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Blogging to Be Seen and Heard for Your Bed and Breakfast

Blogging to be Seen and Heard for your Bed and Breakfast

We all want to be recognized for who we are.  Blogging for your bed and breakfast helps you to be seen and heard out there in the internet ether.

“As a small business, your content strategy is the key to getting yourself seen. It drives traffic to your site, increases conversions, and strengthens your brand.” Marketing Insider Group

As a small hospitality business owner, YOU know the top attributes of your property (your brand) and your location. Blogging can be one of the key platforms to inform the rest of the world the who, what and where you are.

Some quick down and dirty tips from Marketing Insider Group.

  • Speak directly to the area and community in which you do business. Create content specific to them.
  • Do not focus on text length for SEO. Figure out what works best for you and your readers.
  • Keep your content fresh, current, and relevant.
  • Enhance the visibility of your images in organic search with image SEO.
  • Optimize your blog posts for featured snippets. These can give you quick wins (and traffic) from the SERPs.

What is SERPs? Search Engine Result Pages.

The first bullet. For a local retail store you would write for the community. You are writing your blog for the large traveling public. You would create informative content that would include everything from a popular activity or event to your new culinary offerings. Quoting guest reviews on these subjects would also be helpful. In addition, writing about your inn’s improvements, fresh decor can be interesting to your returning as well as future guests.

The second bullet refers to the length of your blog. At minimum, blog posts should have 300+ words. 1,000 is a good goal for maximum number of words. A longer post may be good for Google, but your readers may opt out if your blog is too wordy.

Third bullet. Blogging two to three times a month with current information helps your SEO and keeps it fresh. Some ‘experts’ recommend two to three times a week. First, innkeepers do not have that kind of time. Second, too many blog posts can become irrelevant and you want relevant content for your readers and future guests.

Fourth bullet. Tag your photos. Here is some good information about the use of photos in your blogs.

Fifth bullet. Refer to the Marketing Insider Group blog to help explain this one!

If this information is still confusing and a blur, you can get help in blogging for your bed and breakfast.

On The B&B Team’s WordPress platform we have Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. It has been a tremendous help for me in the blog writing learning process. Talk to your website designer/marketer for help and information on Yoast.

Hope this information helps. The main takeaway, blogging for your bed and breakfast helps your SEO with fresh content on your website. Fresh and organic is good for your breakfasts, also for your website.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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