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Guest Friendly Trends for 2019

guest friendly trends for 2019

Guest Friendly Trends for 2019

Guest friendly trends for 2019. The B&B Team has collectively stayed in 180 properties in 2018. We can add about 10-15 more for 2019. One can learn a lot travelling and overnighting in that many properties. We all pick up what is trending, what should be improved, and what innkeepers have done well. We also like to follow other hospitality consultants, read their newsletters and blogs. It is a great way to educate ourselves on what the hotel industry is trending towards.

Andrew Wood is a hospitality consultant, speaker, blogger and author that The B&B Team follows. He travels the world researching what is new and trending in the world of hospitality. He is smart and has a lot of knowledge to share.

“Eight rooms or eight hundred it doesn’t matter, in fact small independent hotels that don’t have to suffer weeks of brand approval by multiple people for every small marketing initiative have the advantage. It’s not about spending a fortune it’s about being smarter than your bigger competition!” Andrew Wood

Love this quote!

In a recent newsletter, Mr. Wood listed 10 HOT hotel trends for 2019. Some of these listed are trends that have been touted by The B&B Team multiple times over recent years but are worth revisiting. Mr. Wood’s list of trends were gathered from experiencing properties in the US and around the world.

Healthy Breakfast Options

This trend is ongoing and increasing in importance. It is all about giving your guests options. Don’t abandon your decadent breakfasts. You know that many guests look forward to a decadent travel treat. But lighter fare can be just as decadent and delish. Check out The B&B Team Pinterest board, B&B Breakfasts-Lighter Side. Consider offering lighter and healthier snacks in your guest rooms or guest pantry as well.

Dog Friendly

Another trend that is trending higher in importance. There are an increasing number of travelers that will opt out of travelling at all unless they can find quality lodging that accepts pets. If your Inn has rooms with outside entrances, these are the rooms to designate as pet friendly. Easy to clean floors and bed linens in case of accidents helps, you and your housekeepers. Here is a great example of Pet Friendly Policies from the Captain Jefferds Inn, Kennebunkport Maine.

Curiosity Pieces

Unusual indoor and outdoor décor pieces that draws attention and conversation, (but please, no old scary dolls). Out of the ordinary and fun is what you are looking for. Another Pinterest board to help your imagination run wild. Think Out of the Box Ideas.

Guest Friendly Trends-2019

Your Guests Pin Their Home

Personalized Greeting

Your reservation system should have reports to record guest preferences.  It is easy to find out what wine, local beer, favorite restaurant, local attraction a guest has consumed and visited. When they book a return visit, give them something from your intel that WOWS, with a personalized ‘thank you’ note. Treating your return guests well also includes cleaver reward programs.

Great example is The Iris Inn ‘Some Time Next Year Program.’

Reward Yourself with Great Rates on Your Next Visit to the Iris Inn

Make it a priority to schedule some regular getaway time with the Iris Inn’s ‘Some Time Next Year Program’, an exclusive offering for returning guests.

Why You’ll Love the Some Time Next Year Program

  • Holiday weeks are always booked at the best room pricing
  • The rest of the year, we’ll lock in your reservation with the lowest off-season rates. Guaranteed.
  • You will not be charged the cost of your room until next year.
  • Change your reservation with no penalty.
  • Enjoy personalized packages.
  • Choose your room and your return dates.
  • You automatically have your time together scheduled. So, you can plan around it.


Tapas and Small Plates

Much appreciated offerings for those guests who arrive late and can’t or prefer not to go out for a late dinner. Here is an example of Captain Fairfield Inn’s small plate add on offering. Always require 24 hour advance notice. A variety of price options from $12 to $45.

Guest Friendly Trends-2019

Small Plate Offerings

High Quality Sheets

Most Inns offer quality sheets, but many do not promote the brand they use. Do you love your sheets and towels? I bet your guests do too. Time to give your brand of choice a shout out on your website. And sell them!

guest freindly trends-2019

Comphy Sheets-guest friendly and oh so soft!

I will repeat what is worth repeating.  “It’s not about spending a fortune it’s about being smarter than your bigger competition.”

Hotels are continuing to chase trends that smaller lodging properties have historically been successful at. You do have the advantage in this race. Run with it.

The B&B Team® will be presenting a Spotlight Session at the upcoming 2019 Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace. Our subject, ‘How Guest Friendly is Your Property?’ Will you be attending? Join us on Monday, March 25th at 12 Noon. It’s about being a smarter innkeeper and education is the key.  Time & Place: Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio-March 25 through the 28th.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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