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Time to Declutter Your B&B

time to declutter your B&B

Time to Declutter Your B&B-The Five Box Rule

Did you know that the average home requires 40% less housework by eliminating clutter? Substitute ‘home’ for your B&B and you have something to think about.

This point and others are what I found in a blog by Grace Saunders, How to Declutter Your Home-The Ultimate Guide. Beside the very handy 5 box rule, Grace has many more helpful tips on how to plan your decluttering process. Worth a read for inspiration.

More from Grace:

“Cluttered and untidy environments create stress which results in unhealthy minds and bodies.”

“We spend the equivalent of around 12 days a year looking for things we can’t find.”

I believe these two points are incentive enough to start the decluttering process. Is it time for you to declutter your B&B?

In the hundreds of Inns that The B&B Team has closely worked with, we believe we can speak on the subject and give some advice as well. Here goes.

Paperwork Overload

time to declutter your B&B

Bright, clean, comfortable and clutter free!

Is your office organized and tidy? Make a commitment to go through those piles of papers you haven’t touched in months/years and throw them away. Chances are a large amount of the paper clutter is not necessary for your business. If they are, file them in the appropriate place. That goes for newspapers and magazines too.

Supplies in your owner’s quarters

Not the place for them. Your owner’s space is your sanctuary, or it should be. A place to relax and clear your mind. Staring at large boxes of toilet paper and/or files that should be in your office will only cause you stress.

Basements and Attics

time to declutter your B&B

There are two compelling reasons to declutter these spaces.  One, for your own peace of mind and two, for your exit strategy.

Prospective buyers on initial visits to inns for sale view unorganized and cluttered storage spaces as a real deterrent. They are thinking…‘What else will I find lurking behind that heap of abandoned broken furniture and old computers and printers?’ Clean and declutter your basement/storage spaces NOW so your future prospective buyers will say WOW.

FYI…Wood, upholstered furniture, area rugs, mattresses in a damp basement are susceptible to moisture damage which results in mold growth.

Start with these three areas. Office, owner’s quarters and storage spaces. The commitment to tackle these spaces is paramount. If you aren’t committed, you won’t get good results.

“Every time you clear a space, you are clearing your mind.” Grace Saunders

Thanks for Listening,

Look forward to my next blog about decluttering your guest rooms. With some great before and after photos.

Janet Wolf

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