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Own an Inn in the Big Sky State of Montana

state of Montana

Big Sky State of Montana-Image by David Mork from Pixaby

The B&B Team will often tell our aspiring innkeeper clients that owning your own Inn business may be a great opportunity to choose where you want to live. A location where you want to live, work and play.

Have you thought of the Big Sky State of Montana as a choice?

Benefits of Living

  • Cost of living. Living in Montana is rather affordable in comparison with other states.
  • Climate: 4 seasons.
  • Low population density.
  • Much unspoiled land and beautiful nature.
  • Low taxes.
  • Little traffic.

Plus, those big blue skies seen from almost everywhere in the state. The Big Sky State is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors to Montana come for many reasons and the outdoors is top of the list. That is where the four seasons come into play. In spring the waters on the rivers are rapid and challenging for rafting. The Rocky Mountains loom large for climbing and Glacier National Park for spotting wildlife and fly fishing. This just scratches the surface for the adventures the Big Sky State of Montana offers.


But visitors must leave and go home. You have the opportunity to stay and make this state your home.

Become the innkeeper and hotelier of a legendary landmark. Location? This historic Montana hotel for sale is the grand cornerstone in a small town on the Upper Missouri. Known as the birthplace of Montana.

big sky state of Montana

Big Sky State of Montana Historic Hotel for Sale

The brick hotel, built in 1882 enjoys 26 completely modern guest rooms with full baths on 3 floors. This property can truly boast that it sits on what is known as the “bloodiest corner in the West!” In the late 1800’s, cowboys routinely had drunken quarrels that were settled with a shootout in front of the hotel. In fact, the street-view rooms were the premium rooms, as those guests could have a good view of the action. A large balcony was a gathering place to watch the shootouts!

The historical restoration of the hotel is magnificent. The details are spot on. You feel like you are experiencing Montana’s late 1800’s era, without the wild shoot outs! Yet with modern luxury guest rooms and a top rated restaurant and bar, or should I say saloon. Learn more about the town and the hotel.


Montana is full of interesting and vibrant cities to call home.

Looking for a smaller B&B yet financially viable business? Consider a grand Victorian mansion built in 1903 by distinguished and prolific architect, A.J. Gibson. This beautiful Inn is also magnificently restored.

The University of Montana city location is an ideal place to call home.  Mountains encase the valley, laying the perfect backdrop for three major rivers to wind gracefully through the heart of the city. In the city yet surrounded by acres of lush forest and the glorious Big Sky overhead.

If you are seeking to own your own business in a quieter, less crowded state with idyllic surroundings of unspoiled land and beautiful nature. Montana may be a good place to consider calling home. Give us a call, we can help your journey.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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