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Holiday Treasures

Holiday Treasures “This is my favorite. Filled with ornaments from my childhood and our son’s first Christmas. (he made the Dixie cup)I love this little tree!” Marilyn Bushnell

Holiday Treasures wrapped with tissue paper (the paper maybe as old as the treasure). Put safely away for another year. They gather no dust, they rest well. Family treasures worth more than gold. Each item cherished with so many memories tied to them.

The following are The B&B Team’s holiday treasure remembrances that will hopefully bring a smile and add some cheer to your holiday season.

“I love lighting the menorahs that my children made when they were toddlers, amazing what happens at Saturday school at a synagogue! This is one of the seven menorahs we light every year. Had great jelly donuts last night, the first night of Hanukkah.” Linda Hayes

The treasure may be a tasty one. A recipe card with time honored splatters and finger prints.

Jelly donuts. Why a Hanukkah tradition? Interesting question. I found out that it goes back to the Middle Ages. The first recipe of the jelly donut was found in 1485. That IS a time-honored tradition. Read more about the Jelly Donut.

“Stockings hung by the chimney with care.”

“A picture from last year. Mine is the only stocking I have had since childhood.  We found a similar one for Scott in an antique store.  Many memories have filled my stocking, from the oranges, nuts and coins as a child to the chocolates that my cocker spaniel discovered as an adult!” Marilyn Bushnell

“My “Mooms” / “Oma” made needlepoint Christmas stockings for all her children and grandchildren. She was all about the joy and love.”  Eliot Dalton

This stocking was a gift to me the year I was born (which shall go unnamed) and has been a part of every Christmas ever since. There are so many traditions that I treasure but I know when I see the stocking… It really is Christmas! Rick Wolf

“One of our favorites is an Italian cookie jar in the shape of a Christmas tree. Eliot’s Mom used to fill it with cookies made from her mother’s recipes.” Tish Dalton

“A classic Rugelach (Jewish cookie) for Hanukkah, it is my favorite cookie to make. I made Latkes on the first night of Hanukkah”  Dana Moos

My note: For those who have never tasted rugelach. They are heavenly. Pastry dough rolled up with sweetness, either nuts and cinnamon, chocolate or my favorite, raspberry jam. Also, featured on the cover of bon appetit this month. Here is the recipe.

“My holiday treasure and family heirloom is a ceramic Christmas tree that my grandmother made and has been passed down to me.  It’s the first Christmas decoration to come out and last to be put away.” Julie Pankey

“I love this little Christmas tree because it was made by my son, Jason, when he was a small child. Possibly it could be my daughter Heather’s creation. It was a long time ago!”  Peggy Scherman


“My ‘favorite’ ornament is a manila Santa with arms and lags that move colored with crayons and with cotton glued on for beard that I made in kindergarten (a LONG time ago!). He has to hang around the back side of the tree because he’s pretty ratty, but I always enjoy putting him up.” Peter Scherman

My Note: I guess with a blended family of 5 kids those treasured memories can get turned around!

My story. One Christmas season, my sister and I asked my Dad to please decorate our front porch with lights. Every year our neighborhood was all lit up and our house was dark. Our Dad was not big on celebrations, and he kiddingly had a reputation as a Ba Humbug. He agreed to string the lights. One evening some friends were stopping by and my Dad wanted to show off his exterior illumination. We were treated to a display of one single light bulb. After our initial laughter (we knew his sense of humor) the strings were fully lit. Years later I was helping my Mom clean out the garage and I found this single bulb. I want to think that it was left behind by my Dad, who had passed away years earlier.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

…and a very happy holiday season to you all!

The B&B Team: Peter & Peggy Scherman, Rick and Janet Wolf, Marilyn Bushnell, Eliot & Tish Dalton, Dana Moos, Linda Hayes and Julie Pankey

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2 Responses to “Holiday Treasures”

  1. Merry Christmas !!! Happy Holidays
    I enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your treasure’s
    Thank you for sharing

    • Rick Wolf says:

      Thanks Diane, glad you enjoyed the blog. Wishing you Happy Holidays, a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

      Rick and all of the ‘Team’

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