish country experience

2 Responses to “churchtown inn”

  1. Astrid Vella says:


    Thank you for this helpful article, I love your website, it’s a great resource for the b&b industry.

    Would you have any other recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner within 2 hours of South Orange, NJ, as we’d love to escape to a warm, wintry setting for that weekend, but most inns or b&b don’t seem to have restaurants attached.

    Many thanks,

    Astrid Vella

    • Rick Wolf says:


      Glad you like our site, thank you!

      Wish we could be of dinner assistance, but we are Inn Consultants and Brokers……..suggest you google for Inns with resturants near the location you seek. Might also try for Inns.

      Rick Wolf

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