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Asheville NC-Great Place to Live and Work

Asheville NC-Great Place to Live and Work

Looking to become an entrepreneur in the hospitality business? Need a change in your lifestyle? Want to live in a wonderful town? Asheville NC may be the perfect place to restart your life.

Asheville is on many travelers must-visit lists.

As a result, cultural attractions have flourished and the food scene as well. This also benefits the residents. Galleries, art studios and museums are all available within a half-mile radius of the downtown area. The widely popular historic Biltmore Estate draws visitors year round. Walk the sidewalks and there is a vibrancy that surrounds you, impromptu music performers and new restaurants popping up so frequently it will take a year or more to test them all. Just one example…

Asheville NC-Great Place to Live & Work

Ben’s Tune-up-Beer & Sake Garden…”fun and truly unique local spot”


Asheville is known as the ‘Land of the Sky’.

Look upwards, the mountain views and the vast sky refresh your senses. The panoramic vistas of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular. Just another reason to choose Asheville.

Asheville NC-Great Place to Live and Work

Asheville-‘Land of the Sky’

Those who move to Asheville comment on the overall friendliness.

When people live and work in a place they love, it makes it easy to be welcoming and friendly. 2019 Top 100 Best Places to Live.

Asheville is very outdoor friendly. There are no unpleasant seasons. Summer and autumn are the most popular for tourists, but the winters are mild as well. An occasional snow blankets the area. The downtown remains sheltered from the coldest winter temperatures. In fact, the Weather Channel named Asheville on of ‘America’s Safest Weather Cities’. They got that goin’ for them!

Asheville NC-Great Place to Live and Work…so many reasons why!

The B&B Team represents some wonderful B&Bs for sale in Asheville and the surrounding area. A strong destination location with a strong marketing organization is where you want to be in the hospitality business. Here is our listing in Asheville. A magnificent property with grandeur and historic elegance.


Contact The B&B Team, we are here to help you through the process of purchasing your dream property, in a place you want to live and work! In addition, we have new listings of inns for sale in close proximity to Asheville in western North Carolina.

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One Response to “Asheville NC-Great Place to Live and Work”

  1. Harriet says:

    Asheville was always on my must-visit list and when I finally went there it lived up to all my expectations

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