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Unlock Your Passions as an Innkeeper


Innkeepers Passion

Unlock Your Passions as an Innkeeper

Are you an aspiring innkeeper that longs to express your passions? If so, you are on the right track. Innkeepers that express their passions and incorporate them into their Inns are the most successful. Why? Because people love to connect with people that are passionate about what they do. Period.

Last month Rick and I attended a ‘Regional Meet-Up’ in Boston hosted by AIHP and Airbnb. The goal was to gather small independent lodging properties and learn about AIHP and the benefits to you as a hospitality professional. Plus learn about Airbnb’s program for Innkeepers and Boutique Hotels. This program was launched this year. Read to learn more about Airbnb’s program.

Despite how you personally feel about Airbnb, no one can argue their success. Their reach is wide. Their effort to work with bed and breakfasts and Boutique Hotels is another step for them to increase their reach. You can use this program to your advantage as well. An opportunity to increase your distribution and reach a whole new audience. Above all, an opportunity to share your passions with a whole new audience.

One thing that is apparent when you look at some of the upscale, unique Airbnb properties is their ability to capture an audience of travelers. Travelers that are looking for a new experience. Something out of the ordinary. A place where passions are captured and are part of the experience.

What is your passion?

Is it design, art, cooking? Wellness? Outdoor activities? A special craft? Whatever it is, this expression can be what makes your Inn truly authentic and sets you apart from the average norm (and who wants to be average?)

Unlock your passions

Montauk Beach Bungalow-Passion for Design

Example One-Airbnb Modern Beach Bungalow, Montauk, New York

An interior designer that works with boutique hotels has designed a retreat that promotes the artists, manufacturers and makers he works with and loves. He and his wife have designed a ‘livable showroom of sorts.’ The bungalow expresses their passion for design, as a result it becomes a magnate for guests. The owners help promote their favorite design artists with a website where ‘guests can find guidance on where to buy nearly any of the decorative elements, from the wall paint , tables, and beds.’ Brilliant.

Unlock your passions

Susan has unlocked her passion!

Example Two-Farmers Guest House, Galena, Illinois

Innkeeper Susan Stefan is the Breakfast Diva. She has a passion for cooking, especially breakfast. “You may have seen Susan baking up a winning pie on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship. She takes her baking—and all her breakfast cooking—very seriously.” Susan and husband Don’s 150 year old Farmers Guest House in vibrant downtown Galena IL plus their unique eclectic décor and Susan’s divine breakfasts add up to one big passion and their magnet for guests seeking a new and authentic experience.

There are many more successful examples of passionate professional innkeepers and their Inns. It is a beautiful long list.

The B&B Team represents seller clients that are ready to retire and transfer their property to another generation of innkeepers. We have a nice long list as well, just over 50 properties across the US.

The B&B Team advises our buyer clients to look beyond the veneer of a property that may not be to their liking. For instance, if the décor is dated and the ‘vibe’ a bit tired and worn, this may not be a good enough reason to walk away. Does the location, the overall building condition, size and numbers work for you?  Then look at the property as an opportunity to unlock your passions as an innkeeper, look at it as a welcome mat that says, ‘make me your own.’ YOUR Inn where passions are captured and are part of the experience.

You may not be able to make the changes overnight, but every step towards capturing your passion at your Inn is a step to success. Today’s traveler is looking for unique, fresh, and new experiences. We see it in the success of unique Airbnb properties as well as the hundreds of successful inns owned and operated by independent hospitality professionals. Become part of this growing trend.

The B&B Team can guide you and help you find a property where you can unlock your passions as an innkeeper. Give us a call.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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