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Summertime in Maine, and the Eatin’ is Easy

July 10th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

summertime in Maine, and the eatin' is easy

Summertime in Maine

While visiting Maine, what first comes to mind? Then what’s the next question of your host?  “Where can we get the best lobster and blueberry pie?” Welcome to summertime in Maine.

Let’s take a journey to the past and explore the culinary history of the lobster and the Maine blueberry.

“The Lobster is the most moral creature in the universe, though he doesn’t know it. He is also probably the best-tasting. He knows that very well, and that is why he makes it so hard for you to get him up off the deep ocean floor and out of his armored shell.”  Robert P. Tristram Coffin, Maine native, poet, essayist, lecturer and professor. 1892-1955

His writings of Maine farm and seafaring lifestyle are classic. Reading Coffin’s poetic words brings to light what life was like in Maine in simpler and hardier times.

Of his many books, Mainstays of Maine (published 1945) is a favorite, all about food, but not a cook book. The pages are filled with colorful recollections of family recipes, gatherings around food laden tables and folklore.

“…there is a lot in the weather and scenery of Maine, and the feel and look of the land and water.” Coffin

And what does the land and water produce in Maine? Lobsters and blueberries. Those culinary mainstays of Maine.

Here is Coffin’s recipe for Maine lobster.

Steam them on a fast fire for only 10 minutes. (Couldn’t get much simpler than that!)

In addition Coffin points out; “…you need only your two hands for shelling. And hunger!”

There is a messy etiquette to shelling, but once learned, it comes naturally. And it’s all worth the effort. Don’t wear your best attire. Those little plastic bibs or, better yet, large kitchen towels covering your front are a must.

As a side, maybe some local corn, drawn butter and a roll of paper towels. Followed by dessert, any sort containing Maine blueberries.



Put them and their colorful vigors into muffins or pies. Or have you ever tried them in a plain vanilla cake? They are something to make the heart flutter there. And, of course, a blueberry pie, if the crust is flaky as ribbon candy, is one of this world’s best things, eaten hot right out of the oven, with the berries all singing still at full cry. A blueberry needs heat to bring out its best points.” Coffin

It is not just about the food to complete a culinary experience, but the times and places where they happen. One special place is Monhegan Island. An island 12 mile off the coast of Maine.

“Among the most iconic sites on the entire coast, Monhegan is famous for its small, close-knit fishing industry and its reputation as a seasonal and year-round home to artists for more than four centuries.” Town of Monhegan Website

Summertime in Maine

Monhegan Island Harbor landing-Car free destination

In addition, “The island is surrounded with the Monhegan Lobster Conservation Zone, an area where only Monhegan fishermen can set traps, that was granted to the island by the state legislature. The legislature also granted Monhegan’s fishing fleet a special winter lobstering season in the 1930s.” Island Institute 

The island innkeepers live the Monhegan lifestyle and provide the island hospitality in the fairer months to the droves of tourists. Its summertime in Maine, and the livin’ is easy and eatin’ is good at The Monhegan House and Restaurant  “A place where the simple island life is made memorable.”

Summertime in Maine

The Monhegan House

The Monhegan House restaurant is a favorite of natives, tourists from all over the island and the Inn guests. The restaurant utilizes fresh and local ingredients. Lobsters! For a change of pace, The Novelty (behind the hotel) is open throughout the day and evening and offers delicious pizza, wraps and salads as well as an extensive selection of wine and beer.  We also offer hand-dipped Shain’s of Maine ice cream and house made bakery items.

Looking to live the simpler and hardier Monhegan Island lifestyle? Consider The Monhegan House- A Maine Island Inn for Sale. There could not be a better Maine location to experience what Robert P. Coffin wrote about so many years ago.

“For Maine ledges and Maine water are good things for the world to look at and feel.” Coffin

In addition, The B&B Team has many coastal Maine properties for sale.  21 in fact!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

PS- And thanks to my Aunt Hennie for teaching me the messy etiquette of hand shelling a lobster.


Georgia Mountaintop Inn & Spa-High Altitude Escape

June 20th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

Lucilles Mountain Top Inn

Georgia Mountaintop Inn & Spa-High Altitude Escape

A high-altitude escape awaits guests at this beyond the ordinary Georgia Mountaintop Inn & Spa. A pinnacle location in the Northeast Georgia mountains with not just views but wide 360 degree vistas. Spectacular outlooks of blue tinted mountains, endless skies and forested valleys. The Inn was purpose built in 2001, the location was specifically chosen for the vistas and location. Built in the Arts & Crafts style that fits so well with the surroundings. And the surroundings? Diverse with plenty to see and do.

When the highways and now well-traveled parkways were completed starting in the 1920’s, through the 50’s and 80’s, tourism gradually increased. Today the area is a popular well visited destination.

“The area is regarded as the heart of Georgia’s wine country. Moving west, vineyards give way to apple orchards, with apple houses dotting a stretch of Georgia Highway 52, aka Apple Alley.”

In addition the town of Blue Ridge (near the Inn) is the Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia.

Trout, wine and apples, sounds like a good river, vineyard and orchard to table meal to add to your high altitude escape experience.

A huge part of the experience in the Georgia mountains are the scenic drives and the discoveries found along the way.  National Geographic has a wonderful travel guide book entitled; ‘Drives of a Lifetime’. One of the featured drives takes you on an adventurous drive through the area surrounding the Inn.

“Spend a little more than an hour of drive time traveling through the forested mountains and valleys of Northeast Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest or take longer to stop at some of the spectacular sights along the way. This route takes the shady highways that follow the wild and tumbling Chattahoochee River, leads you across the Appalachian Trail and to observation areas along the way where you can see dramatic mountain vistas. Stop to see Georgia’s highest mountain or hike to several waterfalls along the route.”

Georgia mountaintop inn & spa

Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn & Spa

High altitude escape…Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn & Spa for sale, most perfect place to start and end your days. From trout fishing to wine tasting to road trip warriors plus so much more. This is THE place to stay. The Inn’s website has suggested itineraries that illustrate the abundant activities available. Very clever marketing and worth a read.

Let’s take a peak (pun!) at the Inn.

Start with the portico entrance leading into the first level open living room with fireplace and spacious airy breakfast room. The wide wrap-around decks surrounding the breakfast room are truly outdoor rooms!  Throughout the Inn the atmosphere is warm, decorated in rich tones with a contemporary flare.

Georgia mountaintop Inn & spa

The terrace level of the inn features a guest suite with outdoor seating, a newly renovated conference room that opens to the terrace and the inn’s laundry facilities.

Then there is the Spa at Lucille’s, another reason to stay.

A covered walkway leads to the Spa. A large guest suite with a spectacular view sits at one end of the spa building, while a full-size guest apartment sits at the other. All 13 guest rooms are decorated in rich colors and are appointed with luxurious amenities. The inn also has newly constructed private owners’ quarters with a separate entrance and a full kitchen.

Georgia mountaintop inn & spa

Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn & Spa Guest Room

Sometimes the best way to learn about a lodging property is to read from a guest’s point of view. Someone who has experienced the Inn and surroundings.

“We stayed in the Mountain Suite and it was pure heaven. The wall-to-wall windows overlooking the mountains brought peace and solitude. The outdoor copper shower was a dream and very private. The service was impeccable and the breakfasts (which we had served to us outside) were awesome. We will be back in the fall. This place is worth coming back to. A short drive from either Atlanta or Greenville, SC. The surrounding arts and crafts places and restaurants add to the charm of this incredible area.”

Georgia mountaintop inn & spa

Mountain Suite Copper Shower

And did I mention, it is a four season resort.

For guests and for new owners, Lucille’s is near perfection. Pristine condition, spectacular setting and location. Just 90 miles north of Atlanta with easy interstate access. Highly profitable financially viable. Interested? For more information The B&B Team is here to help. Give us a call.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Duluth Minnesota B&B for Sale- Strong and Hardy

June 13th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

duluth minnesota B&B for sale

Duluth Minnesota B&B for Sale

Midwest folks are hardy souls, built to last. Midwesterners embrace their four distinct seasons. Winters are embraced, like really embraced, with so many winter activities to choose from. Plus Midwesterners are die-hard sports fans. If you have ever seen fans tailgating in single digit temps, you know what I’m sayin’. Leaving winter behind, blissful beauty arrives in spring and summer and is intensely appreciated. Minnesota and especially Duluth has been tagged as the ‘Outdoor Capital of the Midwest.’

The Midwest is also a strong and hardy place for business.

Minnesota. “The North Star State’s economy shines, with major industry sectors in bioscience, healthcare services, advanced manufacturing and finance. The state is home to 17 Fortune 500 companies, including General Mills, 3M, Target, Medtronic, Best Buy, US Bancorp and Land O’ Lakes.”

Must add one more business, a B&B industry favorite, Deneen Pottery located in St. Paul. Four decades strong and hardy. This family run business has; “…faced head-on the extraordinary highs and lows of running a small business. However, producing superior quality hand-thrown stoneware remains the hallmark of our company.” Strong and hardy mugs they are!


Duluth Minnesolta B&B for Sale

Business is also strong and hardy at the A.G. Thomson House in Duluth.

The business at this Duluth Minnesota B&B for sale is solid, with a gross revenue multiplier of 4.9 and a cap rate of nearly 9%, making this B&B very viable financially.

The A.G. Thomson building is an American beauty. A classic picture-perfect Dutch Colonial Revival built in 1909. Houses in the Midwest were built to last and current owners have maintained the building’s integrity as well as built the business and maintained its’ reputation for excellence.

Rated the Top-Rated B&B in Minnesota, United States and the world! by Trip Advisor. The accolades go on and on but the best come from the guests who experience the inn’s magic. A favorite is the A. G. Thomson’s  wide front veranda overlooking the property’s two acres.

Duluth Minnesota B&B for Sale

A.G. Thomson House B&B Front Veranda

“The grounds are amazing – many charming seating areas and water features to make you really feel like you’re ‘away from it all’.”

“The inn and grounds are beautiful and immaculate. The area is full of incredible homes to drool over.”

“The patio out front was bursting with amazing, pretty potted flowers. Also loved walking the neighborhood with its’ huge historical homes.”

Now the A.G. Thomson House, Duluth Minnesota B&B for sale, is ready to pass the keys to new owners.  A strong and hardy year round business in a spectacular Midwest destination city. Read for yourself ‘Why Duluth, MN is a Great Place to Live’. The B&B Team can guide you through the process of purchasing this spectacular property. Give us a call.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Motor Courts & Roadside Motels for Sale

June 6th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

Motor courts & roadside Motels for salemotors courts & roadside motels for sale











Motor courts & roadside motels for sale. A growing trend for the last decade or so has been the comeback of Mid-Century motor courts & roadside motels. From California to Maine, these thriving and surviving properties have been scooped up and refurbished.

Auto touring became the way to travel once the automobile became affordable and US highway systems were expanded. After WWII the burgeoning middle class took to the roads. A simple drive up and park next to your cottage, cabin or strip of motel rooms. And there was most likely a pool, playground, lawn games and barbeques. Multi-generational travel, families and honeymooners seeking slow scenic leisurely drives and simple lodging.

Old fashioned ambiance

Down East Magazine article; Vintage Road Tour’ by Virginia M. Wright, featured some of the surviving and thriving motor courts in Maine.

“In coming to Maine, people want to stay in a place they can’t find everywhere else.”

This statement could be about vintage properties anywhere in the states.

“There are hints of a renaissance for these simple shelters as a new generation of courtiers (no one uses the term anymore) find value in their retro charm and the conviviality of their shared outdoor spaces.”

Looking to become an innkeeper to ‘courtiers’?  The B&B Team has two wonderful properties with oodles old fashioned ambiance.

Eureka Springs Motor Court

A mid-twentieth century Eureka Springs motor court for sale that includes motel rooms. It is a property that is enjoying a vibrant life in the twenty-first century! There are 7 original cottages and 4 connected motel rooms.

The lot of about an acre offers guests a comfortable place to relax. The back yard is spacious, with a large gazebo, horseshoe pit, and a woods view. There are four fire pits for guest enjoyment, as well as a covered area with grill that guests can use.

Fundamentally, this Motor Court represents great value today and a first-rate location and size to grow significantly with a strong marketing plan.

Boutique Motel-Wiscasset Maine

Located on scenic Coastal Route One on 8 acres of woodlands. 29 motel units built to last from 1915 to the 1950’s. The Main lodge building has a lobby and dining room lounge with wood burning fireplace. All the outdoor leisure activities included. Firepits, picnic tables, croquet, bocce ball, badminton, and a half mile walking trail around the property.

Many additions and renovations have taken place over the years. In May 2017, the current owners finished 6 cabins that were unfinished and turned them into 4 beautifully designed cabins.

This is a very well-maintained property and very strong, financially viable business. This boutique motel in Wiscasset, Maine is currently a seasonal operation, May-October, but could remain open year-round.

Motor courts & roadside motels for sale. Retaining or reestablishing vintage charm to these properties is the key to keeping the old-fashioned ambiance travelers are seeking. Retro charm, conviviality, simplicity and shared outdoor spaces. The Eureka Springs Motor Court and the Wiscasset Boutique Motel Lodge have all of the above. Give us a call, we can help you in your search.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

10 Reasons to Live, Play and Work in Rockland Maine

November 9th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

10 reason to live, play and work in Rockland Maine

‘Festival of Lights’ Main St. Rockland 10 reasons to live, play and work in Rockland Maine

In the last few years Rockland, Maine has become a mecca for new residents seeking an authentic Maine location. Why? Here are 10 reasons to live, play and work in Rockland Maine.

Two innkeepers who have lived and worked here for many years describe Rockland’s authentic, warm hospitality like “Mayberry in Maine.” Their names are Andy and Barney (just kidding).

The following list was submitted by these two innkeepers, aka Andy and Barney!

10.  Where else do you have the region’s best downtown and working farms?

9.  Water views everywhere. Penobscot Bay, Rockland’s working harbor and fresh water lakes.

8.  Four season outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, skiing and kayaking (ocean or lake). All just minutes away.

7.  Rockland’s 19th century downtown and historic neighborhoods translate to easy walkability and exploration.

6.  The vibrant downtown along with regional and national stores make a great year-round shopping destination.

10 reason to live, play and work in Rockland Maine

Large crowd funnels into Rockland’s Annual Lobster Festival. Photo by Carl D. Walsh

5.  Summer in Rockland means:

  • Summer Solstice
  • North Atlantic Blues Festival
  • Maine Lobster Festival
  • Maine Boats, homes and Harbor Show

4.  Museum Mecca

  • The Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center
  • Center for Maine Contemporary Art
  • Maine Lighthouse Museum
  • Sail, Power & Steam Museum

3.  Art, art everywhere! Featuring many galleries highlighting local and nationally acclaimed artists.

2. From Primo Restaurant to Thai Tugboat, Rockland offers great quality dining experience for every budget.

1.  Rockland is what Maine means by the expression, “The Way Life Should Be.”

Live in Rockland Maine. Sound good so far?  Work and own your own hospitality business. Play in an authentic Maine town surrounded by scenic seascapes and landscapes.  The following are two B&Bs for sale in Rockland, wonderful opportunities offered by The B&B Team.

10 reason to live, play and work in Rockland Maine

Beautiful aerial view of the classic Victorian B&B and Rockland Harbor

An 8-guest room classic Victorian bed and breakfast in a quiet neighborhood in Rockland’s Historic District, a prime location. Located just a block from the Knox County Courthouse and other downtown businesses. The architecture is grand, with double parlors, wrap around porch, high ceilings and plenty of light. The landscaping and mature gardens are simply gorgeous. The grounds are perfectly suited for tented outdoor events. Inside, the parlors and dining room are ideal to host meetings, family reunions, intimate gatherings or small celebrations. Innkeepers live in a separate cottage on the property. A wonderful retreat yet conveniently close to the inn.

Rockland 10 reasons to live, play and work in Rockland Maine

Elegant and grand Rockland Maine B&B

A 12-guest room elegant and grand Rockland Maine bed and breakfast. Set in a quiet neighborhood minutes from downtown. Each guest room offers amenities needed for today’s discriminating traveler whether on a romantic getaway, leisure or business trip. The amount of attention to detail from laundry to attic, from amenities to safety is unparalleled. A real grand dame of Rockland with well manicured lawns and gardens and unparalleled curb appeal. The owner’s apartment has a private entrance and includes a full kitchen, living/dining room plus 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Great private space.

Good, well run, popular and profitable B&Bs are not just a place to stay while visiting an area. These two inns are popular destination properties in the area. The attractions of the area are a bonus, and in Rockland Maine, it is a genuine bonus.

I hope you have enjoyed the 10 reason to live, work, and play in Rockland Maine. I have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Little Bit B&B-Little Bit Something Else

October 31st, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Little bit B&B, little bit something else

”I’m a little bit country. And I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll.” A Donnie & Marie hit, remember them?

What is it? They couldn’t make up their minds? Or are they a compatible blend of each? In a similar fashion, The B&B Team offers properties for sale that are a “little bit B&B-little bit something else.” I’ll explain.

West Stockbridge, Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts-Bed & Breakfast with a Twist

9 guest rooms with all the B&B amenities plus efficiency units you might find in an upscale motel or hotel. Guests staying at the Shaker Mill Inn enjoy their breakfast in the privacy of their rooms. The rooms are stocked with breakfast items. Baskets with baked goods, fresh fruit, quiches and tarts.

The innkeepers at the Shaker Mill Inn have created an efficient self-check-in and check-out system as well. This business model also allows innkeepers more free time without daily breakfast prep, serving and clean up. Yet the current innkeepers are always available and in communication with their guests. The welcoming personal touch is very evident at the Shaker Mill Inn! Little bit B&B, you bet. Plus a very nice spacious and private owner’s apartment.

Romah Motor Inn Boutique Motel

Sebago-Long Lakes Region Maine Boutique Motel

What makes a motel boutique? Nine well maintained pristine rooms located in the heart of a Maine destination tourist location.  As one guest described it; “Lovely, comfortable and cozy little motor inn with expert and gracious service!” For future innkeepers looking for this kind of lodging there is a 2-bedroom owner’s apartment with 2 baths, private deck, kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry, storage, 2 car garage, plenty of space!   Open year round too, but strong summer business.

So much new owners can add to lodging properties like the Romah Motor Inn. Go funky nostalgic, add more modern conveniences, let your imagination soar! Go a little bit B&B. Paint your own future here. The Romah Motor Inn is a well-established business, a financially feasible property. Prime and ready to welcome serious buyers.

Monhegan House- Island Views

Monhegan House-Monhegan Island Landmark Inn

10 miles off the coast of Maine, unique in that ¾ of the island’s 700 acres is all natural and preserved. Take a ferry (everything comes over by boat), land at the dock, your luggage is picked up and delivered to the Inn. Take a short walk through the small village, pass weathered shake-shingled cottages, artist’s studios and shops, arrive at the Inn and your adventure begins.

They say time distorts once you set foot on the island. And this is true at the Monhegan House too. And it is a good thing! There are two suites on the ground floor with ensuite baths. Full breakfast served in the restaurant’s dining room. That’s the little bit B&B. The rest? The remaining rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors utilize shared bath/shower/toilet/sink facilities that have been recently renovated and are exceptionally clean and maintained throughout the day for guest’s comfort. You may call this a ‘little bit rustic camp style’. But guests embrace the ‘rustic’ plus the total Monhegan House experience, spotless rooms, great food (breakfast and dinner), great hospitality. And they come back time and again.

Lehigh Valley Historic Globe Hotel

Lehigh Valley Historic Hotel

Small town historic hotels that have been restored and brought back to life as bed and breakfasts, it’s a wonderful thing!

‘In the early 1900’s when railroads were the popular mode of transportation, weary passengers en route to the Poconos and points north would debark at the East Greenville Station for The Globe Inn.’

Pull up to the hotel in your ‘modern’ mode of transportation and you are still greeted with the same exceptional hospitality of yesteryear. The guest rooms have been restored with all the amenities guest are looking for in a fine B&B. Whirlpool tubs, gas fireplaces and some with kitchenettes. One review describes the Globe with the words, ‘clean, charming and warm.’ But wait there is more ‘something else’, a real cool downstairs pub, rooms for dining, weddings, celebration events or meetings. A wonderful gathering location for locals and today’s ‘weary passengers!’ Plus opportunity…the inn has operated a restaurant in the past and new owners have many options for food & beverage service, if desired.

You can see now what that ‘little bit of something else’ is and can be. Opportunity knocks, make what you desire of that ‘something else.’ Take on the challenge, let your creative passions take hold and soar.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

College Town B&Bs for Sale-Opportunity Knocks

October 19th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

college town B&Bs for sale

Opportunity Knocks. College Town B&Bs for sale. Shenandoah Valley Inn

In recent years college towns across the US have been touted as great environments to retire to. Did you know they also make it onto lists of best towns for entrepreneurs? It is not only about education and cultural opportunities. College towns attract industry and employment opportunities. Put this all together and it adds up to? College towns as very good locations for…you got it, bed and breakfasts and country inns. Good college town locations bring good businesses! Lets’ take a look at what The B&B Team has of offer.

Staunton, Virginia-Overlooking the Rolling Hills of the Shenandoah Valley

The list of colleges in close vicinity to Staunton is astounding. Mary Baldwin University, James Madison University, Washington and Lee University, and University of Virginia. In short, Staunton is at the heart of education in Virginia!

With colleges and universities come graduates, many of whom want to get married close to their alma mater. Shenandoah Valley Inn and Wedding Venue for sale is ideally located and with the facilities to make this come true. Plus more…12 acres of grounds surround the inn, 10 spacious guest rooms, commercial kitchen set up for catering and spectacular Shenandoah Valley sunsets! The opportunity here also includes growth. Performance the past few years has been modest but the growth potential is significant, given the property’s perfect setting, size, and facilities for weddings and events as well as luxurious bed & breakfast accommodations.

urban Bed & Breakfat

Annapolis Maryland College Town Bed & Breakfast

Annapolis, Maryland-Colonial Capital City

Best known as the home of the United States Naval Academy. Prestigious comes to mind, Forbes rated it as the #1 public college in the US. St. Johns College is another college draw. The third oldest college in the US with high marks too.  Annapolis seaport and its maritime history attracts more than 1 million people a year to its shores. Quite significant!

The Annapolis Maryland B&B for sale, located in the historic district of Annapolis, is ideally suited for a couple or single owner looking for the pleasant lifestyle of this Chesapeake Bay maritime area. With a MUCH higher Average Daily Rate than most other inns, this Annapolis Maryland B&B for sale offers the location, luxury, privacy, and historic quality for a satisfying innkeeper lifestyle as well as offering additional growth opportunities for a continued strong bottom line.

college town B&Bs for sale

Clinton, New York College Town B&B

Clinton, New York-Mohawk Valley Village

Clinton is referred to as a New England style village, I suppose because of its picturesque historic quaintness. It is very pretty. As is Hamilton College, a highly-ranked liberal arts college and major source of lodging for guests for The Arbor Inn, a successful 7 room B&B. The Inn overlooks the 1,350-acre campus of Hamilton College.

The inn is housed in a handsome 19th century farmhouse with later additions. It sits on 4.8 lush acres, graced by mature maple trees. Outside, a courtyard garden, extensive decks, porches and a patio maximize the pastoral setting. The inn’s business is consistently strong and the lifestyle consistently invigorating. Restaurants, shops and entertainment in college towns offer variety and cultural vibrancy. They don’t just cater to students, the community benefits and supports the businesses. Plus only 10 minutes from Utica, home of Utica College, another vital community.

urban Bed & breakfast

Lehigh Valley PA College Town B&B for Sale

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania-Small Towns, Big Hearts

College towns are not all about size, it is about heart, history and the celebration of the culture of our country. You can find all this in the three small towns located in the Lehigh Valley; Allentown, Easton and Bethlehem.

Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Inn for sale is visited by business and leisure travelers and families visiting Lehigh University, Lafayette College, Muhlenburg College, DeSales University. Another multiple college town of Easton. The inn’s strong relationship with the local colleges as well as two hospitals and a nearby industrial park is a large part of the Inn’s guest base. Eighteen guest rooms consistently occupied by parents of students, visiting performers and speakers, business travelers, as well as families visiting the hugely popular Crayola Experience.

Staunton, Annapolis, Clinton and Easton…these college towns and the inns for sale within offer good solid places to live and work. Your entrepreneurial spirt can thrive and grow in these locations. Opportunity knocks once again.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Off the Beaten Path Waterside Inns for Sale

October 12th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Off the Beaten Path Waterside Inns for Sale-Opportunity Knocks

Explore and discover off the beaten path waterside inns for sale locations. Opportunity knocks once again!

  • Places where the ‘night life’ is lying on a blanket in a field, gazing at a carpet of stars and listening to the chirping of crickets or the call of the loons.
  • Where ‘fine dining’ may be chatting with local fishermen at a pub and ordering the fresh catch of the day recommended by your pub mate.
  • Where a ‘shopping spree’ could be wandering into a small village where handmade Amish goods are sold, quaintly displayed on front porches.

It is all about relaxing, slowing your pace and having no stress laden agenda to keep.

Sound good?

There are so many locations in the US that are comparable to what I have described. Where travelers can explore and discover the night life, fine dining and shopping sprees, off the beaten path style.

Thought…you may even want to live and own a business in one of these places.

Here are a few off the beaten path waterside inns for sale you may want to explore and discover for yourselves.

off the beaten path waterside inns for sale

Chesapeake City Inn

Chesapeake City, Maryland-Hidden Treasure of the Chesapeake

Relax along the C&D Canal (Chesapeake and Delaware). Chesapeake City is a small town located in a tranquil unspoiled section of Maryland that sprang into existence in the 19th Century when the canal was created. The many restored 19th-century buildings and houses spot the town streets. Many have been converted into B&Bs. This Chesapeake City Inn  for sale is on the canal overlooking the placid waters with the maritime traffic slowly passing by. Explore and discover the laid-back lifestyle of a maritime community.

Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon-Small Refined Seaside Village

Located in the Northwest corner of Oregon. In 1846 a cannon washed up on the shore from a shipwreck, thus the name. The shoreline is dramatic with the iconic Haystack Rock a focal point. On top is a protected wildlife refuge. And that’s as wild as it gets! Explore and discover Cannon Beach pastimes. Beachcombing (never quite understood what beachcombing is?) but you can do it here!  Plenty of tide-pools and whales to watch too. Two nearby state parks, Ecola and Oswalt, a National Pacific Coast Byway and the dramatic Nehalem Alps, lots of exploring and discovering!  Near the town of Cannon Beach sits Arch Cape Inn for sale. Built in 1994 to resemble a European chateau, the elegant and unique Oregon Coast Inn is as dramatic as the Pacific coastline it inhabits.

New York Adirondack Inn

Lakeside Adirondack New York Escape

The lure of the lake is why you are here! Located just off NY Route 28 in the middle of the Adirondacks where the wilderness is less crowded and the livin’ is easy. This NY Adirondack inn for sale is a destination resort where you can hide your car keys and experience a complete relaxed getaway without leaving the property. The private access to the pristine lake from the inn is a real plus. Complimentary rentals of kayaks and canoes to explore and discover the lake. Back to the inn for dining, swim in the pool, a sauna, and a nap? And in winter, after nearby downhill skiing or snowshoeing, the inn is a warm welcoming respite.

Prominent Moosehead Lake Country inn

Moosehead Lake, Maine-Wilderness Travel Destination

The Northwoods of Maine is untamed and truly one of the most spectacular places in the world. Nestled beneath the green forests and blue mountains is Moosehead Lake. The largest lake in the eastern United States that stretches 40 miles long and 20 wide island-dotted miles. The small town of Greenville sits on the lower end of the lake, noted as the ‘historic gateway to the north country’. The Lodge at Moosehead Lake and a prominent Moosehead Lake Area Classic Country Inn are two inns for sale in Greenville, Moosehead Lake area. Guests staying at these properties can explore and discover the lake from a floatplane, a guided tour by Maine Guides or a cruise on the historic steamship Katadin.

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake

If a quieter off the beaten path lifestyle is what you dream about, these few featured properties may become your reality. The B&B Team can help. Plus there are other off the beaten path inns not mentioned here. (A bit of a teaser!)

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Opportunity Knocks!-Bed & Breakfasts for Sale 5 Rooms or Less

October 5th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

bed & breakfasts for sale 5 rooms or less

Opportunity Knocks! Bed & Breakfasts for sale 5 Rooms or Less. Finger Lakes B&B

Yes…Bed & Breakfasts for sale 5 rooms or less. In addition, financially viable bed and breakfasts!

Lets’ get started.

In the Finger Lakes of New York there is a 5- guest room, including cabins, Bed & Breakfast for sale. It is a beauty, located between Seneca and Keuka Lakes, in the geographic heart of the Finger Lakes region, where tourism flourishes. The inn is listed as financially viable, rare for the number of guest room offerings. There are 2 cabins on the 6 acres and it has real expansion capability for more.

For owner/innkeepers:

The owner’s annex provides 1350 ± square feet of living space including a full kitchen, dining area, large living room, master bedroom, adjoining study and 1 ½ bathrooms. Large living room windows maximize views across the valley. An attached three bay garage provides plenty of storage and workshop space. WOW!

Interested? Arrange a visit to this fine Finger Lakes B&B Gem for sale soon!

bed & breafasts for sale 5 rooms or less

Barcelona Lakeside Bed & Breakfast for Sale

Another ‘Small Inn, Big Success’ inn for sale in the Empire State, on the south shore of Lake Erie in Chautauqua County. Barcelona Lakeside Bed and Breakfast is a 4-guest room inn.

The inn is rated #1 out of 35 area B&Bs on TripAdvisor™. Barcelona Lakeside B&B is close to Chautauqua County’s and is the only area B&B with sweeping views of Lake Erie. Another real beauty! The house is a restored historic farmhouse surrounded by gardens and neighboring vineyards. These are just some of the reasons for the inn’s great success.

New owners can “turn the key” to this fine B&B and build on its solid foundation of profitability.

New River Gorge B&B

Morris Harvey House Bed & Breakfast

Lets’ move along to West Virginia to the historic 5 guest room Morris Harvey House in Fayetteville. Located in the middle of the New River Gorge recreational area. An incredible natural park encompassing over 70,000 acres of land along the New River, rich in cultural and natural history.

This New River Gorge bed and breakfast for sale boasts a solid track record of success with occupancies averaging around 50%, a remarkable achievement for any inn in a small-town setting, which is testament to the strength of the draw that the Gorge is.

For the owner/innkeepers:

A detached adjacent owner’s cottage with 2 bedrooms and full bath, kitchen, and living/dining room, affording space to relax and get away from the business while being immediately convenient.

These three bed & breakfasts for sale 5 rooms or less gives new innkeeper/owners the opportunity to own and operate a viable business in beautiful viable tourist driven areas.

Thanks for Listening and letting The B&B Team share with you these three Bed & Breakfasts for sale 5 rooms or less.

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Janet Wolf

Old Fashioned Mountain Lodge Experience

May 2nd, 2016 by Janet Wolf

old fashioned mountain lodge expereince

Bromley Mountain Vermont-View from the Bromley View Inn

If you are a skier and love to ski with your family, an old fashioned mountain lodge experience is something you may seek. ‘Old fashioned’ can evoke a number of images as well as fond memories. These may be memories you recall from your youth that you want to re-live and share with your family. Let me list a few experiences here and see if you get the picture.

  • Rising early to a hearty breakfast of eggs, home fries and toast. Like something sweet for breakfast? Kids can have cereal or what kid doesn’t like pancakes or French toast. Topped with ‘real’ Vermont maple syrup.
  • Grab your skis and off to the slopes where there are serious and gentle slopes. Runs for all levels.
  • Back to the lodge in the afternoon to rest and re-group.
  • Relax by a roaring wood fire in a comfortable lounge with other like-minded folks and kids. A large screen TV, video games and a pool table complete the picture.
  • The tavern opens in the late afternoon for ‘adult beverages’.
  • There are board games and books and time to enjoy them.
  • All in all, old fashioned fun you may not have time to enjoy in your over-scheduled everyday life.
old fashion mountain lodge expereince

Bromley Mountain Kids Ski School

All of the above old fashioned mountain lodge experiences can be found at the Bromley View Inn. An intimate cozy family owned and operated lodge located in southern Vermont near Stratton and Bromley Mountain, couldn’t get any better! Bromley was voted #3 in the East by Ski magazine for Kid Friendly Activities in 2015.

old fashioned mountain lodge experence

Bromley View Inn Labrador Lounge & Tavern

The view of Bromley Mountain is what gives the inn its name. View the sun on the mountain as you enjoy breakfast and preview where you will be heading for a fun family day of skiing.

What else does the area have to offer? Summer and fall family fun, too. Bromley has alpine slides, zip-riders and bungee trampolines. These are great soft adventure activities that appeal to all ages. Want to go back in time? There is miniature golf and movies at the Village Picture Show in Manchester. There are sleigh rides just down the road and ice skating on a frozen pond.

old fashioned mountain lodge experience

Bromley Sun Mountain Flyer


Bromley Mountain Water Slide

Bromley Mountain Water Slide

Vermont’s Bromley Mountain does a good job at delivering the Vermont mountain experience. While on vacation, travelers want a place to retreat to where they feel like they belong. Not just a place to stay. Bromley View Inn delivers a friendly face of innkeepers that welcomes your family or group and dogs, too! Knowledgeable innkeepers that know how to help you make your vacation days full of as many Vermont mountain experiences you desire, catered just for you.

The Bromley View Inn for sale with The B&B Team , Inn Consultants LLC awaits new innkeepers that desire to live the Vermont mountain lifestyle and provide guests with that old fashioned mountain lodge experience. New innkeepers have the opportunity to create their own ‘new’ old fashioned experiences. Fun!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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