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Seminar Testimonials-Better Way to Learn Innkeeping

Seminar Testimonials-‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’

The following testimonials are from some of our ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ 3 day weekend seminars, 1 day workshops and our ‘Hands-on Workshop’. Validation is a wonderful thing! We thank all of our seminar attendees for their feedback. Whether they continue on the path to become innkeepers or decide that innkeeping may not be for them, either decision is based on knowledge. Our seminar attendees come to us with open minds, knowing they ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. And leave with a wealth of knowledge, questions answered and valuable workbooks to refer to.

You go Peter! Our new venue for our seminars in Kennebunkport. Community Center at the Graves Memorial Library. Bright new and beautiful with state of the art AV equipment.

 Emily and I had a great time at the seminar and learned a lot. It really helped us to crystallize our vision. Caleb. Kennebunkport, April 2019 Seminar. Leaders, Rick and Janet Wolf and Peter Scherman

Seminar was more than I expected. 100% increase in knowledge. Presentation were top notch, spot on! clearly vast knowledge and depth. Daniel L. Zimmer. Iris Inn, Virginia. ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping Seminar’. 8-18. Leaders-Rick Wolf & Peter Scherman

Seminar Grads-Iris Inn August 2018

Dave and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful seminar this weekend in Maine.  We learned so much, got to hear wonderful stories and experienced others who had opinions and thoughts that brought a lot of clarity to our decision – now affirmed that we wish to be Innkeepers soon.  As we know the right property for us is like finding a diamond for which we need to remain patient, we feel the course content, dinners, Inn tours and above all else the amazing value the The B&B Team brings to its’ customers is priceless.

We spent 2 days reflecting on all we learned and what we hope happens next.  We trust that the The B&B Team knows how serious we are to work with your firm and identify some Inns over the next 6 months.  In the meantime, we will assemble the support team your seminar guides us on and get our Business Plan freshly in our minds ~ so we can commit it to paper when the time is prudent.

Enthusiastically, Kevin & Dave   ~   Have a Legendary Day!  Kennebunk Maine 2018 Seminar, Instructors, Peter Scherman, Rick & Janet Wolf

“Thank you Peter, Rick and Janet for one of the best seminars I have ever attended! Not only was it professional and informative, it was fun!!! I have never spent so many hours learning something new and enjoyed myself so thoroughly in the process. It was a wonderful touch to be able to see the other inns in the area and really experience the look and feel of each. I can’t imagine anyone taking on such a life changing endeavor without professional guidance and advice. It is very exciting to have a feel for the ‘reality’ behind the dream. I am sure that you have saved us a tremendous amount of time, and we are really looking forward to working with you as we make our dream our reality!”
– Mary from New Hampshire Weekend Seminar -Instructors, Peter Scherman, Rick & Janet Wolf

Weekend Seminar group enjoying dinner together at Alisson’s Restaurant, Kennebunkport-Chowda!

“What a great experience! All of my questions were patiently and thoughtfully answered. It was so nice to have both Scott and Marilyn there to provide guidance. The Bushnells’ are wonderful caring people, I trust them to direct me down the correct path. I can’t wait to make my dream a reality.”
– P.F from Virginia Instructors, Marilyn & Scott Bushnell

“The B&B Team’s seminar was not the first seminar we took to help us make up our minds on the all important decision on whether or not to buy an inn but it was by far the best! Scott Bushnell was a great instructor and well prepared for an educational weekend jam packed with quality information one needs to know before making this life changing decision. If you only take one class make it The Aspiring Innkeepers Seminar by The B&B Team.”
– Pat & Kris from Rhode Island Instructors, Marilyn & Scott Bushnel

As it happens, your workshop was exactly what we needed to help us get off the fence. We listened, imagined, and while we didn’t run out before the end of the seminar we did realize being innkeepers was not for us.We worked the figures out on our 4 hour ride home and realized it wouldn’t be in our best financial interest to pursue. Knowing that, we thoroughly enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning knowing we didn’t need to feed 21, or even 12 people…just 2. Turns out we’re happy with that right now, and as we get older I don’t imagine that will change. And when we want to feed a larger crowd, we’ve got our grown children and grandchildren within two miles of home…perfect.

Thank you Peter, Rick and Janet again for all the insight and common sense talk and ideas, and for the enjoyable time we had in that lovely setting last Saturday. It was a terrific experience, and now that we’ve moved on from that uncertainty, we are enjoying our retirement even more. Our best to both of you, Lynne & Bill One Day Comprehensive Workshop, Instructors Janet & Rick Wolf

“Hello Peter, Rick and Jan,

Terri and I want to thank you all (including the entire B&B Team) for such a fantastic workshop. Your approach and styles were very inviting and we learned a great deal. In addition, I want to thank you for the ‘offline’ conversations we had with each of you. We are diving into the homework and excited about the continued adventure. We have registered for the AIHP Summit in February/March 2018 and the Hands on Workshop. Looking forward to next steps and connecting soon.

Chuck and Terri from Weekend Seminar, Kennebunkport. Instructors, Peter Scherman, Janet & Rick Wolf


Great group from Lake Granbury TX seminar 2016





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