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Let there always be A Good Table in your life

A Good Table


It was 10 years ago that we posted this beautiful poem in a blog. It was written by a friend who wrote it for a couple’s wedding celebration. Today this message of bringing friends and family together at ‘a good table’ is very timely.  As innkeepers you are missing the experience of guests enjoying your good table. You are also missing your family and friends who are distanced from your life. Please take a moment to read this poem.

“A Good Table

Beginning tonight, let there always be a good table for you both to gather around.

Let it host friends and family.

Let it present birthday cakes, Thanksgiving Turkey, everyday meals, leftovers, your new best efforts and your burnt best efforts.

Let milk spill.  Let fists pound. Let hands unite in prayer.  Let the wax of candles drip.  Let the rings of beer bottles multiply.  Let the day’s trivial gossip and life’s great questions speak freely.  Let others bore you to tears.

Let the sturdy legs and a strong surface absorb frustration, pain, uncertainty, and fear. Let it be the stage to let it all out on…then, let it be the foundation to build from.

Let date nights, late nights, anniversaries, picnics, pizza, salad bowls, super bowls, chowda, chili, ice cream and cake bring you together. Let your focus, for just a moment, be on the person next to you or across from you.  Let the rest of life wait until you’re finished.

Let this table take some responsibility off of your love for each other.  Let there always be a good table in your life.

No matter what distance or disturbance may exist in your life, let the table be a bridge or a barrier.  Let it be a functional bond.

Let that Good Table bring you both together.

Thanks Finn for allowing me to share your words once again.  My message to you all is that once this crisis is over, you will once again charge through your busy days as Innkeepers, taking care of your guests and your business.  But for now, take care of yourselves, stay safe.  And yes, you will once again enjoy A Good Table in your life.

Ironically I went home this evening and sat down to look at my May 2020 edition of Food & Wine. Hunter Lewis in his Editor’s Letter had a similar message.

“When this pandemic subsides, the world will need us at the table-at hotels, bars, and neighborhood restaurants-sharing our cultures, more than ever. Until then, look after one another, and cook something good tonight.”

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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