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Old Fashioned Mountain Lodge Experience

May 2nd, 2016 by Janet Wolf

old fashioned mountain lodge expereince

Bromley Mountain Vermont-View from the Bromley View Inn

If you are a skier and love to ski with your family, an old fashioned mountain lodge experience is something you may seek. ‘Old fashioned’ can evoke a number of images as well as fond memories. These may be memories you recall from your youth that you want to re-live and share with your family. Let me list a few experiences here and see if you get the picture.

  • Rising early to a hearty breakfast of eggs, home fries and toast. Like something sweet for breakfast? Kids can have cereal or what kid doesn’t like pancakes or French toast. Topped with ‘real’ Vermont maple syrup.
  • Grab your skis and off to the slopes where there are serious and gentle slopes. Runs for all levels.
  • Back to the lodge in the afternoon to rest and re-group.
  • Relax by a roaring wood fire in a comfortable lounge with other like-minded folks and kids. A large screen TV, video games and a pool table complete the picture.
  • The tavern opens in the late afternoon for ‘adult beverages’.
  • There are board games and books and time to enjoy them.
  • All in all, old fashioned fun you may not have time to enjoy in your over-scheduled everyday life.
old fashion mountain lodge expereince

Bromley Mountain Kids Ski School

All of the above old fashioned mountain lodge experiences can be found at the Bromley View Inn. An intimate cozy family owned and operated lodge located in southern Vermont near Stratton and Bromley Mountain, couldn’t get any better! Bromley was voted #3 in the East by Ski magazine for Kid Friendly Activities in 2015.

old fashioned mountain lodge experence

Bromley View Inn Labrador Lounge & Tavern

The view of Bromley Mountain is what gives the inn its name. View the sun on the mountain as you enjoy breakfast and preview where you will be heading for a fun family day of skiing.

What else does the area have to offer? Summer and fall family fun, too. Bromley has alpine slides, zip-riders and bungee trampolines. These are great soft adventure activities that appeal to all ages. Want to go back in time? There is miniature golf and movies at the Village Picture Show in Manchester. There are sleigh rides just down the road and ice skating on a frozen pond.

old fashioned mountain lodge experience

Bromley Sun Mountain Flyer


Bromley Mountain Water Slide

Bromley Mountain Water Slide

Vermont’s Bromley Mountain does a good job at delivering the Vermont mountain experience. While on vacation, travelers want a place to retreat to where they feel like they belong. Not just a place to stay. Bromley View Inn delivers a friendly face of innkeepers that welcomes your family or group and dogs, too! Knowledgeable innkeepers that know how to help you make your vacation days full of as many Vermont mountain experiences you desire, catered just for you.

The Bromley View Inn for sale with The B&B Team , Inn Consultants LLC awaits new innkeepers that desire to live the Vermont mountain lifestyle and provide guests with that old fashioned mountain lodge experience. New innkeepers have the opportunity to create their own ‘new’ old fashioned experiences. Fun!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Travel Slowly and Stop Often

February 3rd, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Burlington's Willis Graves B&B Northern Kentucky

Burlington’s Willis Graves B&B Northern Kentucky

A well-known journalist of his time, George Ade once wrote, “travel slowly and stop often,” written in 1921 when the pleasures of motoring were taking hold on the public. The automobile provided a way to travel and have the opportunity to stop at your leisure, unlike rail travel where you stopped on a schedule. George believed “motorists were rushing past the things worth seeing, instead of stopping to enjoy them.” Now understand, this was 1921! What would he think of today’s GPS dependent travel, travelling from point A to point B with maybe a fast stop for gas, fast food and a restroom? Slowly he turns over in his grave!

I agree with George. Motoring off the major thruways and onto historic highways and byways is a great way to see our country. In the Tri-State area of Northern Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana there is much to see and explore and the best way is to travel slowly and stop often.

Burlington Kentucky-Tri-State Area

Burlington Kentucky-Tri-State Area

If one is especially interested in historic travel the countryside in northern Kentucky is a place that can (in George’s distinct language) “instruct or entertain the caller.” There are always stories to be discovered behind walls, whether it be an old Grange Hall, former mill or preserved homesteads like Harriet Beecher Stowe House. Or take short hikes to visit ghost roads and phantom bridges. How about a riverboat cruise on the Ohio River? History and antiques go together and the antique shops, malls and shows are a real draw in the area. I love this kind of travel, especially if there is a great place to stay.

Willis Grave B&B Federal Brick Homestead

Willis Graves B&B Federal Brick Homestead

On the edge of a small town in northern Kentucky is a Bed and Breakfast worth a stop and a stay. Burlington’s Willis Graves Bed and Breakfast is an inn where you have a choice of staying in two historic buildings, masterly restored and preserved by current innkeepers. The Willis Graves Federal brick homestead and the William Rouse log cabin. Yes, you feel like you are stepping back in time, yet the luxury bathrooms with whirlpool tubs and steam showers, high quality linens, robes and towels and bountiful breakfasts make it truly a place to stop, stay awhile, take deep breaths and go slow.

Pampering at Willis Graves B&B

Pampering at Willis Graves B&B

Many travelers have done just that and have expressed their appreciation with reviews. In 2015 it was one of Bed and top 10 US B&B’s. This is a great honor and was picked up by the local news which produced a wonderful feature on the inn and innkeepers. Check out the video.

For buyers seeking a small but financially viable B&B for sale in a small but vibrant country town, stop and consider The B&B Team’s offering, Burlington’s Willis Graves B&B. The country living is relaxed, yet being so close to the city lights of Greater Cincinnati makes the location very convenient and very marketable.

If you are longing to take that slow road in your next life’s journey consider the slow road to Kentucky and make Burlington’s Willis Graves B&B Inn your home. Take George’s advice and don’t rush past what is worth seeing, stop and enjoy.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Investor Confidence in Rockland Maine

October 14th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Investor confidence in Rockland Maine

Rockland Main Street

When a community starts to draw investors, especially more than one, there is a very good reason. They have done their homework and they see the future and it has dollar signs. Of course the development has to be done correctly with the historical integrity and the overall welfare of the community in mind. This is the case with what is happening in Rockland Maine. The investor confidence in Rockland Maine is strong.

Tourism is the number one industry in the state of Maine. Tourists come to Maine for many reasons. The reasons in Rockland are many and growing. “Businesses related to the arts continue to flourish and grow; this is a major piece of Rockland’s economy.” This is from an article written by Jennifer Van Allen for Mainebiz, ‘Rock-Solid Resurgence’. The tourists who are attracted to the art scene also like good restaurants and shops that offer home-grown local food and goods. “There is also a momentum continuing with the emergence of award-winning restaurants like Primo and Café Miranda.” She goes on to say; “…these projects are being driven by the organic growth of the institutions and entrepreneurs who are based here.”

So the new investors will benefit from the existing and growing home-grown businesses and the community will also benefit. It’s all good! I think the word is ‘symbiotic’.

Here is a quick list of the exciting new projects underway in Rockland.

  • Main Street Markets: A grocery that sells organic, local and natural foods and a café. Located in a historic Main Street building being renovated. Future investments along Main Street are also in the plans for this investor.
  • Dowling Walsh Gallery: The gallery owner is constructing a five-story building in the back of the current Main Street gallery. It will house retail shops on the ground floor and storage and management for art on the upper floors.
Consumer confidence in Rockland Maine

CMCA’s Vision for the Future-Rockland Maine

  • The Maine Center for Contemporary Art: The 63 year old institution is building a new home in Rockland. A Toshiko-Mori-designed building. The $3 million site is expected to open in July 2016
  • The Farnsworth Art Museum: Structural upgrades and improvements to the 67 year old institution on the main building, the Wyeth Center and the Olsen House in Cushing. Completed or near completion.
  • New restaurants popping up all the time in Rockland and nearby mid-coast locations. One example is 3Crow downtown Rockland. Listed as one of the best new restaurants in Maine by Downeast Magazine. “Rich southern food (mostly local) meets craft beer and an expertly curated whiskey selection.”
consumer confidence in Rockland Maine

3Crow Restaurant, Main Street Rockland Maine

These are real examples of the increasing reasons why visitors will and continue to visit Rockland. Everyone benefits, including the Berry Manor Inn. This inn is a prime example of a successful Rockland home-gown entrepreneur business. It is one of the premier lodging properties not only on the mid-coast but in Maine.

Investor Confidence in Rockland Maine

The Berry Manor Inn Carriage House

Why do they stand out? If you visit their website you will not only see a variety of luxurious guest rooms to choose from but as one journeys through the pages you will experience all of what the Berry Manor Inn, Rockland and the mid-coast has to offer. Because of their excellence in providing top notch hospitality, top notch marketing and well…top notch everything, the Berry Manor Inn is producing solid revenues. A combination any investor would find impressive.

Current innkeepers, Mike and Cheryl, also see the benefit and opportunity in the current and future growth in Rockland. They recently purchased the Talbot House next door to the Berry Manor Inn. This beautiful mansard style Victorian house could be run as a B&B in conjunction with the Berry Manor Inn or as a stand-alone B&B business. Current owners have forged ahead and have permitted architectural plans for 8 rooms with ensuite baths plus innkeepers quarters with renovations under way. Investor confidence in Rockland Maine, they’ve got it!

Investor Confidence in Rockland Maine

Edward Hopper Painting of the Talbot House

Additional lodging rooms in Rockland equals positive growth.  Forward thinking home grown entrepreneurs like Mike and Cheryl see the future and just like the out of town investors, they see dollar signs too. Future owners/innkeepers can benefit from the existing Berry Manor Inn and the additional opportunity right next door!

The B&B Team is proud to represent the Berry Manor Inn for sale.

Thank for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Edenton North Carolina-Old Town, New Discovery

September 29th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Edenton North Carolina

Edenton Waterfront

Travel writers have been writing about the importance of discovering ‘new’ destinations for the travelling public for decades. Marketers love anything that is ‘new’. This is a challenge for marketing a destination. How do you make something old new again?

Edenton North Carolina is definitely not ‘new’. “Edenton is the second-oldest town authorized by legislation in North Carolina and it has been a witness to and participant in our nation’s history for more than 300 years.” History of Edenton NC’, by Renée S. Gordon.

Edenton has been honored by Forbes and Smithsonian Travel. It was listed 11th of the ‘Best Small Towns to Visit’ in 2015 and named ‘One of the Prettiest Towns in America’. Great honors and well deserved.

But what else is there about Edenton that attracts people who love to travel to this pretty small town? In my research I discovered a two part travel article by Renée S. Gordon. Her writing helped me discover a bit of history that was new to me, it was also enlightening and moving. A destination must tell a story, especially one that is steeped in history like Edenton. In her article Ms. Gordon writes:

“One of the things Edenton does best is tell a “complete” story, inclusive of all its residents, black or white, slave or free, rich or poor and that fact alone makes the city more than just a pretty façade.” In her two part article she writes of Edenton’s part in the Maritime Underground Railroad and “the contributions of black watermen to the UGRR and the black community.” She continues to chronicle the life of Edenton native, Harriot Ann Jacobs. She was born into slavery and later freed and eventually wrote her autobiographical story that addressed the struggle for freedom by female slaves. This once little known and often untold history has been embraced and enriched by the Historic Edenton Visitors Center through self-guided tours, historical markers and exhibits, as well as selling copies of Harriot Ann Jacob’s book, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

Edenton North Carolina historical marker

A part of Edenton that is quite apparent is the impressive historic architecture. Ms. Gordon’s writes; “Tours of the historic area are a tour of American architectural history.” As we well know, innkeeper/owners are among the best preservationists of historical homes. Prime examples are here in Edenton. Five gracious architecturally stunning historic homes are now bed and breakfast inns. Each tells a story of Edenton.

Edenton North Carolina B&B

Captain’s Quarters Inn

The Captain’s Quarters Inn is a 1907 Colonial Revival Home built for Metrah and Mary Makely by architect Frank Fred Muth. The house was turned into a bed and breakfast in 1992 and has received ongoing restorations. It stands proud in its stately beauty on Queen Street just around the corner from Albemarle Sound. Current innkeepers, Don and Diane Pariseau purchased the inn in 2004 and continue to upgrade and enhance this remarkable property. The B&B Team is offering the Captain’s Quarters for sale. A wonderful opportunity for new innkeepers to embrace this property and the Edenton community. Don and Diane took something old and made it new again by breathing new life into the house. Taking a timeless classic and re-positioning it into something new in a timely way can be a very rewarding challenge for new innkeepers.

There is always a new story to be told, new discoveries to be found. Within the history, beauty and charm of Edenton and the Captain’s Quarters Inn you may discover just that.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Hocking Hills in Ohio

August 17th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

The Hocking Hills in Ohio was placed among a lofty group of getaway destinations a while ago by Budget Travel. 25 Beautiful Places to Get Away From It All. Here was their pitch:

“Close enough to home that we can get there in a few hours. You really get off the grid and it’s fabulous. Beautiful forests, caves, waterfalls, and amazing hiking that will surprise some people that it’s Ohio.” —Charlotte Horseman

Why Hocking Hills? It is a true retreat in the true meaning of the word! Like the other 25 Budget Travel destinations which include way off of the grid places like Antarctica and Fiji, the Hocking Hills in Ohio is in a world of its own. The serenity of nature surrounds visitors to the Hocking Hills with ancient forests, waterfalls, caves and rock formations. A place where you can visit and do absolutely nothing or rev up your adventurous side.


Off the grid…does that mean no cell phone coverage? Yes and that is not such a bad thing. In fact one emerging travel trend is travelers seeking retreats where they can (or must) leave their gadgets behind. There are some city hotels that are offering ‘technology-free’ packages. Personally I question the future success of these in a city location, too easy to cheat!

Of course travelers have to find these retreats through advanced technology like travel apps and or Smart TV but once you arrive…disconnect then reconnect and renew relationships with your partner, family or business colleagues.

No better place to do this than at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Back in 1987 entrepreneur Anne Castle had a vision. She envisioned a place where folks could retreat to nature in a destination she loved, the Hocking Hills in Ohio. Her dream became a reality and her daughter Ellen Grinsfelder joined her in running the business. Today Ellen Grinsfelder and Terry Lingo continue as the keepers of her mission. The Inn and Spa have flourished under their keep and has become the top lodging choice to retreat to in the Hocking Hills.

Cottages & Cabins, Inn& Spa at Cedar Falls

Cottages & Cabins, Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

Not only can you leave your plug-in gadgets aside, you can also loose your car keys. No need for you to leave the grounds if that is what you want. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls includes:

  • The Kindred Spirits Restaurant & Tavern offering breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Full Service Spa
  • Gift Shop
  • Rooftop Garden
  • The ‘Gathering Place’ for meetings, corporate retreats and social events including weddings
  • Guests have a choice of staying in a cottage, a more secluded cabin or Inn room. All offering luxurious quality amenities.
Hocking Hills of Ohio spa

Spa at Cedar Falls

Scott Bushnell, Bushnell & Bushnell Services, The B&B Team is representing the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls for sale. From Scott; “It is not just the location and features of this Inn that are attractive.  The Inn has an enviable business strength with significant and contributing revenues from the spa, gift shop, the full service restaurant and tavern, and the guest rooms, cottages and cabins.  With occupancy levels and Average Daily Rate well above the national averages for inns of this large size, the Inn generates significant Cash Flow resulting in attractive profitability as well as impressive Capitalization Rate on the investment.”

Can’t make it to Fiji this year? The Hocking Hills of Ohio may be just the retreat you need. Or for the aspiring innkeeper seeking a strong business with a wonderful history of hospitality, please contact Scott for a tour. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Ten Ways to See the New River Gorge West Virginia

August 4th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge West Virginia is one of those amazing destinations that will, frankly and simply, amaze you. Once I started digging into this area I realized that there are a variety of ways to experience the gorge. If you like soft or extreme adventure, this is the place. Or maybe you like a more relaxed excursion into this part of the Appalachian hills of West Virginia. Let’s take a virtual trip and count the ways.

1. ‘A river runs through it’. Not just any river but this old man river, the New River, is one the oldest rivers on the continent. Paddlers are drawn to the river. Kayaking, canoeing or white water rafting through the gorge has been described as traveling through a mini version of the Grand Canyon. In fact it is often called ‘The Grand Canyon of the East’.

endless wall trail

2. Happy trails. One of the most popular hiking trails in the east is called the Endless Wall Trail. They call it Endless Wall because the line of cliffs goes on for quite some distance. The views are spectacular and you can often hear the whitewater rafters from 1,000 feet below.

3. On the road again. A one hundred year old road of hairpin turns leads you to the bottom of the gorge. View remnants of abandoned coal mining communities. Learn the history of the mining industry among ghost towns rapidly being taken over by nature. As a bonus, a few ghosts may hitch a ride with you on your way back up the gorge.


New River Gorge mining tow

Nature reclaiming the remnants of a lost industry

4. By rail. A day long train excursion traverses the former Chesapeake & Ohio mainline from Huntington, WV to Hinton, WV. The New River Train Excursions suggest fall as the best time to ride and view some of the most spectacular fall scenery as well as the many towns and cities they pass through.

5. Horseback. Equestrian Adventure has over 20 years of experience and access to over 6,000 acres of the trails along the rim of the New River Gorge National Park.

6. Vertical. Rock climbers are also drawn to the area. The abundance of climbs (1,400) and the views (30-120 feet in height) as well as the hard sandstone are a plus for experienced climbers.


New River Gorge rock climbing

Vertical View

7. On a higher note. See the gorge from Treetop Zip Line and Gravity Canopy Tours. The tours are a combination of zip lines, cable bridges and stationary tree platforms. They tout it as a great adrenaline rush. I would not doubt that.

8. On an even higher note. Wild Blue Adventures will take you up in an open cockpit WWII biplane. Cool.

8. Go underground. Caving in the New Gorge is big. Less adrenaline but those who like stalactites, stalagmites and helicites may argue with me. The Stratosphere Cave is the most popular.

10. A view from the bridge. Built in 1980 on U.S. Route 19 near Fayetteville, West Virginia, the New River Gorge Bridge is an architectural icon and one of the most famous bridges in the country.


New River Gorge B&B

Morris Harvey House Bed & Breakfast

After all this adventure where does one hang their hat and rest their weary bones? The Morris Harvey House Bed & Breakfast of course. A lovely respite located in the middle of the New River Gorge recreation area. A stroll into the historic town of Fayetteville is a must. The town is described as an eclectic community of outdoor enthusiast, artists, and native West Virginians. Sounds like a place to hang an ‘open for business sign’ as well as your hat, permanently.

The B&B Team represents The Morris Harvey House for sale. The occupancies average around 50%, a remarkable achievement for any inn in a small town setting, which is testament to the strength of the draw that the Gorge has. Topping off the attractiveness of the Morris Harvey House is the detached adjacent owner’s cottage with 2 bedrooms and full bath, kitchen, and living/dining room, affording space to relax and get away from the business while being immediately convenient. It is a beautiful property with so much more to offer than at first glance. Just like the New River Gorge, new adventures await new owners.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Berkshires of Massachusetts

July 14th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Berkshires of Massachusetts

Welcome to the Berkshires-America’s Cultural Resort

When travelers to New England think of a destination location their thoughts may lead them to the Berkshires of  Massachusetts. A destination location must tell a story and the small towns in the Berkshires tell a great story. In a recent article by Vikram Singh titled; ‘Shift Your Marketing Focus From Price to Value’, he talks about how your unique location can tell a story and can help with a guest’s value perception. What comes to mind when you think of the Berkshires?

Art Museums


Music and Dance



Now many New England destinations have all of the above. So what makes the Berkshires of  Massachusetts unique? What story does it tell? Here are some brief examples.

Art Museum. The Norman Rockwell Museum is probably one of the best known and loved museums in New England. Rockwell’s paintings depict the historic small town charm of this area. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in a Rockwell painting, at least for a short visit? Think “Back to the Future!”

Norman rockwell Museum Bershires of Massacusetts

Norman Rockwell-Breaking Family Ties. His paintings tell so many stories.

History. Just walk the small town streets and the historic buildings tell a story or two. Just ask a local shopkeeper or innkeeper about the building they occupy and they will be glad to share their story. Be prepared to listen for a while!

Music. Tanglewood is also one of the best known and loved music venues in New England. A seat in the “shed” or on the lawn with a picnic is a treat that visitors and locals enjoy many times over. The artists it attracts are world class. Just take a look at the 2015 line-up.

Tanglewood in the Bershires of Massacusetts

A destination for decades and it never gets old.

Dance. Jacob’s Pillow Dance is a National Historic Landmark. It is home to America’s longest running dance festival. A real treasure.

Jacob's Pillow Dance Berkshires of Massacusetts

What a stage back drop!

Gardens. Edith Wharton’s former estate, The Mount, is a garden lover’s destination. There are three acres of formal gardens and so much more. Shakespeare & Co performances, music concerts, tours of the estate home.

The Mount in Bershires of Masssacusetts

The Mount

Food. Berkshire Farm & Table has created a Beer & Cider Trail, a Cheese Trail and a Charcuterie Trail. Wow, this really sounds like fun. People do travel for food!

Berskhires of massachusetts Farm & Table Taste Trail

Berkshires Taste Trail

These Berkshire treasures are not places to visit only once. New artists and new exhibits are fresh and new every season. That is why guests are frequent flyers to the Berkshires and the Inns they stay at. The B&B Team is representing the Birchwood Inn in Lenox for sale. The Birchwood Inn has a lovely story and it is told well by innkeeper Ellen, from the first interaction on the website to the last interaction upon departure. For more than 240 years the Birchwood Inn has been welcoming guests, first as the oldest home in Lenox, to the present, as a classic Berkshire Bed & Breakfast Inn. History reigns at the Birchwood Inn, as the saying goes, “if walls could talk.” They would have a lot to say, Birchwood Inn will be celebrating it’s 250th anniversary in 2016!

Restating Vikram Singh from his article, “A good story helps with value perception and is generally reflected in your online reviews.” Oh so true! From a recent Trip Advisor review:

“We come to the Berkshires to decompress, relax, overdose on culture, enjoy wonderful food, see old friends and make new ones. The Birchwood makes an ideal place from which to do all of that. The perfect B&B for us is not about the room but the ambience, the hosts, the other guests, and the breakfast – the entire package. The Birchwood has it all. We eagerly anticipate the coming summer and many more wonderful days and nights at our Birchwood ‘home away from home’.”

Birchwood Inn-Home away from Home in the Berkshires

Birchwood Inn-Home Away from Home in the Berkshires

Vikram concludes with a wonderful telling statement. “People prefer to give their business to someone who cares about them. It’s your greatest differentiating factor, and you should use it at every opportunity.” This is what Innkeeping is all about. B&B’s, historic country inns and small boutique hotels are the best at providing this valuable experience.

The Birchwood Inn is ready to welcome new owners. You could be part of the long and rich story of the Birchwood Inn in a wonderful part of the world with so much to offer.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

New York Adirondacks-The First Vacation Land

June 16th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

New York Adirondacks

Lake Luzerne Yesterday and Today

In 1869 author and preacher William H.H. Murray wrote a travel book on the New York Adirondacks entitled ‘Adventure in the Wilderness’ or ‘Camp-life in the Adirondacks’. Love how the old books had to have two titles, early SEO? The book created a huge stir that resulted in an influx of city dwellers to the Adirondacks. A new post-Civil War leisure travelling class had the time and the money to vacate the city for adventure. In fact ‘vacation’ came from the word vacate.

Mr. Murray described the New York Adirondacks in Victorian flowery language as a place…”where hundreds of forest-swathed lakes were gleaming like gems…amid the folds of emerald-colored velvet.” He also added some practical information. A new train line had opened the year before, only 36 hours’ travel from New York City and Boston. The rush began and continues today. An estimated 10 million tourists visit the Adirondacks every year.

New York Adirondacks

“forest-swathed lakes gleaming like gems amid the folds of emerald-colored velvet.”

Modes of transportation have changed throughout the 20th and 21st centuries but luckily the protected lakes and forests have prevailed. The Adirondack Park is a 6 million acre reserve that is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite and Glacier national parks combined. Did you know this? I didn’t. Within the whole Adirondack Region the park is the largest publicly protected area in the U.S. It is also home to 105 towns and villages.

New York Adirondacks

Lamplight Inn Bed & Breakfast

The town of Lake Luzerne is among the towns that are located within the Adirondack Park. The Lamplight Inn in Lake Luzerne is a grand Victorian home built in 1890, during the real building, population and tourism boom in the Adirondacks. Innkeepers Gene and Linda Merlino purchased the grand home in 1984 and restored it to its’ former glory. The result…a most charming and comfortably elegant Bed and Breakfast Inn. Gene and Linda describe the Inn’s features. “No expense was spared for this home. A 12 foot beamed ceiling, chestnut wainscoting and fabulous keyhole staircases enhance the spacious Great Room, now used as the Guest Sitting Area”. Imagine staying among the elegant comforts of this restored Inn while being surrounded by ten acres of lawn and wooded mountain trails. Trails that meander towards an overlook of the Hudson River.  The Inn’s own micro Adirondack vacation land!


New York Adirondacks

Your own micro Adirondacks, chairs included!

Affiliate of The B&B Team, Eliot Dalton has listed The Lamplight Inn Bed & Breakfast for sale. Not only is the Inn a prime example of a well maintained and well run business, it is as you have seen in a prime destination location. One of the major drivers of the business. The trains may not bring the vacationers to the Adirondacks as much as the automobile does these days and that is a good thing. Because…within a day’s drive for 60 million people lie the wilderness and the 3,000 lakes of the region. And The Lamplight Inn.

Now are you ready to ‘vacate’ your current lifestyle for the adventures of innkeeping? The New York Adirondacks and their lakes and forests  ‘gleaming like gems’ are beaconing.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Good Reputation-What’s it Worth?

June 8th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Good reputation

A good reputation is one portion of the intangible “good will” value of a property. Here is a description from our articles on Real Estate  on The B&B Team’s website.

“Good will is the price a person is willing to pay for a business’s marketplace presence (that would otherwise take time to establish), a guest or customer base and list, a good reputation, a track record, good staff and management, and, because of these things, the ability to generate a reliable stream of income.”

So we all know what a “good reputation’” needs right? Good reviews.

Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence “recognizes establishments that consistently earn great Trip Advisor reviews from travelers.” When we see that one of our client’s inns has received this recognition, they are excited and proud and so are we. And proud they should be. It takes a lot of work to make sure those top reviews keep coming in and on a regular basis.

New in 2015 is Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. This is when an Inn has achieved the Award of Excellence 5 years in a row. “1 in 5 accommodations are Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame winners.”


Inns at Blackberry Common, Camden Maine

Inns at Blackberry Common

The Inns at Blackberry Common in Camden Maine received the Hall of Fame Award 2015 from Trip Advisor. A big thumbs up to innkeepers Cyndi and Jim. We know they work hard at maintaining a quality Inn as well as offering exceptional hospitality. They well deserve this recognition.

Cyndi and Jim have been innkeepers since 1998, so they have seen some changes, especially in the transparency that occurs in social media, particularly online reviews. And they were smart; they caught on early to the importance of a good reputation established through Trip Advisor. They also understand the worth/good will it brings to their Inn.

inns at blackberry common2

As some of you may recall when Trip Advisor first came on the scene they were not looked upon with favor by many innkeepers. I am putting this in kindly terms, but in truth, there were some venomous words that passed innkeeper’s lips during those early years.

Time passed and travelers and diners started to rely on TA’s reviews first to check out a property and the location and then they started to make their booking decisions based on the reviews. Many other review sites jumped in but TA is still the 800 lb. gorilla and he/she is getting fatter.

More reason to strive to stay on top. Now we all know that nobody is perfect. That a less than glowing review will appear from time to time and will make you feel that they just called your baby (or dog) ugly, knifed you in the back and slugged you in the stomach, not a good day. Then you pick yourself up, write a short and to the point response that is written for the public and not the individual reviewer, wait a day, and then press send. It is hard not to take it personally but remember, there may be truth to the negative review and you may learn something. Or they may be crazy ranting you-know-whats, and you just have to let it go.

let it go

So…that Hall of Fame Award is something to be very proud of. After 17 years, Cyndi and Jim have listed the Inns at Blackberry Common for sale with The B&B Team. Knowing the hard work and dedication they have put into the Inn over the years will be valuable to the future owners. Inheriting a good reputation with the purchase of the Inn is big. An important part of the Inn’s good will.

Trip Advisor says, “These Hall of Fame businesses deserve to be especially proud.” Here is what Cyndi and Jim have said in response to the award. “It is a true source of pride for our entire team at the Inns at Blackberry Common and we’d like to thank all of our past guest who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor. There is no greater seal of approval than being recognized by our guests.”

The B&B Team is very proud of them too.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’

June 1st, 2015 by Janet Wolf


Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay

Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’. Legend has it (with some truth thrown in) that it was some advertising execs associated with the National Brewing Co. in the 1950’s that were flying over Chesapeake Bay on a brilliant sunlit day, one of the execs commented, “This place is the land of pleasant living.” A slogan was born and a brand enhanced. Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living' If you are from or have visited Maryland you know what brand this slogan was attached to…beer.  Natty boh (National Bohemian) is still popular and consumed with pride. Even though it is not produced in Baltimore anymore, over 90% of sales still go to Baltimore.

But I am not writing this to promote ‘ol Natty, even though I plan to try one with some steamed crabs smothered in Old Bay next time I visit Maryland. This writing will feature some of The B&B Team’s very pleasant Inns for sale in Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’. Our Inns for sale in Maryland all have their own brands and they all have distinct local flavors of their own with diverse locations in Maryland. Since those ad execs flew over Maryland those many years ago to view the beauty of the state, come fly with me, I bet the views haven’t changed that much.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grave, Maryland

Starting at the northern tip of the bay is the historic waterfront town of Havre de Grace, where the Susquehanna River joins into the Chesapeake Bay. The town was named in 2014 by as one of America’s Best Small Towns. The Vandiver Inn, a beautiful painted lady 1886 mansion that is a combination of B&B lodging, gourmet catering and special events packages. The Inn’s business is tight and profitable and right in the heart of this Maryland small town with all the local flavors available in very close proximity.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Blue Door on Baltimore

Zip across the bay to Baltimore and look for a blue door. A 1907 row house in the historic Butchers Hill district is the location of the Blue Door on Baltimore, a charming small and chic urban B&B. If you a seeking a smaller, manageable-sized inn, with incredibly strong business activity, the Blue Door on Baltimore Bed and Breakfast Inn is a must see!

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Brampton Inn, Chestertown, Maryland

Fly in a direct course east over the bay to Chestertown and you can view the Brampton Inn. You will see a ‘very pleasant’ 20 acres with a 19th century plantation home and secluded cottages. The Inn is a true luxury retreat and very successful financially viable business (can’t see that from the air but it is there!) A true countryside oasis that features two barns and original carriage house, all great backdrops and settings for the event and wedding part of the business.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Lazyjack Inn on Tilghman Island

Flying south along the eastern shore of the bay you can observe the picturesque towns of Kent Island, St. Michaels, Easton and Oxford to Tilghman Island. This Maryland island is known for its seafood, hospitality, and boating opportunities. The island boasts several marinas and excellent sport fishing.  The Lazyjack Inn is located on the waterfront in the heart of it all. A small ‘pleasant living’ B&B yet financially viable which is perfect for someone seeking a smaller property that makes money!

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Lake Pointe Inn on Deep Creek Lake

We have one more fly over, so fasten your seat belts. The mountains of western Maryland offer a very different terrain, add a lake or two and rivers and you can see how diverse Maryland is. Deep Creek Lake Inn is a favorite for guests from Washington, DC, Baltimore, and the Pittsburgh area. Vacationers seeking the outdoor adventures of the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland. The area offers four seasons of recreation. Fabulous for business!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I have had a very pleasant time. Also I hope you will consider Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’ when seeking your future Inn, along with a natty boh and those crabs.

maryland crabs

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf