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How to Grow Your B&B Business

how to grow your B&B business

How to Grow Your B&B Business-Innkeepers and Allied Partners Enjoying the Recent Conference

We all recently lost a giant in our industry. Mary White. In 1998 she created BnBFinder. It became one of the leading bed & breakfast directories. Over the years Mary enjoyed working with new and seasoned innkeepers. She helped thousands of innkeepers market their inns. She also enjoyed sharing her knowledge at countless national and regional innkeeping conferences.

Grow Your B&B Business

Mary White-At work at what she loved

In 2008 Mary decided to tackle a huge project. Writing a ‘dummies’ book to further educate, as a first step, aspiring innkeepers. Also educating seasoned innkeepers. Published in 2009, ‘Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies’ is still a reliable reference book for the B&B industry.

grow your B&B Business

Mary was passionate about education, as are we at The B&B Team. To be successful in any business, one must consistently seek new information that is readily available to you.


If you don’t understand how important continuing education is, you and your business will become stagnant. As a result, you will be in a much better position for burn out.


Mary’s words from ‘Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies’ Chapter 15:

“Your Inn is always developing and maturing. Just because your business is up and running doesn’t mean that you don’t need help and support, or that you don’t have questions. If you want to continue to grow your B&B business (and I hope you do!), this chapter will help you.”

Fact: The best innkeepers in our industry attend conferences regularly.

Grow your B&B business

We hear all kinds of excuses from innkeepers on why they can’t attend confernces. One is the expense. Stop right there!

Attending conferences is not an expense, it is an investment.

In your chart of accounts you should have a line item for business trips. Budget the ‘investment’ expense for conferences.

“Listen to the excuses of truly successful people and one thing will stand out: They don’t make any. Rather, they own their choices and take full responsibility for the results they create, what they do and what they don’t.” Motivational Author & Speaker Margie Warrell

Another excuse. ‘The national conferences are scheduled in my busiest time of year.’ That can be an issue. But there is no right time of year for everyone. Hiring someone to run your business for 3 to 4 days is well worth the investment. Check out Interim Innkeepers Network.  Quote from their website.

“Whether you need to attend a business related meeting/convention, a special family event or just need to get away to recharge, our members are ready to step in.”

More wise words from Mary:

“There is not another industry that I can think of like the B&B industry-where owners pour their hearts, energy, and resources into it with so much intensity. Eventually you may reach a point where you ask yourself, Can I keep doing this? If you’re at this point, you’re not alone.

To resolve your feelings, I urge you to attend an innkeeping conference. The energy, ideas, and optimism are contagious. Speaking with other innkeepers at a time like this can provide the renewed energy that turns you back around.”

grow your B&b business

How to Grow Your B&B Business-Attend ALP-Association of Lodging Professionals Conference & Marketplace. Baltimore Hilton-Inner Harbor MD.

Mark your calendars and make no excuses in 2021. Take the time and effort to help grow your B&B business. Network with your successful innkeeper peers and have fun too! I guarantee you will.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Read more about Mary White and her life’s impact with testimonials from her friends in the industry, her lifelong personal friends and family. You will be inspired.

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