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5 Hospitality Trends-Looking Forward

5 Hospitality Trends-Looking Forward

‘What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening’

There is always a buzz about what’s new and trending in the hospitality business. Here are 5 hospitality trends positively impacting the hospitality industry. 5 trends that have been around for awhile that are not going away. 5 trends that are increasing in popularity and importance. 5 hospitality trends-looking forward.

1.       Millennial travel

2.       Healthy food options

3.       Public areas as a community hub

4.       Eco-friendly practices

5.       Wellness tourism

We have said it before and we will say it again. “Millennials (those ages 18-34) are expected to represent 50% of all travelers to the USA by 2025.” They are spontaneous, adventurous and seek personalized interactions. Technology is their first language!  With an open mind to learning new things, they make great guests.  If… you are offering an adventurous, spontaneous and personalized experience.  Are you? B&Bs are a natural match for millennials.  So marketing to millennials as a segment target audience is important. Plus they will market for you on social media channels.

Soft poached-eggs with sweet potato hash and asparagus

Healthy food options. Give guests a choice. Your decadent pastries and carb loaded pancakes are oh so tasty and temping. No need to delete them from your breakfast menu, not necessary.  Healthy can be just as tasty and appealing. From millennials to boomers, people are changing their way of eating. Giving your guests healthy food options shows you care and are aware of changing preferences. And…it is just good business. Market your healthy choices front and center on your breakfast page with photos and recipes.

Made Inn Vermont-Library & Café Experience

Public Areas as a community hub. Your B&B’s public living rooms, parlors, libraries and porches are great places to gather, relax with a book or game. What about your dining/breakfast room? Is it as inviting and accessible after breakfast hours? This space presents a great opportunity for transformation, from morning to evening. Think Starbucks. People relaxing in a comfortable chair with a surface for their laptop with strong coffee and equally strong Wi/Fi.

5 hospitality trends-looking forward

Comphy Sheets-Eco friendly and oh so soft!

Eco-friendly practices. Focusing on renewable energy sources is the wave of the future. In some opinions, this wave hasn’t grown fast enough. Hotels are installing solar panels and automatic lights that switch off when guests leave their rooms. The B&B Team sees more and more inns installing efficient heating and air-conditioning systems. Check out DSIRE, a ‘comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States.’ Low interest, long term loans are available with some of these programs.

Did you know that microfiber sheets take half the time to dry? Comphy sheets “use less energy than any alternative.”

Wellness Tourism. Growing faster every year. Big hotels and cruise ship have multi million dollar programs. What can our small lodging industry do to latch onto this trend and grow with it? Many inns have spa services, a designated spa room or a fitness room. But is this a holistic part of your business or just a side show? As an example, we have seen inns that have rooms furnished with fitness equipment that appear very lonely (not used) and dated. We call this ‘square footage opportunity’, just waiting to be reenergized and updated!

Rick and I recently were in Brooklyn visiting our kids and new grandson. We booked a room at the EVEN Hotel to check out their wellness guest rooms. Great use of space, good lighting, fitness amenities were a very nice touch. All in all a good experience.

5 Hospitality Trends-Looking Forward

EVEN Hotels-Brooklyn NY Wellness Guestroom

Need advice?

Julie Pankey-J M Pankey Partners, has recently joined The B&B Team as an affiliate. Her expertise and years of experience in the spa and wellness field is wide. She has helped large resorts and smaller properties increase their ‘wellness footprint’ with profitable results. Worth a visit to her website. Plus she will be at AIHP Innkeeping Summit and Marketplace, March 25th-28th, Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. The B&B Team will be attending and we sincerely hope to see you there!

Whether it is innovations in food, technology, marketing strategies, decor or wellness/eco friendly practices…

Always know that improvements, additional services and amenities are investments that will pay for themselves with increased rates. Market them well with passion and commitment and you WILL see results.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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2 Responses to “5 Hospitality Trends-Looking Forward”

  1. Yes this trend is so true. Younger guests are looking for recommendations and thus building vacation packages that include, hiking, biking, water fun, like paddle board, kayaking,and canoeing And much to the disappointment of some business, less about attending musicals, plays, zoos, and other such programs considered more sedentary. Also I think we find the more unique,fresh, and bright you can make your property the more it attracts the younger guests.

    • Janet Wolf says:

      Thanks for your comment Michelle. Glad you see this trend and it is working for you. Do you also provide itineraries for your active minded guests? Having a day or two suggested activities planned out for them that they can see on your website is a great way to attract these guests. Even if they don’t follow the itinerary to the letter they can see what great things are available to them when they stay with you.

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