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Time to Honor Our Veterans

time to honor our veterans

Time to Honor Our Veterans

Veterans Day November 11, 2019

“It is important for us to honor these people who served and sacrificed for their country. But we should also remember that they were people, just like us. They enjoyed crazy adventures with high school friends. They had crushes, fell in love, and got married. Some even had children. They were people with special talents and many goals. Some wanted to be soldiers or pilots; others wanted to be doctors, nurses, or ministers. Some excelled at sports. Others liked fast cars or motorcycles. Some had children they cherished and missed when they were away. Others had children they never met. There are so many stories on The Wall — stories of people as diverse as our nation itself.”—Jan C. Scruggs, founder and president emeritus Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF)

I had a friend in High School, his name was Bob. He was drafted in 1967 and killed in action in Vietnam,1968. Like so many, he enjoyed crazy adventures with high school friends, he liked fast cars, James Bond movies and Seagram’s & 7. He fell in love with my best friend who loved him back.

I think of Bob often. He lives in my heart. There are so many more Bobs and Bettys who survived and came home from the wars. So many that live and serve today. Men and women in uniform, both past and present. Time to honor them all.

The B&Bs for Vets program is innkeepers’ opportunity to do just that.

We raise the flag; we go to parades and salute our local veterans marching down Main Street. But you can do more. You can offer at least one night stay at a B&B on or close to Veterans Day, free of charge to a veteran or active service member.

Please take the time to honor our veterans. Visit the B&Bs for Vets website and sign up to give back. For those innkeepers who have participated over the past years this program has existed. A very big THANK YOU.

NOTE: For those innkeepers in New England who take time off in November during ‘mud and stick’ season, you can still participate. Just find some dates that work for you before or after you reopen and sign up. You know veterans don’t mind getting muddy and may even help you pick up some sticks! For those who don’t know what ‘mud and stick’ season is. Read here.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf and the B&Bs for Vets Committee members.

Dallas and Nancy Renner, Kathleen Panek (Gillum House B&B), Donna Pearce (Admiral Peary Inn), Deb Dapson (Copper Moon Media) and Rob Fulton (CAE-CEO AIHP)

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