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Live, Love and Work in Maine

Live, Love and Work in Maine                            Nubble Lighthouse Photo by Sam Swan on Unsplash

We often hear people say , ‘Oh, you live in Maine, I have always wanted to visit Maine!’ Then there are many people that return year after year to experience their favorite places or seek new experiences and new places to visit and stay. We welcome them all!

Over the years the signs entering our state have welcomed visitors with a clear hospitable greeting. From ‘Vacationland’ to ‘The Way Life Should Be’ to the current sign, ‘Maine-Welcome Home’.

Maine Tourism Association is constantly revamping their strategy to generate new tourism customers. The focus in the future is to empathize Maine’s authentic brand. The state of Maine speaks to people’s vacation wants and needs. From active outdoor adventures to quiet getaways in a cozy bed and breakfast .

Live, Love and Work in Maine

Rocky Coast of Maine-Coastline Photo by Gibson Hurst™ on Unsplash

Maine has 8 regions, all with unique experiences attached. For example, here are just a few that come to people’s minds when they dream of Maine.

3.5 million acres of forested land. Unspoiled and preserved.

Hundreds of lakes, rivers and the mountains of western Maine.

Miles of craggy rocky shores and smooth sandy beaches in the south.

60 preserved lighthouses. We once had guests that came back each year and checked off a few lighthouse visits. Think of them often, hope they made all 60!

Vast number of off-shore islands. From the historically famous and frequently visited Monhegan Island to the Islands of Casco Bay.

The many small seaside and inland towns and our ‘big city’ of Portland (2018 Restaurant City of the Year)


Oh yes, then there is lobster to eat and moose to see in the wild. Maine’s own emojis!





Interest in Maine Inns for sale is strong. Many aspiring innkeepers that take our “Better Way to Learn Innkeeping ™” future Innkeeper workshops express interest in moving to Maine and purchasing an Inn. And why not! Maine hosted 37 million tourists in 2018 and many of that multiple million seek small unique lodging properties to stay in.

Our workshops produce a great source of buyers!  259 ‘Aspirers’ in 2018 and so far 182 already in 2019. People maybe like you who want to know more about Maine Innkeeping?  If so, we are here for you. Just give us a call!

Live, Love and Work in Maine

You want Maine? We got Maine

Are you looking for Maine inns for sale?

The B&B Team and Rick Wolf are here for you!  Rick has a long and dedicated history in the innkeeping industry over the past 20 years. As one who was the former owner and chef (ask him for his Hollandaise recipe!) of the Captain Fairfield Inn, Kennebunkport Maine, a broker in Maine since 2007, an educator, coach and consultant to hundreds of aspiring innkeepers, buyers and seller clients from coast to coast. Plus a strong supporter and conference speaker of our industry’s national and state associations since 1999.

One important point that The B&B Team likes to make is…”We don’t sell the dream; we help you live it.” To be more precise, Rick will not try to ‘sell’ you anything. He will help you buy, there is a big difference! The B&B Team’s Mission Statement:

“To help our clients reach their personal and financial goals in the Innkeeping industry.”

Plus, Rick will work with you after the purchase. It is very important for us and for our buyer clients that they succeed. Rick’s experience is vital when offering advice and counsel to new Innkeepers.

Rick Wolf is headquartered in Kennebunk Maine. Rick and I have lived, loved and worked in Maine for 20 wonderful years. He would love to share his passion for this industry and for the diversity that Maine offers and ‘welcome you home, to Maine’. Contact Rick Wolf by phone at 207-967-1995 or by email to discuss bed and breakfast inns for sale in Maine.

live, love and work in Maine

Live, Love and Work in Maine

To conclude this ode to Maine I want to quote Maine’s new Governor, Janet Mills.

“Maine is a great place to live, work and raise a family, it’s a great place to call home.”

“This sign is a simple, inclusive, and powerful message which our state will send to every family, business owner, and young person coming into our state – you are welcome here,” Mills said. “It is also a reminder of the love we all share for this great state as we ensure that Maine is a place of opportunity for all those hoping to create a better future for themselves and their family. To all of them I say, welcome home.”

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf (Rick’s wife and proud of it!)

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