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Pet Friendly Adventures

Pet Friendly Adventures     Photo by Leio McLaren

Experiential travel has been the buzz trend for about a decade. Enticing packages and itineraries that provide your guests with new, unique and authentic travel experiences.

Have you thought of offering pet friendly adventures for your human and furry guests to enjoy together?

“Ultimately, our dogs just want to spend time with us, and taking your dog on new adventures is a great way to make sure you take yourself on new adventures.” Lauren Fern Watt. blog

If you are pet friendly at your Inn, you know there is extra work for your staff and you. But you also know there are substantial advantages.

More and more travelers prefer to travel with their pets. They feel grateful for a quality place to stay with their four-legged family members. And they are more than willing to pay for this added value.

Added value can involve a variety of pet friendly offerings.

Logoed bowels. Homemade dog biscuits. Pet sitters (which they willingly pay extra for). Plus an information sheet that shows where people can walk their dogs, as well as a list of pet stores. But wait, there is so much more.

How about adding a pet friendly adventures package to that list?

Does your area have wide open spaces where their dog can run off leash? Lakes or beaches where dogs can swim and slash around freely? Nearby dog friendly hiking trails? If the answer is yes, I see a pet friendly adventures package in the making.

Suggestion: Use the term ‘dog paradise’ in your package title.

pet freindly adventures

Dogs love home made pet friendly ice cream

Another idea came to mind.

Seattle Washington has a food truck, The Seattle Barkery. (What a brilliant niche market that is!) They conveniently park in off-leash and designated dog play parks. Cookies, cupcakes, donuts, you name it, all deliciously packaged.

I know there are many yummy dog treat recipes. How about offering cooking classes for your pet loving guests. Rachel Ray In Season has 30 pet friendly recipes in this article. Including ice cream!

In addition, do any of you offer pet birthday parties at your Inn? Some ideas.

For more ideas and inspiration. Read Lonely Planet’s article ‘Best dog-friendly adventures around the United States.’

Dig Deep for Pet Friendly Adventures    Photo by Janusz Maniak

When creating experiential packages for your guests, let your imagination run ‘off leash’. There is so much information and opportunity out there. A little digging can open a world of pet friendly adventures.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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