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Get Creative with Your B&B Packages

Get Creative With Your B&B Packages

B&Bs have been offering packages for decades. It can be an important and profitable part of your brand.

Packages should be creative and compelling. An enticing activity, adventure or learning experience. Something guests can write home about, so to speak.

Airbnb has just launched their ‘Creative Class Month’. “Learn from the pros in one-time only workshops designed and led by renowned creators.”

In addition to your ongoing packages and retreats, limited or one time only packages can be very compelling as well. Think exciting and persuasive. A reason for people to stay and learn something new, especially in the off season.

Reading some of the workshops that Airbnb is offering made the creative side of my brain start to spin. Maybe it will with yours too.

One example: Portrait Photos with Brad Elterman.

“I’ll share my passion for photography and stories about working with pop culture icons while we snack on my favorite Italian (Neapolitan) food. You’ll learn how to photograph point-and-shoot style, and I’ll share my tips for getting chic and stylish shots. We’ll have a 1:1 portrait exchange and be treated to a special guest appearance. This is a one-time only experience.”

The fees from the classes offered through Airbnb are donated to charities designated by the individual teachers. Another compelling part of the package. One you may consider incorporating with one of your packages.

I found a very creative retreat package at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Wyoming. ‘Literature & The Landscape of the Horse-A Wyoming Writing & Riding Retreat.’

get creative with your B&B packages

Adventure awaits at the Vee-Bar Guest Ranch, Wyoming

Some crafts that were once popular are making a comeback. Like macramé and decoupage (both of which I had fun crafting back in the 70’s). Found this great article listing 15 craft comebacks. A fun read that may give you some additional ideas. 15 Vintage Crafts We Should Bring Back.

Macramé plant hangers from The Knot Studio

Then there are the food related workshops that continue to be forever popular. Foods people may not take the time to make at home but would love to learn from pros at your Inn. Donut making, pretzels (maybe paired with local beer) and the very trendy but delicious macarons.

In every community today there are coffee roasters. How about a workshop at your local coffee roaster that would include a talk on the origins of the coffee they import, growing methods, followed by a demonstration of roasting and grinding techniques then tastings. Fun! The Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. in the Massachusetts Berkshires offers a ‘Cupping Class’ that teaches just what I mentioned. One and one half hours, $75. per person. This class is just waiting for a B&B package.

Barrington Coffee Roasters ‘Cupping Class’

You probably have a favorite florist. Flower arranging is one of the oldest art forms. Maybe include a visit to a flower market. Arrange your own work of art to take home.

Hope this has inspired you to get creative with your B&B packages. Packages and workshops are all rolled into the category of experiential travel, transformational travel and just plain ol’ fun travel. To quote Airbnb, “turn your own ideas into reality”. Then share them with your guests.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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