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"Very informative and will no doubt be a big help as we move toward becoming innkeepers. Jam packed -- almost too much ground to cover in one weekend -- rewarding." ...Joe from New York

Tips for Aspiring Innkeepers

The aspiring innkeeper is faced with a daunting task. Most people have a myriad of questions and concerns. How big should my inn be? What can we afford? How about types of loans? We can answer many questions with a phone call or email, so please ask for input. There are lots of articles which can answer your questions, too. For more complex tasks such as assessing an inn you are considering buying or crafting a business plan that will help you secure a loan, there are many consulting services The B&B Team® can provide on a flexible fee-for service basis. If we can help, we will.

Determining whether you and/or your partner are suited to Innkeeping is a challenge in itself. Across the country we conduct many innkeeping seminars and workshops designed to help you make this determination.  We promise you the Better Way to Learn Innkeeping™. We believe that our practical, unvarnished approach to introducing you to the world of Innkeeping and giving you real assessment tools to help in your search is an important part of our job.

And once you have made the decision to become an innkeeper, The B&B Team® wants to work with you and be the point on your search team to devise a strategy for finding, assessing, and acquiring the inn of your dreams. We’re here to help, and that help can be invaluable. Click here for Seminar FAQ’s.

What Some of Our Attendees Have Said About The Seminar

“I was fully prepared to come away from the session saying, “Well, that’s nice, but let’s be ‘real.'”  Thanks to this introductory training by top pros in the field, I now see a passageway to move forward and am clearer about personal possibilities and priorities.   What a bonus to know a totally cool new and diverse bunch of folks who also hold such dreams.  It’s a measure of your work with us over the weekend that we now “see” and believe in the B&B/Inn that each of our colleagues envisions.” …Katherine from Maryland

Our new website is a product of attending the seminar in Kennebunkport last fall. I learned so much I thought it would start to ooze out my ears! Thank you again for a wonderful experience.” …Sarah from Coburn House

Incredibly informative for the newbie beginning investigative work.” …Melanie from Connecticut

The exercise encouraging us to detail our own visions…was great.
…Sharon from Massachusetts

“...enthusiastic, passionate, authentic, engaging.” …Nicole from New York

Eye opening – in a good way; a lot to take in. Informative – appreciate the sheer wealth of facts / tips. Fun!” …Matt from Massachusetts

Our investment was worthwhile! I learned what I wanted, expected, and needed. AND MORE!” …Gerry from Connecticut

Great! I now know what to look for in an inn!” …Tom from Delaware

Well done. I critique professional public speaking for a living — for presentational speaking you are all very effective. Again, the organization with materials was professional and helpful with lots of resources that I will actually be able to use.” …Lauri from Florida

Very informative. Took some of the intimidation edge off as far as feeling capable of running a B&B.” …Kathy from Arizona

Outstanding. I can’t imagine a better presentation of all this material within the given time restraint. Not only was this an outstanding seminar in regards to running a B&B, but so many great ideas and useful info that transcends into other career ideas.” …Angie from South Carolina

Very informative and will no doubt be a big help as we move toward becoming innkeepers. Jam packed — almost too much ground to cover in one weekend –rewarding.” …Joe from New York

Thank you for one of the best seminars I have ever attended! Not only was it professional and informative, it was fun!!! I have never spent so many hours learning something new and enjoyed myself so thoroughly in the process. It was a wonderful touch to be able to see the other inns in the area and really experience the look and feel of each. I can’t imagine anyone taking on such a life changing endeavor without professional guidance and advice. It is very exciting to have a feel for the ‘reality’ behind the dream. I am sure that you have saved us a tremendous amount of time, and we are really looking forward to working with you as we make our dream our reality!” …Mary from New Hampshire

Very, very good. Nice breadth of information and interaction. Not boring or business-speak. From a skeptic, very good job. Glad we made the trip.” …Glenn
from New Jersey

Succinct, entertaining, and full of copious, important information. Never a sleepy eye in the crowd!” …Diana from Washington, DC

We are members of PAII – but shall indicate this seminar is mandatory for all potential innkeepers.” …Sandy from Washington, DC

Very informative with how to go about finding location, what people want, how to cater to the public, marketing, etc.” …Pamela from Maryland

The B&B Team is great; presentations were informative and were done by experienced practitioners; lessons learned were helpful.” …Hank from Florida

We got more out of the sessions than expected & departed with a renewed drive to pursue our dream and the confidence that it’s the right business for us. You have two very satisfied seminar participants & our recommendation of your program, should you ever require it, is unqualified.” …Rob from Toronto, Canada

Wow, what an incredible weekend! I have read almost every book on running B&B’s and I learned more from your seminar than I did reading all those books…. Thanks so much for your help. You literally saved our bank account and our ‘retirement.’ Feel free to have anyone call us for a referral about your seminars.” …Patti from Connecticut

Invaluable…, a great overview of the ins and outs of the B&B business“…Pat from New Hampshire

Very informative and necessary in this decision making process.“…Leslie from Maine

A life saver! We are much more prepared to purchase and run an inn.” …Patricia from Connecticut”Thank you for being real.” …Eileen from Florida

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