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What are GenZer Travelers Looking For?

what are genzer travelers looking for?

What are GenZer Travelers Looking For?

Now that we know all about millennials and what they want (?), let’s look at GenZers. Those ‘kids’ born from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. They are natives to the internet, technology and social media. Unlike many of us ‘new settlers’ who are still trying to figure out the territory!

 Priceline Generation Travel Index is a study of 1,503 Americans between the ages of 17 and 65 years old who reported traveling for vacation at least once in the last year. The survey pool was demographically representative of the United States. So…what are GenZer travelers looking for?

Here are my bullet points from the survey findings.

  • GenZers are thrill seekers vs relaxers.


what are GenZer traveler looking for?

Zipline Tours-Sunburst Adventures, Clarksville, GA     Stay at nearby Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa    Also Beechwood Inn, Clayton, North Mountains of Georgia


What are GenZer Travelers Looking for?

Mountain Biking in Montana    Stay at Gibson Mansion Bed & Breakfast  Missoula MT  Another Montana lodging choice, Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton


  • Are most likely to consider themselves to be “big spenders” when on vacation.


  • What they like to spend it on, food!
What are GenZer Travelers Looking for?

Tupelo Honey Asheville NC Southern Food Adventure      Stay a Albemarle Inn, 1889 White Gate Inn & Cottage , nearby Yellow House, Waynesville Bed & Breakfast – North Carolina Southern Hospitality B&Bs

What else are GenZers looking for?

  • They feel spontaneity and sustainability are more important than luxury hotels.


  • “Nearly two thirds (48 percent) Gen Z respondents report that photos to social media inspire them to travel, the most among all age groups.”


  • Free and strong Wi-Fi is very important


  • More than six in ten GenZers expect a complimentary breakfast.


What can you do with these findings?

  • Upsell your area’s ‘thrill seeker’ adventures. Create packages that would appeal to travelers seeking adventurous experiences. Using the focus keyphrase ‘thrill seeker’ in your marketing is recommended.


  • Upsell (with great photos) your fabulous breakfasts on your website and all social media channels you use, especially Instagram.


  • Create a website page of all the innovative restaurants in your area. Include reviews from guests and any additional reviews.


  • Blog often about the above.


  • With permission, take photos of GenZers at your Inn. In addition, if you have any reviews from them, put them up on your website.


In conclusion, include in your marketing any wellness packages you offer. After a vigorous outdoor thrill seeking day, coming back to a calm and relaxing wellness infused guest room. A massage or other spa treatment. Perfect! Those thrill seeker GenZers must relax sometime!

Adventures can be found in so many locations across our grand country for all generations of thrill seekers. Providing your guests with unique to your area experiences is what hospitality is all about.

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Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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