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"Outstanding. I can't imagine a better presentation of all this material within the given time restraint. Not only was this an outstanding seminar in regards to running a B&B, but so many great ideas and useful info that transcends into other career ideas." ...Angie from South Carolina

Industry Referrals

The following professionals are people we are familiar with and who have some (or a great deal) of experience with the hospitality industry. We provide their names as a professional resource, people you can tap for their expertise. The B&B Team® receives no compensation from any of these professionals, nor do we specifically endorse them above all others. Please contact them directly for assistance.

Index of Professional Fields:

Aspiring Innkeeper Seminars
Credit Card Processors
Innkeeping Consultants
Internet Marketing
Linens, Towels, Guest Room Amenities
Online Services
Public Relations – Branding

Aspiring Innkeeper Seminars:

Obviously, we think we’re the best!  There are some other good seminars out there, but some are less than helpful. Bed & Breakfast associations often offer brief one-day classes,  limited in scope, but good to get a taste of what’s involved. We recommend that serious aspiring Innkeepers follow up to our seminar offerings with the Future Innkeeper Hands-On Workshop offered by our industry affiliate Linda Hayes of ijk partners. [return to top]


Insurance is critical. It can also vary considerably in price and coverage. These folks understand the unique lodging industry, but so do other agencies as well. Ask for qualifications, experience, and references. [return to top]

Innkeeping Consultants:

Many of us consultants can offer a range of services, depending on your need, time frame, and pocketbook. Sometimes just “meshing” with the personality of your consultant is important. Everyone here knows what they are talking about. [return to top]


Building inspectors are increasingly regulated and licensed in some states. Historical buildings or commercial structures have unique needs. A good inspection when buying or considering selling is worth money in the bank. [return to top]

Call for Inspectors in your area.

Online Services:

Whether for website design, SEO, online reservation systems, or something else, different companies offer different services. Some are great at one thing, and someone else is better at another. All of these folks understand the needs of the unique lodging industry. Others do, too. But ask! [return to top]

Credit Card Processors:

A confusing area of expertise, and one that is necessary for all innkeepers. [return to top]


All of these lenders can handle small lodging loans. But loan situations are unique: to the property and the buyer/borrower. Not all of these lenders can do the same thing for you. [return to top]


When you want to try the business on for size, contact us for opportunities near you. [return to top]

Linens, Towels, Guest Room Amenities:

Proven sources for all bedding, towels, soaps and shampoos, ceramics and promotional items. [return to top]


Professionals in our industry who will capture your inn with your guests in mind. [return to top]

Public Relations and Branding:

Professionals at “getting the word out.” [return to top]

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