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Blogging for Your B&B-6 Good Topics to Inspire You

Old cape cod sunset

Blogging for Your B&B-Cape Cod Beach Review from Palmer House Inn, Falmouth

I love it when I come across a good article I can share. Content that can inspire and educate. ‘Blogging Inspiration-12 post ideas to get guests clicking’. Got your attention? Many of The B&B Team’s clients often express angst when the subject of blogging is addressed. This blog on blogging will help relieve some of that angst and get you blogging with results.

I am going to list 6 blogging for your B&B topics. 6 from the twelve I believe are most relevant to the small lodging industry. Remember, it is all about giving people a compelling reason to visit your destination and your inn. The results? Your future guests clicking that ‘book now’ button.

1.      Do you know what listicle is? “…a neat easy-to-read format that allows you to use eye-catching numbered headlines. Example: ’10 things you might not know about (your destination)’ or ‘avoid the crowds:7 beaches locals love.” Sample blog from Palmer House Inn in Falmouth on Cape Cod. 2018 Cape Cod Beach Review.

2.      History and Legends. So many of our B&Bs are full of history and legends. Your website has a page about your history, right? Write a blog that expands on your history.  “If guests tend to know very little about your destination’s history, then see this as the perfect opportunity to teach them. You could also share local legends, including ghost stories, superstitions and fairytales. Learning about all this will give guests a fuller picture of your destination and make their stay extra special.”

3.      A guide to off-season in your destination. “In terms of content, think about the things you love about your destination in the off-season. Tell guests all about the kind of activities available to them, and if the weather is cooler, write about the cosiest places to warm up with a hot drink.” Sample blog from Wolf Cove Inn, Poland Maine. ‘5 Steps to Planning the Ideal Winter Getaway in Maine.’

Blogging for your B&B

Off-Season Reasons to Stay at the Wolf Cove Inn, Poland Maine

4.      Interests, passions and values. “Connect with like-minded guests who share in your values. For example, if your property is eco-friendly and uses solar panels or other conscious technology, tell your guests about it and why it’s so important to you and your business. Are you a keen gardener, serving up fresh produce from your garden in your hotel restaurant? Do you love to bake cakes for your guests? Showing personality and passion will endear you to bookers.” Note: People love to connect with people who are passionate! It’s catching.

5.      Local events. “When you write about local events, you increase the chances that guests already searching for these will find your blog – and therefore, your property. You could start each month by listing the coming events, and even write a longer, separate post for larger happenings like festivals, carnivals and national holidays.” Sample blog from Eden Vale Inn, Placerville CA. Celebrate All-Year-Long at These Awesome Placerville Events.

Blogging for your B&B

Eden Vale Inn-Wine, Music and Picnics. Your Events Adventure Starts Here

6.      Behind the scenes. “A lot of love, dedication and hard work goes into running your property. Give your guests a glimpse of what goes into making their stay special by going behind the scenes. One way to do this is to write a ‘Day in the Life’ post, where you talk about a typical day at your property.” Sample blog from Steeles Tavern Manor B&B and Alpine Hideaway Cottages in Steeles Tavern, VA. ‘What happens ‘behind the scenes at a Bed & Breakfast?’

Blogging for your B&B

Behind the Scenes with Innkeeper Melissa at Steeles Tavern Inn

No excuse now to put off your next blog. There is so much to share with your potential guests. Get out your pen and ink and create those reasons for them to ‘book now’, direct from your website!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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