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Pop-Up Dinners at Your Bed and Breakfast

Pop-Up dinners at your bed and breakfast

Presentation is Everything-Make it Instagram Worthy!

Ever thought of doing Pop-Up dinners at your bed and breakfast? If you love fun food experiences, this is a great way to express that love. It is also another way to expose your Inn to a wider audience. In addition it is an opportunity to invite your community, business friends, and locals to your property. A great way to connect.

Once again, I found a great source for information. From Eventbrite:

“Pop-up dinners are one-time food events that offer guests a taste of something different. Whether it’s an unexpected location, a personal interaction with the chef, or a unique menu or theme, these events cater to the ‘Experiential Diner’ — who craves not just an amazing meal, but a new and exciting dining experience.”

Pop-Up Dinners at your bed and breakfast

Zucchini Blossom Salad-From June 24th English Meadows Supper Club

The “unexpected location” could be your Inn! The Inn at English Meadows in Kennebunk, Maine started doing Pop-Up dinners this year.

They have grown in popularity and are now offering them monthly. Featuring sous chefs from your favorite restaurants is a great way to promote local chefs. They have the opportunity to create their own menus, do their own thing. A win-win collaboration.

“There are so many chefs out there — they have their restaurants, their day jobs, but they’re looking for something more. That’s what the pop-up culture offers them. They are able to take over someone’s space for only a few hours and convert it into their own identity. It’s not just about the food, it’s about creating a memorable experience for the guests.”  Chef Melissa King, Top Chef Season 12

Eventbrite has a free download guide that gives you some good tips for pricing, promotion and general industry tips. Worth downloading to get some good insight.

Pop-Ups are one of the fastest growing food trends, experiencing an 82% growth.

And don’t forget the cocktails!

pop-up dinners at your bed and breakfast

Creation and Photo by Alex Parisi-Curate Maine

“Locally made bitters, local honey, simple syrup, infusion kits, Mule Mugs or antique cocktail glasses.” Curate Maine.

I’ll drink to that!

There are many articles and blogs out there with tips on taking good food photos with your I Phone. Take a look at this one from New York Times. 11 Way to Take a Better Food Photo on Instagram.

Some advice before you start. Find out IF you can offer expanded food service like a Pop-Up at your Inn. Remember, assume nothing and ask everything when it comes to regulations.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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