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Two B&B’s–Among the Chosen Few

March 31st, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Lucilles Mountain Top Inn

Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa-On Top of the World

In a recent blog entitled ‘15 Amazing B&B’s Worth a Plane Ticket’ by Paul Lee Cannon for, Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa and the Inn of the Turquoise Bear were among the ‘amazing’ B&B’s mentioned. Congratulations! All you innkeepers out there know how wonderful this is to be selected for articles like this.

These two B&B’s-among the chosen few truly stand out amidst the 15 and  The B&B Team knows something about their history and success.

Scott Bushnell, Bushnell & Bushnell Services, affiliates of The B&B Team recently sold Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa to Charlie and Chuck Anderson. They were thrilled with being among a group of exemplary Inns and expressed their gratitude so graciously to the past innkeepers.

“LOOK WHAT WE GOT!!! …there’s no way Lucille’s could be what it is today without all of your dedication and hard work before we showed up.  Thanks again for giving us such a good foundation to build upon.”

The previous owners, Jim Matthews and Jerry Morris worked hard to turn the property around and create most of what you see today. But, quoted Scott: “The Andersons are taking it even higher in performance and reaping oodles of additional accolades.”


Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn

Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn is truly on top of the world in many ways. A true retreat needs an amazing location. Picture ‘360-degrees of ethereally blue mountains towering over acres of lush forest of in the North Georgia Mountains.’ A quaint mountain village and nearby outdoor adventures complete the package.  Then of course there is the Inn. Spacious rooms with quality amenities are delivered.  Then there is the Spa, a great way to start or end your day at Lucille’s.

Peter and Rick were consultants to Dan Clark and David Solem in the 2014 transfer of ownership of the Inn of the Turquoise Bear. The Inn is just what you would picture a Santa Fe historical rambling adobe estate should be. Dan and David’s goal was to: “Rekindle the comfort, creativity and hospitality for which this home was renowned in the past and provide our guests with a unique, restorative experience that captures the essence of Santa Fe’s past and present.” And they have done just that!

Inn of the Turquoise Bear

Inn of the Turquoise Bear

Inn of the Turquoise Bear Patio

Inn of the Turquoise Bear Patio

The B&B Team was thrilled to see many new and aspiring innkeepers like Charlie and Chuck and Dan and David on the list of attendees at the upcoming Association of Independent Innkeepers (AIHP) 2016 Knowledge Sharing Summit and Marketplace in Nashville, April 4-6.


Want to learn the latest in innovation to ensure your success in the bed and breakfast and independent lodging industry? Then you have found your home.

To quote Neil Patel, one of my favorite marketing gurus and a speaker at the conference (:

“Get out of your shell and go to events! Obviously, you go primarily to learn, but a huge secondary result can be the relationships you come back with. Events are a great way to meet other people in your industry and explore opportunities to work together.”

So congratulations to all the innkeepers old and new who will be attending. The B&B Team is sooo looking forward to meeting and re connecting with you all at the conference in Nashville.

As you can see Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn & Spa and the Inn of the Turquoise Bear are examples of B&B’s at the top of their game but smart innkeepers know that to stay on top you must keep learning, stay connected and above all…have fun!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

2016 The Year of the Entrepreneur/Innkeeper

December 29th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

New Innkeepers/Entrepreneurs and seminar graduates Amanda and Joe The Villa at Saugerties


The phone rings, and we answer… How may I help you? “Well…I would like some information on the So ‘n So Inn you have listed on The B&B Team website”. Thus the conversation starts and the journey begins. “For would-be entrepreneurs, sometimes the hardest part about starting a business is taking that first step.” From a recent article “Why 2016 Is the Year of the Entrepreneur” by Paul Sisolak.

I agree with this statement 100%, and making that call to The B&B Team is a smart first step.

The theme of Mr. Sisolak’s article focuses on the need for fiscal responsibility for the “would-be entrepreneurs.” Tip #1 was the need for creating long term wealth. The article gives great advice on how to conserve spending and create future wealth.  The buyers we have worked with that have the strongest buying power have done just that. They are in a position of strength because they have focused on long term financial goals. As a result they have more options in what they can consider to purchase and where!

In The B&B Team’s extensive experience, when we see strong buyers come to us, they come with a good credit score, assets and often times, retirement savings. They have planned and are in control of their financial resources and are now seeking advice on how best to put it to use for their future life as innkeepers.

Aside from the financial (but not underestimating its importance), is the personal side of making that first step.

“2016 is the year to break free from mediocrity and society’s norms. Now is time to quit your 9-5 job and become an entrepreneur. Start becoming the true you and create the lifestyle you are destined for.” Josh Felber, a serial entrepreneur and high performance coach.

Pretty bold statement! Depending on the circumstances, we often suggest that a good position to be in is jobless and homeless!  Why? Because you are ready, willing and able.

There must be an excitement and positive anticipation for pursuing any new venture. Focus on that initial excitement and passion; that is what gives you the incentive to move forward. Then ask yourself these initial questions.

  • Are you willing to take that chance, believe in yourself and be willing to learn new skills?
  • Do you have confidence that your past successes and your ability to create wealth CAN transfer towards a successful entrepreneur/innkeeping career and lifestyle?

The B&B Team can help you decide if innkeeping is the right choice for you. If you have the passion we can help guide you to achieve your financial goals. They both go hand in hand.

After that first phone call, our next piece of advice is to attend one of our “Better Way to Learn innkeeping™” aspiring innkeeper seminars. The wealth of information in our seminars is tremendous. No muffin recipes, just the facts Jack! The kind of information you need to help you make the decision to move forward or…step back.

Take a look at The B&B Team’s 2016 Seminar Schedule and make that first step, your inner would-be entrepreneur is calling you.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Community Involvement is Good for You

October 1st, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Community involvement

“British Invasion,” aka, Stowe’s kick-off for the Fall Foliage Season. The chef of Brass Lantern Inn (George is on the left) on bratwurst cooking duties for the Stowe Rotary. Fun, fun weekend with my friends here, Brydon and Jen!

Do you remember as a kid your parents would tell you to ‘Go outside and play’. Especially if you appeared antsy or bored or were driving them nuts!  Well the same advice is true for Innkeepers. ‘Get out of the Inn, take a break, go play’.

In our ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminars for aspiring innkeepers we have a section titled; ‘Community’. One of the points we make is that some innkeepers have a tendency to stay cloistered within the property confines. Not good…for you, your community …or the guests.

One way of taking that break is by getting involved with your community. Some of The B&B Team’s graduate aspirers that went on to become innkeepers have taken our advice. I would like to tell you about one of them. George and Maryanne Lewis bought the Brass Lantern Inn in Stowe Vermont a few years ago. They are about ready to celebrate their 5th year. I had a conversation with George the other day and the subject of community involvement came up. Bingo! A blog idea. An email interview followed and here are the results.

How has your community involvement helped you and Maryanne to connect to the community?

The obvious one is that as the latest “flatlanders” to invade this area, our community involvement has allowed us to make friends quickly and establish some wonderful social connections to the town of Stowe.  And through these connections we can’t help but feel that we have also formed some positive and productive alliances related to our business connection to other businesses here in Stowe.  From the simple things like finding a trustworthy plumber (critical in a ca. mid-1800 brick farmhouse now fitted out with 11 bathrooms), to establishing contacts with local/regional bankers to help us grow our business; all of this is made possible through the face to face networking of our community involvement.”

 “Perhaps because we live in a small town of only 4,500 residents, and due to our community involvement, I see and greet at least one or two people I know each time I am at the Post Office.  And this is from living here less than 5 years.  Sounds simple, but knowing people in this town, helps us feel connected and provides us with a sense of belonging in our new hometown….”

Has your involvement helped your business in the sense that more locals know about the Brass Lantern Inn and may recommend the Inn to others?

“Yes, we have definitely seen some room reservations through our local connections.  Just a few examples;  A Rotary friend who is also the CEO of a major Medical Center in the area has had several business visitors/clients stay with us.  Word of mouth through the neighborhood has provided us with many, many full weekends of the friends and family of the Bride or Groom side for weddings.  Very cool, as we get the “full house” business benefits of the wedding without having to host the wedding itself!!”

Feel free to add anything that comes to mind, a personal story or a specific event related to your involvement.

“Of course you do have to be careful with how much you put yourself out there in the community and offering of yourself as a volunteer.  For me personally I find it hard to say, “no,” to a call for volunteers or to either lead or be part of a community based Committee or Board of Directors.  There have certainly been some points along the path in this relationship of volunteering and community involvement where I realized I may have overextended myself but have no alternative than to trust in my new friends for support and put my head down and work through it.”

 “Ultimately, I think it is critical to our business survival and long term enjoyment of this area to be connected to our community.  Wherever we have called home I realize that the best way to feel that you are in a different place (and hence why did you move here?….) is to become part of the fabric of the community.  We have been so very fortunate to have had this opportunity in each of our past and present home bases to connect with some amazing people and make some new friendships.  I can’t imagine anything more rewarding and satisfying than the richness of relationships!”

 “And finally – The B&B Team reinforced much of this and more in an amazing weekend in Kennebunkport many years ago!  I constantly tell those we host that give us the ole, “you know, we always thought about being Innkeepers”, the advice that you need is… to do your homework. The B&B Team makes dreams come true but I also believe you do a wonderful job of making sure people go into this adventure with eyes wide open!  And as the song goes, “future so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

Stowe Vermont community involvement

Put your sunglasses on. Stowe Vermont autumn gold.

Thank you so much George. I could not have communicated my point any better. (I love it when people write my blogs for me!)

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Shoreham Inn-Vermont Way to Stay

October 17th, 2013 by Janet Wolf

Mill at Sunset

Sunset on the southern shore of Lake Champlain minutes from The Shoreham Inn


The Shoreham Inn is a true Vermont Way to Stay. An Inn with a location and thriving business worth a visit. In our “Better Way to Learn Innkeeping” aspiring seminars, we ask our attendees what area of the country they would like their inn to be located in.  The B&B Team believes aspiring innkeepers should focus on the location they believe they would want to live and work. It is a very important component of their search process.

For many aspirers New England and especially Vermont is a location on their list of places to explore. The Green Mountain state has long been known for country inn hospitality. More reasons for owning a business in Vermont is that it has been named the ‘second most peaceful place to live’ in the US as well as the healthiest state in the US four years in a row.

Once you have identified an area then you can start identifying some properties.  Shoreham Vermont is a classic Vermont town surrounded by vistas of century old dairy farms and orchards. Shoreham is known as the ‘Heart of the Land of Milk and Honey’. And this is pretty literal. The area is famous for its apple orchards (with bees) and pastures of grazing sheep and cows (milk). Shoreham has one of the oldest and most picturesque apple orchards in Vermont, Champlain Orchards. It is also home to several growing businesses. Tata Harper Skin Care and Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey. Middlebury is 15 minutes from Shoreham, home of Middlebury College. A highly rated liberal arts college with its own ski area, small but a tremendous value.

The beauty and simplicity of Shoreham and surrounding area is truly a location to fall in love with. Set near the southern shore of Lake Champlain with the Green Mountains to the east and the skyline of the Adirondacks rising over the lake to the west as a backdrop. Travelers flock to this area for all the reasons stated here. Cyclists especially love to explore the challenging roads and vistas.

Cyclist and travel writer Jeff Katz for the Boston Globe

Cyclist and travel writer Jeff Katz for the Boston Globe












There is a classic country inn for sale right in the middle of it all. The Shoreham Inn has ‘retained its fine country feel and essential 1790 Vermont character while adding those comforts and amenities that make our stay special. The dining room, with its exposed beams and open fireplace, exudes warmth and charm and sets the friendly atmosphere for delicious home-cooked meals.’ These accolades and many more have been written about the Shoreham Inn Vermont.

Shoreham Inn Vermont

Shoreham Inn patio outside a suite

Unlike many buildings that have been converted into country inns, the Shoreham Inn has been welcoming guests for over 200 years! Talk about hospitality, if walls could talk. But lets’ talk about the present Shoreham Inn. The walls today are filled with guests enjoying great food and beverage in the ‘Gastropub’ and great comfort and modern amenities in their 10 guest rooms which include 3 contemporary loft style suites.

The total view looks pretty good here. Great state, great area and great town. Add a thriving full service country inn business to this view and you get the Shoreham Inn & Pub. New innkeepers can take an established and growing business and make it their own while enjoying a vibrant community and much sought after Vermont lifestyle. A great quote from the current innkeeper…”Vermont and Addison County is particular is a true melding of committed outsiders with diverse tastes and excitement for this beautiful place, and long, long term locals, also diverse, enthusiastic in their own ways and happy to live where they do.” They know because they are a part of the community and welcome these diverse folks to their pub frequently. Not just customers but friends.

Shoreham Inn near Lake Champlaine for sale

Fall colors surround The Shoreham Inn

Thanks for listening,

Janet Wolf


An Innkeeper’s Journey

November 29th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

The B&B Team loves to hear from our Better Way to Learn Innkeeping Seminar graduates. Especially when they have made the journey from aspiring to real time! We got an email from Yoshio and Diane Endo, new innkeepers of The Inn at Ormsby Hill in Manchester Vermont that tells a great story. One year from Seminar week-end to paper cup. Paper cup?…read on.

Hi to The B&B Team,

It’s been a year of wild and exciting events since we took the Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar in Kennebunkport in November 2011. Follow our exciting time line:

November – Wow we are the oldest couple at the seminar…Anders Greta Lisa this is not a retirement business, Rick says.

December – Put Hawaii condo on the market and we will use proceeds of the sale for down payment on a B&B.Aloha

January – Sold! It took 37 days and 55 showings.

February – Our first search took us to the Berkshires and Southern Vermont. Think we found one.Flight

March – Financial due diligence and letter of intention sent to seller.

April – Purchase and sale agreement signed by both parties.

May – Inspection, inspection, inspection.B´elton John

June – Bank financing. It’s not over until the fat lady sings…

July – The sellers served breakfast and did check-outs in the morning. We came in the afternoon and did check-ins and served breakfast the next morning. We’re innkeepers!

August – Central air conditioner failure in 90 degree weather…quick go get three window units by 3 pm.

September – Water pump stopped working last night…It was determined that the well pump failed at 7am on Friday…Well is 520 feet deep! We are expecting a full house this week-end…Panic time! Can they fix it by 3pm check-in time or must we turn away guests? The incredible plumber’s team replaced the well pump by 3:20 on Friday!Plumbers Crack

October – there are never enough Ormsby Hill mugs as everyone is taking them to their room for their first cup of coffee in the morning. Solution…provide a paper cup so they don’t need to bring cups back. Brilliant!Day 141/365 Coffe

November – Successfully finished the peak foliage season with October occupancy of 73%

Thanks to The B&B Team for introducing us to the wonderful life of innkeeping! this was certainly a year to remember. It was not possible without your help and friendship. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and passion for B&B’s. Many Happy Returns, Yoshio and Diane

We are so thankful for our many clients who become successful innkeepers, thankful for their faith in The B&B Team and for their friendship. It is a wonderful and exciting journey for us to participate in and witness also.  For those who take our seminars and decide not to take this journey we are also thankful. Innkeeping is a wonderful profession but is not for everyone.  We want our seminar graduates to become educated and well informed so they are able to make informed decisions. So when we receive such positive feedback like this email from Yoshio and Diane our paper cup runneth over!

Thank You

Photographs were added by blog author and don’t represent any real plumbers from Vermont!


First Days of Innkeeping

July 16th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

Yoshio and Diane attending The B&B Team’s Better Way to Learn Innkeeping Seminar last November in Kennebunkport, Maine

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’, advice we hear frequently. But with new innkeepers starting off in the height of the season that small stuff can seem awfully BIG. Many of you may recall your first jittery days as innkeepers and can look back with a nostalgic chuckle or two. We received a very expressive email from newbie innkeeper, Yoshio Endo last week that we would love to share. Yoshio and Diane Endo purchased The Inn at Ormsby Hill in Manchester Vermont earlier this month. The B&B Team was proud to represent the Endos in the sale of this beautiful Select Registry, Four Diamond AAA property. Read on and see if any of this ‘small stuff’ sounds familiar.

“Friday the 13th was our 3rd day as innkeepers. The first day was frightening with the movers unloading and 3 guest check-ins. Diane was working until 10 pm to get prepared for breakfast the next morning. We didn’t even know where the light switches were for the outside and other places (as we never went through the night closing routines). We forgot how to adjust the air conditioning zone for some of the guest rooms and the guests were coming any time. Panic time! But we figured it out in the end.

The breakfast on the 2nd day was a bit rough as Diane was not used to the oven and each oven seems to have its own kinks. The bread did not come out as practiced in Westport and the hot entrée was suspicious of being slightly undercooked. The Japanese buns came out in funky shapes and certainly looked homemade, not very professional. Just when the guests started to sit down, I went to get an extra juice glass and dropped it. The glass shattered in the dining room with me standing like a deer in a head light. Candi, our housekeeping guru, came to the rescue. The guests were really great and very accepting of my mistake. We got lucky this week with a great group of people. Diane served 12 breakfasts on the 2nd day and 14 on the 3rd. There were supposed to be 15 tomorrow but two are leaving early so they are skipping breakfast. We offered to make a special arrangement for an early breakfast but they knew how busy we were and graciously declined. We gave them our travel mug in lieu of breakfast and they gave us a hug!

One less juice glass

There was a party of four who were very experienced B&B travelers so they researched and booked their own restaurant. They asked me about the restaurant but we had never been so I could only give them a general description.

Saying the good-byes and the thank-yous is the best time of the innkeeping experience. It is so fulfilling and rewarding! Confirmation of the right decision we made…did not know we would get that feeling as quickly as we did.

Today those frantic days seem to have passed and we even had time for dinner on the patio after the guests had gone to dinner. Your advice to have time for each other away from the millions of things rushing in our heads is truly the best advice. We can’t forget why we wanted to do this to begin with. A balance in life…

It’s 9:45 pm and I am waiting for the guest who said they would check-in between 8 and 9. Well, that too is innkeeping. I am getting thirsty, if you know what I mean!

P.S. I didn’t get to finish my story about the experienced B&B travelers who booked their own restaurant. Despite my extremely limited information about the restaurant and not being able to help them much, the guests talked about us at the restaurant. The next day we found a vase full of flowers at our front step. The restaurant owner sent us the flowers welcoming us to the community and wishing us good luck!

Thanks to The B&B Team for introducing us to the wonderful life of innkeeping!” Yoshio Endo

We are so proud The B&B Team was able to be a part of their launch into innkeeping. We feel confident that with their enthusiasm and passion they will soar. Thank you Diane and Yoshio for sharing your first days with us.


Take the Fear Out of Learning Innkeeping

May 7th, 2012 by Scott Bushnell

The Class of 2012, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, graduated from the “Better Way to Learn Innkeeping” aspiring innkeeping workshop yesterday.  Held at The Inn at Turkey Hill, six attendees spent 3 days at this seminar designed to help those with the innkeeping dream to investigate the path to inn ownership which is often laden with speed bumps, roadblocks and u-turns.

Class of 2012-Bloomsburg, PA

A different mix of attendees, however.  Two of the couples already own the property for their inn (one was purchased recently with the purpose of conversion to an inn and the other couple intend to turn their existing home into an inn).  A third couple were the more traditional attendees who intend to purchase an existing inn.

Because of this different mix which included folks about ready to open their inns, we adapted the typical agenda to also include a more intensive focus on the operations and marketing aspects…info these innkeepers will be using soon.

A thanks to Andrew Pruden, owner and innkeeper at The Inn and the great staff for their service and welcome.  If you get a chance to visit Bloomsburg, the recently opened Pub and Grille was fabulous and their  micro-brews and menu were a welcome Friday night treat.

Lots of laughs…lots of strong interaction…and lots of appreciated feedback on the effectiveness of the workshop.  But one attendee made a comment that I am still thinking about a few days later.  “I’m not afraid anymore, Scott”.  I think this just became another goal of these workshops for me.    Scott



K is for the 5 Keys to a Strong Business at your Bed and Breakfast

February 28th, 2012 by Scott Bushnell

Marilyn and I had the good fortune this past weekend to work with 9 excited aspiring innkeepers at our A Better Way to Learn InnkeepingTM  seminar held at the Wayside Inn B&B in Ellicott City, Maryland.  What a great group!  We laughed and networked with Bill and Charlotte Schmickle of the Flag House in Annapolis but the real focus was on the KEYS to a strong business at your inn.

  1. Location, Location, Location
  2. Understanding WHO will be coming to your inn
  3. Wrapping your inn AROUND those guests
  4. Think Sunday-Thursday
  5. Being the Best

Each of these Keys can be put on a continuum numbered, say, from 1-10 with 10 being the strongest.  Let’s look at each one:

  1. Location, Location, Location:  This has been the buzzword for any real estate purchase but for a Bed & Breakfast EACH word has a separate meaning:  The first definition is the Macro-location…is the inn located near major metropolitan areas from which to pull guests?  The more population close at hand (gas is getting more expensive!), the higher on the continuum the rating.  For the Wayside Inn, being located nicely in the Baltimore-DC corridor, this inn ranks high on this Location…perhaps a 9.  The second definition of Location includes the area attractions in that region which will draw guests to the area.  And the broader the diversity of attractions (historical, antiquing, entertainment, soft adventures, etc.), the higher the likelihood of drawing folks out of the nearby metropolitan populations.  The third definition of Location is the Inn itself…its attractive location in the town, its curb appeal and its accessibility.
  2. The second KEY is identifying the guests who will be coming to those area attractions…and what their needs would be.  If the attraction is an amusement park or college, children will be coming.  If there are businesses in the area, corporate travelers have particular needs as well.
  3. Wrapping your Inn around those guests’ needs is the next KEY.  Room features, amenities and services must satisfy the needs of those identified guests.  Business travelers need desks, Wi-Fi, multiple outlets, a forgiving cancellation policy, early breakfasts, and NO advanced deposits.
  4. The fourth KEY can often be a difficult one…Thinking Sunday through Thursday.  Any inn can fill up on the weekend, but that is only 28% of the week…an occupancy not high enough to pay all the bills.  Marketing to corporate guests, elder-travelers, quilting and scrap booking groups, or offering discounts to weekenders to encourage them to stay an extra day or two becomes a high priority targeted activity.
  5. Being the Best.  This KEY is what will keep your parking lot full while the inn across the street wonders how you do it.  Investigate what the competition is doing (and NOT doing!) and Beat Them!  Have the best breakfast in town, offer a welcoming warmth that guests enjoy, and make their experience complete.

This dynamic group of aspiring innkeepers heard this important message and are currently defining the profiles of the inns that are RIGHT for them.  Congratulations to all of them as they continue their journey into the world of inn ownership!      Scott


P is for PAII Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show

December 20th, 2011 by Janet Wolf

In case you haven’t heard 2012 is just around the corner and the PAII Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show in Little Rock, AR. January 23-26. The B&B Team is really looking forward to attending in Little Rock, a town I for one have never been to. The Peabody Hotel looks like a fun place also, love the ducks!

Show Time

As innkeepers and currently as partners with The B&B Team, we have attended dozens of conferences. The PAII conferences became an important part of Rick and my Innkeeping life. Keeping up with the latest trends and implementing them into our business was probably the most important aspect but meeting and networking with innkeepers from far and wide as well as loyal PAII vendors was and is today equally important. Another plus with conference attendance is just plain fun! Never underestimate the importance of fun.

We have asked ourselves over the years why more innkeepers don’t attend. We know there may be some legitimate reasons for not attending every conference but I believe way too many innkeepers just don’t see the benefits of professional conferences. Or maybe they don’t want to have fun!

The B&B Team and Friends

So…for those naysayers out there let me try to change your outlook.

  •         Return on Investment – Yes there is expense, you can do the math. But if you view it as an investment in the future growth of your Inn, the return on this investment can be a huge benefit. View the money spent as a marketing expense not as an expensive trip.
  •        Networking – Where else can you find so many industry contacts and friends under one roof who face the same issues you do? These contacts, innkeepers as well as vendors and PAII staff may become lifelong friends and great sources for information and advice.
  •      Education, Education, Education – The conference sessions will be led by industry experts and experienced innkeepers. The opening day sessions are led by inspiring keynote speakers.  Here is the opportunity to take the pulse of what is happening in our world. Your benefit is real practical professional development for three action packed days.
  •      Vendor Contacts – The conference will showcase vendors with the tools, supplies and amenities you can use or evaluate for future use.  You have the opportunity to compare the values of competing vendors, evaluate their wares, hands on and face to face.  Where else can you do this?
  •      Take a Break – Away from your daily routine. This can be refreshing and energizing and invigorate your calling to innkeeping! An opportunity to reflect, look at the bigger picture and go outside the box (Inn) and explore.
  •      Give and Share – Sharing your thoughts and experiences (war stories!) with others is beneficial to your innkeeping soul. You become aware that you are not alone. A professional conference is also an excellent opportunity to give back. You can become a mentor to aspiring or new innkeepers, become a session introducer, participate on a panel discussion or create and present your own workshop/session.

Networking, education, making friends, R & R, giving and sharing may be hard to quantify on an expense sheet but to our way of thinking these are benefits that far outweigh dollars and cents. And the fun you will have, priceless!

Starting a Bed and Breakfast – In Your Future?

May 19th, 2011 by Janet Wolf


The B&B Team’s next stop for learning is in Newcastle Maine and the Newcastle Inn Bed & Breakfast. The mid coast of Maine in June is magical. It is that time of year when spring has definitely sprung and summer is peeking through with promise. What better time or place to visit, stay and gain knowledge of the wonderful world of innkeeping.

Newcastle Inn View of the River Deckside

Newcastle and Damariscotta are known as the Twin Villages. They both flank the shores of the salty Damariscotta River with a bridge that brings them together. Our host Inn is nestled on the shore and offers guests restful river views from a screened porch and open deck. The hospitality and charm of the Newcastle Inn is the perfect atmosphere for learning.

 Food for thought is a good thing but so is food for body and soul. Our host innkeeper Julie’s hearty breakfasts will help us jump start each morning.  Julie has recommended two restaurants in the area for our Friday and Saturday evenings. All meals are included and we love finding local favorites to share with our seminar attendees.

King Eider’s Pub is the choice for Friday. They received the 2010 Down East Reader’s Choice for Best Lunch in Maine. I’m sure the accolades will transfer to dinner. I hear Crab Cakes and Fish and Chips calling me.

 Damariscotta River Grill is our choice spot for Saturday. The chef owned restaurant offers upscale, regional comfort food. They also feature local art called ‘Art of the Grill’ which is a great way to support the art community as well as add to the dining experience.

So come on Down East Maine and join us.  We are certain you will leave with an understanding of the steps you will need in starting a bed and breakfast.  For more information and food for thought about our seminars visit our website. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met as you work through the seminar process and beyond.

  • PAII
  • AIHP
  • Stay Local