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Manitou Springs Colorado-Wild West Tamed

Manitou Springs Colorado

Manitou Springs Colorado

There are still some things wild about the wild west. In other words, the same attractions that attracted the early Native Americans and settlers in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado are the attractions that draw today’s travel explorers. Lets’ take a walk on the wild side.

“The riding trails at the Old Stage Riding Stables provide you with views of deep forest to panoramic mountain overlooks, of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a beautiful adventure over trails of western beauty where you may see deer, elk, wild turkey, or fox.”


Manitou Springs Colorado

Old Stage Riding Stable Tours


 Some of us may prefer a bit more comfort in our travel explorations.

Instead of exploring on horseback or an overland open stagecoach, how about a jeep? Tours of the rugged landscape of Pike National Forest explored by jeep are available, customized as well as group tours. Cowboy guides take the lead and bring you back to the past wild west with tales, true or embellished!

Manitou Springs Colorado

Jeep Tours


Manitou Springs Colorado is located at the foot of Pikes Peak.

A prime jumping off location to explore the Pikes Peak Region in your preferred transportation choice. And yes, there are springs in Manitou Springs. American Natives considered the land around the water sacred and the natural carbonation in the water the “Breath of the Great Spirit, Manitou.”

I like how Lonely Planet describes them:

“Manitou got its name from the numerous mineral springs that bubble up from limestone aquifers along Manitou Ave. In some cases, it’s believed that the water is as much as 20,000 years old. Many, such as Shoshone and Cheyenne, have sipping fountains where you can sample the distinctive-tasting (OK, it’s not San Pellegrino) carbonated water.”

Staying in the heart of the town is the best way to experience Manitou Springs Colorado.

The Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast is just the place.  “Situated right on the main street in Manitou Springs. Shops, breweries, restaurants and more are right within an easy walk a couple of blocks in either direction.” Garden of the Gods is just a skip away, as is the drive up Pike’s Peak. 


Pikes Peak Area B&B for sale


The Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast provides lodging in Manitou Springs and was built in 1886 during the Pikes Peak or Bust era of Colorado history. This Queen Ann-style Victorian house was originally a two-story building that was run as a boarding house for roughly 50 years. In 1938 a third story was added. Formerly known as Gray’s Avenue Hotel, the establishment became a bed and breakfast in 1984. It was Manitou’s first bed and breakfast.

The wildness may have been tamed but there is a lot of fun exploring to be had along the main business district.

The establishment of the National Historic District in the 1970’s gave the unique Victorian western influenced buildings a fresh face. Plus the many natural springs were revived during this era. The resort town of Manitou Springs is alive and thriving. The shops range from a retro penny arcade to art galleries featuring local western influenced art. Restaurants are numerous and varied. Reviewers mention their leisurely hours exploring of downtown with refreshing stops ‘taking the waters’ and dining.

The B&B Team is offering this Pikes Peak area B&B for sale. Looking to live and own a business in a western mountain historic town? Not only a very business friendly town but a town with a lot of historic character and dedication to its legendary past. The western resort town of Manitou Springs Colorado awaits your visit.

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Janet Wolf


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