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Bed & Breakfast Wellness Packages-Beyond Spa

Bed & Brekafast Wellness packages

Bed & Breakfast Wellness Packages

“For many, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about health and wellbeing experiences is a spa treatment. For a long time, this type of wellness travel dominated the industry. However, as demand has grown, so has the variety of experiences available to tourists.” Julie Pankey

Julie Pankey is an affiliate of The B&B Team. This quote is from Julie’s AIHP Webinar. The Road to Wellness.

Even if you don’t have spa facilities at your Inn, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate wellness into your brand, your Inn.

1.       First let’s define what wellness tourism is.

‘All travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing’.

2.       Why should you consider incorporating wellness at your property?

Because it is a booming hospitality trend. The statistics prove it.

“An estimated 17 million travelers identify themselves as being ‘health and wellbeing’ focused, with 40% of them travelling regularly.” Julie Pankey

”Wellness tourists spend 130% more than the average tourist.” We all want to grow our business.

3.       What can you do?

The list is endless. Let’s break it down to a few suggestions. Based on Julie’s top ten.


As you escort your guests to their room, offer them your freshly steeped tea, infused water or a signature juice. All of which can be available to them in your inviting guest pantry.

bed & breakfast wellness packages

Upon arrival…Warm or chilled towels and a light refreshing juice. Ahh


The comfort of your beds is the first step to a successful night’s rest. A quality mattress, lux linens and pillow menu. From the first time your guests set eyes on their bed, they should want to jump into it and release a big satisfied sigh! Please, no multiple decorative pillows to remove, or heavy bedspread. A spa like look and feel is what your guests want.


Have a yoga mat, medicine ball, exercise bands as an addition to your room amenities. I love the idea of a Smart TV with on demand fitness programs. Guests that attend to a daily fitness regimen will certainly appreciate these additions. Much more convenient than a gym pass. The B&B Team has seen too many ‘gyms’ at B&Bs that have been neglected and are uninviting. If you have one of those either upgrade it or get rid of it! If it is not used it is wasted space.

bed & breakfast wellness packages

EVEN Hotels-Brooklyn NY Wellness Guestroom


Offering healthy lighter fare for your guests is a thoughtful way of saying, ‘we know you may prefer to eat healthy while you travel, we have your wants and needs in mind.

The B&B Team Pinterest board-B&B Breakfasts-Lighter Side


Properties with acreage can create hiking or simple walking trails. Perhaps with benches along the way for meditation or just connecting with the sounds of silence. Landscaped gardens with water  features are very soothing. Create your outdoor spaces with as much care and thought as you do with your guest rooms.

Bed & Breakfast Wellness Packages

This is where your creative juices and imagination come in. You have created a wonderful welcome, a great sleep experience with fitness room amenities, healthy breakfast choices and outdoor retreat. All of which can be enjoyed during their stay. Now it is time to create a compelling wellness package that incorporates all the above, one that encourages them to book.

To start, take one of your tried and true romance and/or girl’s getaway packages, add some wellness components, re name it and see how it flies.

I love one of Julie’s package title suggestions, ‘Unwind, Wine and Relax’.

A NYC hotel, The Benjamin, offers a ‘Rest & Renew’ package. You may get some inspiration from it.

So, sit down with your own glass of wine, unwind, relax, take out your favorite writing utensil and let your creative juices flow. Need some inspiration? Contact Julie Pankey for a consultation. Julie’s first consultation is always free and she is sure to give you some ‘food for thought’.

Remember, you can’t survive if you stay the same year after year. Up your game and see who comes to play. The booming wellness tourism trend is a great place to explore.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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