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All Maine Points -The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

August 21st, 2014 by Janet Wolf

The B&B Team Maine Inns for SaleAre you ready to take a journey to The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale? Lets go.

Why is Maine a dream location hot spot for aspiring innkeepers? Is it the vast acres of wilderness protected within the national and state parks?  Is it the crooked scenic miles of rocky shore? Is it lobster, moose?  Or is the lifestyle and potential bragging rights to be able to one day say; ”My home is Maine.”

The B&B Team is fortunate to represent a large variety of lodging properties in the state of Maine. Our current Maine Inns for Sale listings number 21.  Those are The B&B Team’s bragging rights and we work hard for those rights! Also for our clients and the small lodging industry nation wide.

Just like the different Maine regions, not one inn is alike. From the most luxurious indulgent inns to classic seaside cottages to historic country inns with unique dining, to timeless roadside cabins and motel units, the choices are varied and substantial.

There are seven regions in Maine. It is New England’s largest state. With 35,385 sq. mi, 83% of it forested. Measured from one end to the other is only 228 miles. But the shoreline measures 3,478 Miles. Odd? No, just look at the map. Population is 1,328,302, less than the population of New York City! Of course the population bulges with seasonal tourists and summer residents, a grand thing for those who do business in the state.

Let’s start the journey.

Maine Inns for sale

The views from The Inn at Moosehead Lake

Starting at the top, we visit Northern Maine which includes the Moosehead Lake area. One of the best Inns in the area is The Lodge at Moosehead Lake. The lure of the lake, adventure outings, lakeside dining completes the whole experience for guests. Plus a killer business and newly built post and bean lakeside owner’s house.

Moving clockwise we visit Down East. Lubec, the eastern most town in the US is where the Peacock House Bed and Breakfast resides. “Tourism is low-key yet wildly rewarding in this northern U.S. locale. Lubec’s historical harmony with the sea and its close ties to the Canadian Maritimes are securing its future.” Great quote from Fodors.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Peacock House Bed & Breakfast in Down East Maine

Travelling further down the coast we come to Mount Desert Island in the Acadia area. The town of Bar Harbor is well known for their B&B’s with Acadia National Park a prime draw, a true destination location.  The Graycote Inn is a well-established financially viable property in the heart of Bar Harbor. Three financially feasible Inns, Clark Point Inn, Coach Stop Inn and Maples Inn are property gems waiting for their next step.  The beauty of the area is overwhelming. To live and become a part of this business community is a dream that can come true.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

Graycote Inn Bar Harbor Maine Inn for Sale

The East Penobscot Bay Region is home to Deer Isle and the Pilgrim’s Inn & Whale’s Rib Tavern. At true classic full service Inn in a most enchanting village location. Surrounding the Inn is an ‘intermingling of land and water with cove and lupine-fringed inlets’. A financially successful seasonal business with plenty of room for growth.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Pilgrim’s Inn Deer Isle Maine Inn & Restaurant for Sale

Moving on to the Midcoast Region, shall we? Starting in Lincolnville, a smidge north of Camden, you will find the Pine Grove Cottages. Classic Maine roadside cottages surrounded by tall pines yet on the coast. Best of both Maine worlds. Also in this locale is Abbington’s Seaview Motel & Cottages, a property just waiting for the right innkeepers to revitalize this prime location property.

The B&B Team Maine Inns

Pine Grove Cottages for Sale

Right next door, Camden, known as ‘The Jewel of the Maine Coast”. The Inns at Blackberry Commons come with a strong history of hospitality and the numbers to prove it. Classic Camden architecture, a jewel unto itself.  Next stop, set off Route One in Camden is a charming 4 guest room lifestyle bed and breakfast, Abigail’s Inn. Worth a look see! Take a short scenic drive from Camden central to the Youngstown Inn, a classic 1810 farmhouse inn and restaurant. Close to Lake Megunticock and the Cellar Door Winery, beautiful setting.

The B&B Team Maine Inn for Sale

The Inns at Blackberry Commons, Camden

Next stop, Rockport. The seaside Claddagh Motel & Suites with a superb business set by scenic Glen Cove. 19 units and a pool complete the experience.

Still exploring the Midcoast, a must see award winning luxury bed and breakfast located in Rockland. Twelve elegant guest rooms with a booming business in a booming active destination town. This well known and prime property will astound.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Prime Rockland Maine Bed & Breakfast for Sale

On the road again. Moving south on scenic coastal Route One with a stop in Wiscasset.  Known as “The Prettiest Little Village in Maine’.  Wiscasset Motor Lodge has excellent roadside visibility, a strong business, with 26 rooms and room for growth. Take a turn off of Route 1 in Wiscasset and travel down a winding country road to Westport Island and you will find a federal style farmhouse, unpretentious and loaded with charm. The Squire Tarbox Inn & Restaurant, 11 guest rooms with wonderful farm to table Maine dining. A truly idyllic historic Maine farm setting.

Maine Inns for sale

Squire Tarbox Inn-views from the back and the farmland beyond

A bit further south is The Inn at Bath. A grand Greek Revival 8 guest room profitable Inn. Spectacular gardens surround the property, a curb appeal that says ‘welcome’. Bath is known for its waterfront and maritime history. The downtown is vibrant and alive.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Inn at Bath

Let’s take a slight detour, shall we? The Kennebec Valley Region is home to Augusta, Maine’s state capital. Just minutes from the capital sits an idyllic historic farmhouse Bed and Breakfast & Conference Center. But wait…there are 30 acres plus a highly successful and strong conference, meetings and wedding event business.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Maine Bed & Breakfast and Conference Center in a grand farmland setting

Travelling due west we cross into the Western Mountains and Lakes Region. Home to Sebago Lake and a well- established profitable lakeside Maine Sebago Lake Region Resort. Families, couples and event attendees have enjoyed this Maine lakeside resort for decades. Naples is in the heart of this region. Here we find the Romah Motor Inn, a 9 motel unit property, well maintained and ideally positioned for growth.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Sebago Lake Region Resort for Sale-ah the lure of the lake

Last but oh, so not least we arrive in the Casco Bay Region. Home to Maine’s largest city, Portland and Freeport, home to LL Bean. Not far from this center of Portland’s bustling activity and tourism are Pine Crest Inn and 91 South Restaurant. A beautiful neighborhood bed and breakfast with a popular wine bar and dining venue.

The journey ends here but always keep in touch on our Maine Inns for sale page, there may be another road to travel and Maine Inn for sale to visit.

All of us at The B&B Team work hard at helping aspirers make those dreams come true, with a lot of reality thrown into the education mix! Interested in Maine or the other 22 states we have properties listed, take the first step. Attend a ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminar for aspiring innkeepers. After you will be ready to pursue the wonderful world of Innkeeping.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Chester Vermont-Country Inn and B&B Mecca

January 16th, 2013 by Janet Wolf

Chester, "the Vermont you've been hoping to find"

Chester, “the Vermont you’ve been hoping to find”

In southern Vermont lies a quiet, friendly town, Chester. The town is known for many things, it boasts of two historical districts and three villages as well as zero stoplights! Its location is idyllic, nestled on the eastern slopes of the Green Mountains in the heart of Okemo Valley, the well-known ski and year round cool resort for all. It is also known for the number of bed and breakfasts that dot the village streets and countryside. The Chester Vermont Innkeepers Association lists 13 properties totaling 125 rooms. In days of yore travelers would journey by stagecoach along the Green Mountain Turnpike that stretched between Boston and Montreal. Chester was a major stop for many a weary, hungry and thirsty traveler. Like many towns and villages in New England, Chester had an Inn and tavern that became the anchor of the Main street business district and it still stands as vibrant and welcoming as it did in those early days.

Going back to the article about Norman T. Simpson from 1982 featured in my previous blog, I quote the author; “It was near dinner time. The fire crackled and flames leaped high in the brick fireplace in the Inn. Guests and townspeople came in from the cold winter night, and stood in front of the blazing fire for a few moments before going into the formal dining room or the more rustic tavern.” This scenario has been played out numerous times in country inns everywhere, such a welcoming vision.

The fire crackled and flames leaped high

The fire crackled and flames leaped high

This Chester Vermont Inn with its lantern shining brightly is the gathering place for locals and travelers from away who join together around the constant welcoming hearth. The Inn features fine yet casual dining and tavern fare and has facilities for meetings and events. Yes there may be a number of restaurants and watering holes throughout the region but being the anchor, innkeepers of the Inn will always have that strong standing in the community. It is a great place to be. The lodging has been recently refurbished and rounds out the total picture.

The anchor of Main Street

The anchor of Main Street

The B&B Team is proud to represent this quintessential Country Inn in Chester, Vermont. Norman, in his search for country inns always looked for inns with a “distinctive personality, integrity, pride and dedicated inn keeping.” If you as an aspiring innkeeper are also searching for these qualities in a country inn or bed and breakfast we can help guide you through your search. The Okemo Valley Country Inn we are offering for sale is a prime example of the kind of Inn Mr. Simpson visited and recommended in his many travel books. The B&B Team invites you to read, learn and be inspired and join us in one of our ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ Seminars. I think Mr. Simpson would concur.

Thanks for listening

Janet Wolf


R is for Rates – To raise or not to raise, that is the question

March 5th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

The Gower Memorial - Hamlet Statue in Stratford upon Avon

Prince Hamlet

When it comes to rates, to increase or not has always been a brooding question for innkeepers and a subject of much discussion, especially in tough economic times. In a recent PAII Forum thread the subject of raising rates was introduced and many innkeepers took the time to give their opinions and express their own dilemmas when making this tough decision.

“Travelers don’t buy rate; they buy value.” Neil Salerno – Hotel Marketing Coach

Think about this statement…value over price. Let’s look at what value is and put aside the number crunching for now. There are three key components to consider when looking at your property and determining value. In analyzing your Inn and determining its value, you should include your bed and breakfast location (which cannot be changed), your facility inside and out (which can be changed and will lose value if not maintained) and your competition (which can also change and must never be ignored). All of these components should be honestly scrutinized when making the decision whether to raise your rates or not.

Location – A popular tourist destination will command higher rates. This is a given. A great location needs great marketing to keep its competitive edge. Participating in your Chamber of Commerce, local, state and national (PAII) innkeeper associations and tourist bureau can keep you informed as well as give you the opportunity to help in the marketing of your property’s location. Working within a vacuum is not good for your business. Other location factors to include are close proximity to attractions, restaurants and activities. Water views, mountain tops and other attractive surroundings should also be considered. Your market value will be on the high side if you are in a popular destination in an attractive setting with great marketing.

Facility – Your entire Inn must always be a work in progress. Upkeep, improvements, re-doing guest rooms and baths, keeping up with all sorts of trends, from marketing to décor, the list goes on. If your rates have not been raised in three years and you have done nothing to your Inn in three years then you can’t justify raising your rates, because you have not added any value to your facility. But, if you have consistently made significant ‘value added’ improvements to your property and have communicated them to your potential guests loud and clear, then you are in a much better position to raise rates. Travelers will look at a ‘new and fresh’ guest room and put a higher value to that room in comparison to another room that appears dated and tired. Don’t forget to present these improvements on your website, Facebook and all your social media! Your amenities will also help to determine your individual room’s rates. The more bells and whistles the better.


Curb Appeal - A Cottage Suite at The Inn at Stockbridge, clean and pristine!

Competition – Positioning yourself properly within your marketplace is key. Knowledge of your competition will help you position yourself and determine whether your rate structure is competitive. Look at the rates of properties in your marketplace area that you determine are comparable to yours. If their rates are generally lower than yours, look deeper. What do they offer, i.e. smaller rooms and baths that appear dated, a property location that is not as attractive as yours, an inferior breakfast offering. Also look at the properties that have higher rates, again look deeper, are they offering more luxury amenities, and are they AAA Four Diamond or Select Registry? All of these offerings are perceived as having a higher value. If a potential guest determines there is value in what you offer then they will book even at a slightly higher price than your competitor.

There is also the consideration that the rates you and your competitors are currently offering are at the highest your market will bear. So if you don’t believe you can raise your rates at this time, what can you do to raise revenues? Creating and promoting special packages is a good way to accomplish this. “Packaging allows you to mask actual room rates with features which add benefits (value!) to staying at your Inn.” (Another quote from Mr. Salerno). The B&B Team is a firm believer in packaging as a great tool to increase your bottom line.

What next? Homework. Look at the three components and make lists of your strengths, your weaknesses and your opportunities in these three areas. This should give you an idea of the areas you need to work on and then make a ‘To do priority list’. Increasing the value of your Inn will eventually enable you to prudently raise your rates. When your occupancy starts to climb, when your revenue starts to climb from packaging and specials and better marketing of your Inn, these are clues that you are creating a demand and good value to your guests. When you are confident about the quality and value of the product you offer, then raising rates becomes any easy decision. No need to brood and ponder like Prince Hamlet. Determine your worth and take action.

Janet Wolf


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