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Transformational Travel

transformational travel

Transformational Travel

Transformational travel can be defined in simplest terms as a travel experience that becomes a “trip of self-discovery”. This almost sounds like 1960’s jargon (different kind of trip though).

Seriously folks. A recent article by Tamara Gillan for The Drum Network; ‘Tapping the power of transformational travel’  explains what transformational travel is all about.

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things” Henry Miller

Mr. Miller wrote a lot about Paris in the 1930’s. His writing transforms you to the city of light in that era. Very descriptive writing has that power.

“Travel has that power. Part fantasy, part reality, travel is a way of experiencing life that takes you beyond the familiarity of your day-to-day and transposes you to another place. The destination differs but the intent remains the same – the incomparable pleasure of experience…”

Are you giving your guests a transformational travel experience?

“We know from speaking with consumers that 36% of travelers would pay more for their travel experiences if they felt it was based on their personal preferences, which is why, when done well, travel becomes a marketing ‘enabler’ because it directly engages the customer and has the possibility of positively impacting their behavior and attitudes.”

Here is a great example of how to receive a slice of that 36% that is willing to pay more.

transformational Travel

Sunday River Covered Bridge Maine

Wolf Cove Inn blog post titled ‘Maine in the Fall-Covered Bridges and Waterfalls’  may not be a match for Henry Miller’s writing talents but it is just as powerful. According to innkeepers Sue and Roy Forsberg, this blog has brought more reservations since it was published than the innkeepers ever thought possible. Why?

  • Expands the readers knowledge of the area and what there is to see and experience.
  • Engages the reader with good photos, a video and detailed directions on how their days will be filled.
  • The reader can picture themselves on the road, camera in hand with the beauty of the Maine countryside surrounding them.
  • The blog ends with directions back to the Inn with a choice of a direct or more leisurely scenic route.
  • The reader can then picture themselves relaxing and experiencing what the Wolf Cove Inn has to offer at the end of their day’s journey. Perfect.
transformational travel

Wolf Cove Inn Cabin

Transformational travel involves not only a trip of self discovery but a trip that feels crafted for you, a trip that guests feel is a valued experience.

The Wolf Cove Inn ‘Bridges and Waterfalls’ writing transposes the reader to a different place. It engages and entices the reader. That is it’s power.

All of our small lodging properties in varied locations across the US have the opportunity to engage guests in transformational travel experiences. The power of travel can transpose your guests away from the day-to-day and take them to another place. If done well and the experience is perceived as valuable and authentic you can get that portion of the 36% that is willing to pay more and… come back for more.

The B&B Team works with a wide variety of Inns in varied locations waiting for new innkeepers to take the helm. New innkeepers have the energy, vision and opportunity to expand on the transformational travel experiences the Inn and area have to offer. We are here to help.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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